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The Mummy Returns
   Inkworks - 2000

Note:  The set was released in 2001, but the cards show 2000 as the copyright year.
Additional information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.04 per box if collation were perfect.

No.     Title                       Subset

   1    The Mummy Returns           Story Cards
   2    The Scorpion King           Story Cards
   3    Against the Sumerians       Story Cards
   4    The Undefeated              Story Cards
   5    The Curse                   Story Cards
   6    Thebes under Siege          Story Cards
   7    The O'Connells              Story Cards
   8    Evy's Quest                 Story Cards
   9    Daunting Discovery          Story Cards
  10    Murder, Mummies and Mayhem  Story Cards
  11    Sling-Shot Attack!          Story Cards
  12    Chest of Mystery            Story Cards
  13    Key to the Past             Story Cards
  14    Old Enemies                 Story Cards
  15    Bay Watch                   Story Cards
  16    Way To Go, Mom!             Story Cards
  17    The Past Comes Alive        Story Cards
  18    Out of Harm's Way           Story Cards
  19    Imhotep Lives!              Story Cards
  20    The Rescue                  Story Cards
  21    Fury of the Mummy           Story Cards
  22    Lock-Nah's Mission          Story Cards
  23    Escape from the Museum      Story Cards
  24    The Mummy's Revenge         Story Cards
  25    The Soldier Mummies         Story Cards
  26    Bus Chase                   Story Cards
  27    Alex... Kidnapped!          Story Cards
  28    The Mummy Lives             Story Cards
  29    Imhotep and Anck-Sunamun    Story Cards
  30    The Only Way to Travel?     Story Cards
  31    Captain Izzy                Story Cards
  32    Love to the Rescue          Story Cards
  33    Giving Lock-Nah Some Grief  Story Cards
  34    I Dream of Nefertiri        Story Cards
  35    Alex Leaves a Clue          Story Cards
  36    Terror... And Sudden Death  Story Cards
  37    Going after the Big Guy     Story Cards
  38    The Final Battle Begins     Story Cards
  39    Within the Keyroom          Story Cards
  40    Threat of the Ages          Story Cards
  41    The Curator's Fate          Story Cards
  42    An Eternity of Evil         Story Cards
  43    Day of the Medjai           Story Cards
  44    Army of the Undead          Story Cards
  45    Ready for Action            Story Cards
  46    Hate against Hate           Story Cards
  47    Battling to the Death       Story Cards
  48    Clash of the Titans         Story Cards
  49    Medjai vs. Anubis           Story Cards
  50    The Scorpion King Reborn    Story Cards
  51    Victors... Or Vanquished?   Story Cards
  52    O'Connell Triumphant        Story Cards
  53    No Way Out!                 Story Cards
  54    Rescued!                    Story Cards
  55    Evy's Mysterious Past       The Tale Of Nefertiri
  56    Imhotep's Secret Love       The Tale Of Nefertiri
  57    Love Eternal                The Tale Of Nefertiri
  58    The Masked Fury             The Tale Of Nefertiri
  59    Rage of Anck-Sunamun        The Tale Of Nefertiri
  60    Battle Royale               The Tale Of Nefertiri
  61    Match and Rematch           The Tale Of Nefertiri
  62    Scorpion King               Movie Art Storyboards
  63    Imhotep Mummy               Movie Art Storyboards
  64    Pygmy Mummies               Movie Art Storyboards
  65    Anubis                      Movie Art Storyboards
  66    Rick O'Connell              Character Cards
  67    Evy O'Connell               Character Cards
  68    Alex O'Connell              Character Cards
  69    Imhotep                     Character Cards
  70    Meela                       Character Cards
  71    The Scorpion King           Character Cards
  72    Nefertiri                   Character Cards
  73    Anck-Sunamun                Character Cards
  74    Ardeth Bay                  Character Cards
  75    Lock-Nah                    Character Cards
  76    Jonathan                    Character Cards
  77    Izzy                        Character Cards
  78    Red                         Character Cards
  79    Jacques                     Character Cards
  80    Spivey                      Character Cards
  81    Checklist


Scorpion King (Puzzle) Cards (1:11 packs)

SK1     (puzzle, top left)
SK2     (puzzle, top middle)
SK3     (puzzle, top right)
SK4     (puzzle, center left)
SK5     (puzzle, center middle)
SK6     (puzzle, center right)
SK7     (puzzle, bottom left)
SK8     (puzzle, bottom middle)
SK9     (puzzle, bottom right)

Sands of Time (Textured) Cards (1:17 packs)

ST1     The Passion of Im-Ho-Tep
ST2     Desert Fury
ST3     Face of the Living Dead
ST4     (Wrestling the mummy)
ST5     The Face of Fear
ST6     Two for the Road

Autograph Cards (by redemption)

 A1     Brendan Fraser as Rick O'Connell
 A2     Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep
 A3     Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bay
 A4     John Hannah as Jonathan Carnahan
 A5     Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Lock-Nah
 A6     Patricia Velasquez as Anck-Sunamun
 A7     Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as The Scorpion King
AM1     (Autograph Redemption Card)

Pieceworks Cards (by redemption)

 P1     Evy O'Connell's Sweater
 P2     Evy O'Connell's Shirt
 P3     Ardeth Bay's Costume
PM1     Pieceworks Redemption Card (1:2 cases)

Boxloader Card (1:box)

MBL1    When a chain of events ...

Uncut Mini-Press Sheet (numbered to 500)

 --     Scorpion King (9-up panel, SK1-SK9)

Collector Album

 --     (Binder)


MR-1    Coming May 2001! (dealers)
MR-2    (Non-Sport Update)
MR-3    Coming May 2001! (conventions)
MR-4    (Cards Inc., U.K.)
MRi     The Rock ( offer)
 --     These Cards Will Rock! (Advertising sell sheet)

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