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Marvel Vision
   Fleer/SkyBox - 1996

Notes:  The set of mini-mags and the ecryptalyzer are commonly included with the regular
set. The back design for card 72 is rotated 180 degrees from the backs for the other
cards in the set. The tattoos were also inserted in the X-Men 1997 .99 card series packs. 
Thanks much to Matt Dunn for the updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.46 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Title                               Subset

     1    Spider-Man                          Spider-Man
     2    Spider-Man - Alien Costume          Spider-Man
     3    Spider-Man - Six Arms               Spider-Man
     4    Blade - Spider-Man Team-Up          Spider-Man
     5    Punisher - Spider-Man Team-Up       Spider-Man
     6    Wolverine - Spider-Man Team-Up      Spider-Man
     7    J. Jonah Jameson                    Friends
     8    Peter Parker                        Friends
     9    Chameleon                           Lethal Foes
    10    Doctor Octopus                      Lethal Foes
    11    Hobgoblin                           Lethal Foes
    12    Kingpin                             Lethal Foes
    13    Kraven                              Lethal Foes
    14    Lizard                              Lethal Foes
    15    Mysterio                            Lethal Foes
    16    Rhino                               Lethal Foes
    17    Scorpion                            Lethal Foes
    18    Shocker                             Lethal Foes
    19    Tombstone                           Lethal Foes
    20    Venom                               Lethal Foes
    21    Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus       Spider Brawls
    22    Spider-Man vs. Lizard               Spider Brawls
    23    Spider-Man vs. Mysterio             Spider Brawls
    24    Spider-Man vs. Rhino                Spider Brawls
    25    Spider-Man vs. Venom                Spider Brawls
    26    Beast                               X-Men
    27    Bishop                              X-Men
    28    Cable                               X-Men
    29    Colossus                            X-Men
    30    Cyclops                             X-Men
    31    Gambit                              X-Men
    32    Jean Grey                           X-Men
    33    Jubilee                             X-Men
    34    Longshot                            X-Men
    35    Nightcrawler                        X-Men
    36    Professor X                         X-Men
    37    Havok                               X-Men
    38    Rogue                               X-Men
    39    Storm                               X-Men
    40    Wolverine                           X-Men
    41    Apocalypse                          Evil Mutants
    42    Juggernaut                          Evil Mutants
    43    Magneto                             Evil Mutants
    44    Mr. Sinister                        Evil Mutants
    45    Mystique                            Evil Mutants
    46    Omega Red                           Evil Mutants
    47    Sabretooth                          Evil Mutants
    48    Sauron                              Evil Mutants
    49    White Queen                         Evil Mutants
    50    Cyclops vs. Mr. Sinister            eXplosive Duels
    51    Gambit vs. Bishop                   eXplosive Duels
    52    Jubilee vs. Juggernaut              eXplosive Duels
    53    Rogue vs. Sauron                    eXplosive Duels
    54    Wolverine vs. Sabretooth            eXplosive Duels
    55    Mr. Fantastic                       Fantastic Four
    56    Invisible Woman                     Fantastic Four
    57    Human Torch                         Fantastic Four
    58    Thing                               Fantastic Four
    59    Dr. Doom                            Enemies
    60    Galactus                            Enemies
    61    Hydro-Man                           Enemies
    62    Klaw                                Enemies
    63    Medusa                              Enemies
    64    Super Skrull                        Enemies
    65    Terrax                              Enemies
    66    Trapster                            Enemies
    67    Wizard                              Enemies
    68    Daredevil                           Allies
    69    Ghost Rider                         Allies
    70    Hulk                                Allies
    71    Nova                                Allies
    72    Thor                                Allies
    73    Thing vs. Hulk                      Fantastic Fights
    74    Human Torch vs. Super Skrull        Fantastic Fights
    75    Invisible Woman vs. Puppet Master   Fantastic Fights
    76    Mr. Fantastic vs. Dr. Doom          Fantastic Fights
    77    Thing vs. Galactus                  Fantastic Fights
    78    Iron Man                            Iron Man
    79    Iron Man - Exo Battle Armor         Iron Man
    80    Iron Man - Deep Space Armor         Iron Man
    81    Iron Man - Hydro Armor              Iron Man
    82    War Machine                         Force Works
    83    Hawkeye                             Force Works
    84    Spider-Woman                        Force Works
    85    Century                             Force Works
    86    Scarlet Witch                       Force Works
    87    Beetle                              Villains
    88    Crimson Dynamo                      Villains
    89    Fin Fang Foom                       Villains
    90    Mandarin                            Villains
    91    Modok                               Villains
    92    The Controller                      Villains
    93    Titanium Man                        Villains
    94    Ultimo                              Villains
    95    Iron Man vs. Blacklash              Iron Scraps
    96    Iron Man vs. Crimson Dynamo         Iron Scraps
    97    Iron Man vs. Fin Fang Foom          Iron Scraps
    98    Iron Man vs. Mandarin               Iron Scraps
    99    Iron Man vs. Titanium Man           Iron Scraps
   100    Checklist

Mini-Mags (1 per pack)

   ---    Spider-Man
   ---    X-Men
   ---    Fantastic Four
   ---    Iron Man


Encryptalyzer (1:6 packs)

   ---    Decode Answer

Temporary Tattoos (1:3 packs)

Fleer1    Invisible Woman
Fleer2    Mr. Fantastic
Fleer3    Thing
Fleer4    Human Torch
Fleer5    Cyclops
Fleer6    Storm
Fleer7    Wolverine
Fleer8    Magneto
Fleer9    Fing Fang Foom
Fleer10   Iron Man [in yellow]
Fleer11   Iron Man
Fleer12   War Machine
Fleer13   Hobgoblin
Fleer14   Lizard
Fleer15   Spider-Man
Fleer16   Venom


   ---    Wolverine, Spider-Man, Human Torch, Iron Man (4-up panel; magazine insert)
   ---    (same images as above; 4-up panel with encryptalyzer, perforated)

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©2000, 2001, 2003, 2012 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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