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Marvel Premium QFX
   Fleer/SkyBox International - 1997

Notes:  Features the art of Joe Quesada.  Non-Sport Update reports that there was
an extremely rare parallel "Autografix" autograph set, with only 35 of each card
distributed.  That still means writer's cramp for poor Joe, at more than 2500 signings!
Thanks much to Marcia Hammond and Mark Chi for updates!

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.61 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.   Title                    Type

    1   Marvel Premium QFX       Checklist
    2   Beast                    Phil Sheldon's Desk
    3   Silver Surfer            Phil Sheldon's Desk
    4   Bullseye                 Phil Sheldon's Desk
    5   Captain America          Phil Sheldon's Desk
    6   Carnage                  Phil Sheldon's Desk
    7   Cyclops                  Phil Sheldon's Desk
    8   Daredevil                Phil Sheldon's Desk
    9   Dr. Doom                 Phil Sheldon's Desk
   10   Dr. Octopus              Phil Sheldon's Desk
   11   Elektra                  Phil Sheldon's Desk
   12   Ghost Rider              Phil Sheldon's Desk
   13   Hobgoblin                Phil Sheldon's Desk
   14   Hulk                     Phil Sheldon's Desk
   15   Human Torch              Phil Sheldon's Desk
   16   Iceman                   Phil Sheldon's Desk
   17   Invisible Woman          Phil Sheldon's Desk
   18   Iron Man                 Phil Sheldon's Desk
   19   Juggernaut               Phil Sheldon's Desk
   20   Kingpin                  Phil Sheldon's Desk
   21   Lizard                   Phil Sheldon's Desk
   22   Magneto                  Phil Sheldon's Desk
   23   Namor                    Phil Sheldon's Desk
   24   Punisher                 Phil Sheldon's Desk
   25   Rhino                    Phil Sheldon's Desk
   26   Thor                     Phil Sheldon's Desk
   27   Venom                    Phil Sheldon's Desk
   28   Wolverine                Phil Sheldon's Desk
   29   Black Bolt               Untold Tales
   30   Black Panther            Untold Tales
   31   Black Widow              Untold Tales
   32   Chamber                  Untold Tales
   33   Deathlok                 Untold Tales
   34   Dr. Strange              Untold Tales
   35   Jubilee                  Untold Tales
   36   Ka-Zar                   Untold Tales
   37   Leech with Artie         Untold Tales
   38   Mephisto                 Untold Tales
   39   Moon Knight              Untold Tales
   40   Psylocke                 Untold Tales
   41   Rogue                    Untold Tales
   42   Sabretooth               Untold Tales
   43   Storm                    Untold Tales
   44   Thanos                   Untold Tales
   45   Typhoid Mary             Untold Tales
   46   Ant-Man                  Unsung Heroes
   47   Devil Dinosaur & Moonboy Unsung Heroes
   48   Hellstorm                Unsung Heroes
   49   Howard the Duck          Unsung Heroes
   50   Impossible Man           Unsung Heroes
   51   J. Jonah Jameson         Unsung Heroes
   52   Man-Thing                Unsung Heroes
   53   Nomad                    Unsung Heroes
   54   Squirrel Girl            Unsung Heroes
   55   Gambit                   Q's Coolest
   56   Giant-Man                Q's Coolest
   57   Mr. Fantastic            Q's Coolest
   58   Random                   Q's Coolest
   59   Red Skull                Q's Coolest
   60   Scarlet Witch            Q's Coolest
   61   Spider-Man               Q's Coolest
   62   Thing                    Q's Coolest
   63   Wolverine                Q's Coolest
   64   The Coming of Galactus   Marvel Milestones
   65   Magneto vs. the U.N.     Marvel Milestones
   66   Storm Battles Callisto   Marvel Milestones
   67   The Death of Gwen Stacy  Marvel Milestones
   68   Birth of the Phoenix     Marvel Milestones
   69   Ghost Rider Reborn       Marvel Milestones
   70   The Origin of Daredevil  Marvel Milestones
   71   Origin of the Punisher   Marvel Milestones
   72   Maximum Carnage          Marvel Milestones

  ---   Overpower Legion         Pack Ad-Insert Mini-Mag


PhotoGrafix ClearChromes (1:6 packs)

1 of 9  Bucky
2 of 9  Captain America
3 of 9  Hulk
4 of 9  Red Skull
5 of 9  Dr. Doom
6 of 9  Iron Man
7 of 9  Mr. Fantastic
8 of 9  Thing
9 of 9  Thor

LazerBlast Die-Cuts (1:9 packs)

1 of 4  Wolverine
2 of 4  Spider-Man
3 of 4  Hulk
4 of 4  Punisher

 Joe Quesada Autographed Cards

    All base cards were autographed, but the signed versions have a matte 
    finish, not the glossy card finish found with base cards and no other 
    authentication. Signed cards with a glossy surface might be fakes.


  --    Magneto Conquers the U.N. (Wizard)
  --    Ghost Rider (Wizard)
  --    Wolverine (Wizard)
  --    Howard the Duck (Combo)
  --    Hulk (LazerBlast 3 of 4, die-cut "Sample")

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