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Marvel Masterpieces Power Pop-Ups
Marvel - 1996

Notes: These cards, measuring about 1-1/4" x 1-1/2", feature artwork from the
Marvel Masterpieces 1992 set, and were packaged six-each with Marvel Activity
Sets.  Thanks much to Reginald Bauer for the list!

No.   Title

  1   Mr. Sinister
  2   The Beast
  3   Bullseye
  4   Jean Grey
  5   Quicksilver
  6   Dr. Octopus
  7   Jubilee
  8   Invisible Woman
  9   Thor
 10   Wolverine
 11   Venom
 12   The Lizard
 13   Havok
 14   Professor X
 15   Spider-Man
 16   Cyclops
 17   Bishop
 18   Captain America
 19   Sabertooth
 20   Carnage
 21   The Blob
 22   Spider-Man (different)
 23   The Hulk
 24   Storm
 25   Rogue
 26   Daredevil
 27   Archangel

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