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Marvel Super Heroes Stickers
Topps - 1976

Notes:  There are six known variations in text captions, and some would consider 
the sticker set to be complete with the 40 characters and others will desire the 46-
sticker version with the variant captions. As with many Topps sets, you can 
observe either "*" or "**" markings next to the copyrights, that distinguish 
between different printing plates used in manufacturing. Thanks much to David 
Duddy for the main list, and to Amalia Barrios for the other variations!

The set is distinguishable from the Comic Book Heroes set (and other sets) by the 
two copyrights on the cards: "©1976 Topps Chewing Gum, Inc Prnt. In U.S.A., 
and copyright ©1976 and TM Marvel Comics Group. All rights reserved."


    Character           Caption

    The Angel           "I'm heading south for the winter"
    Black Goliath       "Bowling sure is fun!"
    Blade               "I'm a real cut up!"
    Bucky               "How'd you like a knuckle sandwich?"
    Captain America     "I've got to stand this way or my pants fall down!"
    Conan               "Hold The Pickle Or Else!"
      Conan             "Shall we dance?"
    Cyclops             "I'm a sight for sore eyes!"
    Daredevil           "See no evil!"
    Deathlok            "I'm the Seven Million Dollar Man"
    Dr. Doom            "Anyone out there have a can opener!"
    Dr. Strange         "Did anyone see a flying sorcerer?"
    Dracula             "So this is how you do the hustle!"
    Galactus            "No, I'm Not the mad Hatter!"
    Goliath             "Wanna hear a tall story?"
    Hercules            "Like my nail polish?"
      Hercules          "Look, I have a hang-nail"
    Howard the Duck     "I'm going quackers!"
    The Hulk            "Can't Anyone Make Cuffs Right?"
      The Hulk          "Help cure athlete's feet!"
    The Human Torch     "Who called me a hot-head?"
    Ice Man             "I'll never eat another frozen dinner!"
    Invisible Girl      "I use vanishing cream!"
    Iron Man            "Quick - anyone have an oilcan?"
    Kid Colt            "I Am Not Kidding Around!"
    Killraven           "I'll teach you to make fun of my hair-do!"
    Loki                "Who says I'm bull-headed?"
      Loki              "What and awful case of ear-wax"
    Luke Cage           "Like My Denture Work?"
      Luke Cage         "Two All Beef Patties Please!"
    Peter Parker        "Peter Parker picked a peck of pickled peppers!"
    The Punisher        "Oh boy! I win the Kewpie doll!"
    Red Skull           "What makes you think I'm angrey?"
    Red Sonja           "My sword gives six extra shaves!"
    Sgt. Fury           "War makes me fighting mad!"
    Silver Surfer       "You'll take a shine to me!"
    Son Of Satan        "Waiter, bring me a clean fork!"
    Spider Man          "Insects scare me silly!"
    The Thing           "Who said I'm a falling rock zone?"
    Thor                "Don't make me thor!"
    Tigra               "Cat food for dinner again?"
    The Vision          "Who stole my yo-yo?"
    Volstagg            "Fat is beautiful!"
      Volstagg          "I was a 980 pound weakling"
    Warlock             "Stop me if you heard this before..."
    The Watcher         "Hiya Kids! Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!"

Conan the Barbarian Checklist/Puzzle Cards

    (top left puzzle piece)
    (top center puzzle piece)
    (top right puzzle piece)
    (middle left puzzle piece)
    (center puzzle piece)
    (middle right puzzle piece)
    (bottom left puzzle piece)
    (bottom center puzzle piece)
    (bottom right puzzle piece)

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