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Marvel Super Heroes Stickers
   Philadelphia Chewing Gum - 1967

Notes: There were parallel printings in the U.S. and Canada, which can be distinguished 
from the copyright notice on the bottom of card fronts: The U.S. version adds "Printed 
in USA" while the Canadian version does not. U.S. stickers' two-part backing is divided 
across the short width while Canadian stickers peel along the long direction. Canadian 
stickers are often observed to be degraded by reactions of the adhesive with air, showing 
yellowing except for a white strip on the front where the two halves meet on the back. 
Thanks much to Gerard Napolitano for the list and to Manny Maris for the update!

Box: 24 packs of stickers + 1 piece gum.

No.   Character - Caption

  1   The Human Torch - I must get that roof fixed!
  2   The Human Torch - How do you like your hamburgers?
  3   Daredevil - It might have been easier to take the elevator.
  4   Thor - That's right, this big! But it got away!
  5   The Hulk - My father can lick your father!
  6   [Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Girl] - But I thought you took the garbage out!
  7   The Thing - It's Clobberin' Time!
  8   The Thing - No fair using water guns!
  9   The Human Torch - I wish I'd used that suntan lotion!
 10   Iron Man - What if I am a high school drop-out?
 11   Daredevil - Taxi!
 12   Spider-Man - Some web shooter! I can't shut it off!
 13   Thor - You sent for a carpenter?
 14   Submariner - I'm the only wash-and-wear hero in town!
 15   Submariner - Yipe! That water's cold!
 16   The Human Torch - Butter-Fingers!
 17   The Thing - Stop talking! While I'm interrupting.
 18   Daredevil - Now--- Where did I leave my clothes?
 19   Thor - Why, yes, I do set my hair myself!
 20   The Thing - I'm not fat! I'm just short for my width!
 21   Spider-Man - Aren't we a little too old to be playing leapfrog, Herman?
 22   The Hulk - Which hand has the chocolate candy?
 23   Daredevil - Who moved the trapeze?
 24   Dr. Strange - All I get is nag, nag, nag!
 25   The Thing - That dry skin cream is just no good!
 26   Submariner - Who stole my pants?
 27   Daredevil - Darn! Missed the bus again.
 28   Iron Man - Well, there goes my last roll of caps!
 29   Spider-Man - But mother, I'm too old for dancing lessons!
 30   The Hulk - What do you mean you don't have my shoe size?
 31   The Hulk - Who used up the hot water?
 32   The Thing - Clyde! How you've changed!
 33   Iron Man - Ouch!
 34   Dr. Strange - If you can't beat 'em---Call them names!
 35   Captain America - No lady, this isn't your trash can lid!
 36   The Thing - I may not be brave, but I'm handsome!
 37   Iron Man - Let's see now----What's good for rust?
 38   The Hulk - This is the last time I'll babysit!
 39   Spider-Man - I must have made a wrong turn.
 40   Iron Man - My work is so secret, even I don't know what I'm doing!
 41   Thor - Turn that air conditioner off!
 42   Spider-Man - Smile! Later today you won't feel like it.
 43   Spider-Man - May I leave the room?
 44   Iron Man - They just don't make chains the way they used to!
 45   The Hulk - Rah! Rah! Team!
 46   Submariner - Which way is the men's locker room?
 47   The Hulk - The dance is tonight? Why isn't my suit ready?
 48   The Hulk - One, two, Cha, cha, cha!
 49   Spider-Man - Hey lady---you dropped your package!
 50   Captain America - Regular aspirin just isn't strong enough!
 51   [Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, & The Thing] - We're that new singing group---"Him, her and it".
 52   Thor - One more word out of you, Charlie, and you get it!
 53   Captain America - Jaywalker!
 54   Captain America - May I take two giant steps?
 55   The Human Torch - Don't you call me a slob!

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©2009, 2012 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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