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Marvel Super Heroes
   Donruss - 1966

Notes:  Card numbers are shown on the front of the cards, next to the printing 
"Collect All 66 Cards (© 1966 MCG)" and the name of the featured character. 
Card backs form a giant puzzle with Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, Capt America, 
Spider-Man, and Thor.  Thanks much to Marcia Fanchin for the checklist! American 
Card Catalog reference is R818-10. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Caption

Capt America

  1   I love these class parties!
  2   But lady the subscription only costs $3.98!
  3   (Write your own caption)
  4   You're going to love our steam room
  5   I told you to keep those pigeons out of my yard
  6   These class parties give me headache
  7   (Write your own caption) 
  8   You and your fire sales!
  9   Don't go to pieces over crab grass! 
 10   (Write your own caption)
 11   I got it for 362 books of stamps!

Iron Man

 12   "Get the lead out!"
 13   I hate these toy kits!
 14   Do you have iron deficiency anemia?
 15   (Write your own caption)
 16   To get your atom smasher send in 5 box tops and $1,000,000.
 17   And you said add a little more lighter fluid
 18   (Write your own caption)
 19   Please, I'd rather do it myself.
 20   (Write your own caption)    
 21   That chick really puts me in orbit!
 22   When did you first notice those stomach pains?


 23   But Halloween is next week!
 24   Let hurts put you in the drivers seat!
 25   (Write your own caption)
 26   I'm sorry I'm tied-up this evening
 27   With these trading stamps you can get anything
 28   He still thinks he's in the circus!
 29   Wait 'till I turn the antenna
 30   (Write your own caption)
 31   I didn't know you had a game room!
 32   How's this for a finish?
 33   (Write your own caption)


 34   Next time I'll fly the kite!
 35   Next time change the tire!
 36   (Write your own caption)
 37   Just what I needed, a bug bomb
 38   What' ya mean 50c extra for gift wrapping!
 39   I made a before and after commercial.
 40   This fly paper is rough on the hair!
 41   Just fixing a little
 42   I meant... hang up the phone!
 43   Those kids & those build-it-yourself a-bomb kits!
 44   (Write your own caption)


 45   (Write your own caption)
 46   These P.T.A meetings drive me crazy!
 47   OK, so you're the green giant!
 48   When I was a 82 LB. weakling.
 49   Come out and play
 50   But, I wanted an a-bomb for Christmas!
 51   Let's go swimming buddy!
 52   From now on take your coffee breaks with the rest of the guests
 53   This will really curl your hair
 54   Watch that first step
 55   I don't believe I've met you guys.


 56   She's always hiding the soap!
 57   I'd rather fight... but I don't smoke
 58   The peasants are always throwing rocks
 59   I don't care if you do have "we tried harder buttons!"
 60   Just who does your hair?
 61   I get 8 shaves from each blade Koo-coo!
 62   I think the trouble is in the fuel pump!
 63   So, don't want any scout cookies?
 64   We try harder... we're only no, two
 65   (Write your own caption)
 66   (Write your own caption)

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