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The Munsters Deluxe Trading Cards  (Series 1)
Dart FlipCards - 1996

Note:  Thanks much to Robert Lipsey for the updates!

Box: 30 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.30 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Heading                        Content

  1   The Munster Family
  2   Herman Munster
  3   Lily Dracula Munster
  4   Grandpa Dracula
  5   Munster Trivia                 (Beverly Owens)
  6   Edward Wolfgang Munster
  7   Marilyn Munster
  8   Munster Trivia                 (The Munster Coach)
  9   Behind the Scenes              (Herman joking with Grandpa)
 10   Episode                        If a Martian Answers, 'Hang Up'
 11   Munster Trivia                 (Sleeping in the same bed)
 12   Behind the Scenes              (Marilyn attacked by Martian)
 13   Munster Trivia                 (Original address)
 14   Episode                        Pikes Pique
 15   Munster Trivia                 (Al Lewis)
 16   Grandpa's Recipe
 17   Munster Movie                  (Uncle Cavanaugh)
 18   Episode                        Munster Masquerade
 19   Munster Movie                  (Identical robots)
 20   The Drag-u-la Car
 21   Episode                        Hot Rod Herman
 22   Munster Trivia                 (Herman's creation)
 23   Lily's Quotes                  (Vacation spot)
 24   Munster Trivia                 (Munster house)
 25   Munster Trivia                 (The Addams Family)
 26   Herman's Philosophy            (Retaliation)
 27   Lily's Quotes                  (Losing Herman)
 28   Munster Trivia                 (George Barris cars)
 29   Episode                        Herman the Rookie
 30   Munster Trivia                 (Pilot in color)
 31   Munster Koach
 32   Munster Quotes                 (Grandpa's tonsils)
 33   Grandpa's Favorites
 34   Grandpa's Quotes               (Banker in family)
 35   Lily's Top Ten Entrees
 36   Munster Trivia                 (Marily whose sister)
 37   Munster Quotes                 (Advising Napoleon)
 38   Behind the Scenes              (Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis)
 39   Munster Trivia                 (Joan Marshall in pilot)
 40   Lily's Quotes                  (Level-headed Herman)
 41   Episode                        Herman's Happy Valley
 42   Episode                        Far Out Munsters
 43   Munster Trivia                 (Koach first appearance)
 44   Marilyn's Quotes               (Dig graveyards)
 45   Munster Quotes                 (Breath of fresh dirt)
 46   Episode                        Lo-Cal Munster
 47   Herman's Philosophy            (Child psychology)
 48   Munster Trivia                 (Herman's employer)
 49   Munster Quotes                 (Pound stakes)
 50   Herman's Philosophy            (Boys' heroes)
 51   Munster Trivia                 (Visiting Dr. Dudley)
 52   Behind the Scenes              (Gwynne and Lewis between takes)
 53   Behind the Scenes              (Filmed with one camera)
 54   Munster Trivia                 (Foam pants)
 55   Behind the Scenes              (Perc Westmore makeup)
 56   Behind the Scenes              (Cigar smoking)
 57   Behind the Scenes              (Birthday cake)
 58   Behind the Scenes              (Different Marilyns)
 59   Munster Movie                  (In full color)
 60   Munster Trivia                 (Herman leaves Germany)
 61   Munster Movie Trivia           (The Ghost and Mr. Chicken)
 62   Munster Movie                  (Moving boxes)
 63   Munster Trivia                 (Butch's playground)
 64   Munster Quotes                 (Argument with client)
 65   Episode                        Mummy Munster
 66   Grandpa's Quotes               (Staying buried)
 67   Herman's Quotes                (Missile solution)
 68   Munster Trivia                 (Billy Mumy)
 69   Behind the Scenes              (Pat Priest)
 70   Behind the Scenes              (Gwynne into costume)
 71   Munster Trivia                 (Pugsley Addams)
 72   Munster Trivia                 (Jealous Lily)
 73   Behind the Scenes              (Cost escalation)
 74   Munster Quotes                 (Mundane movies)
 75   Herman's Quotes                (Driving hearse)
 76   Munster Trivia                 (First airing)
 77   Episode                        All Star Munster
 78   Grandpa's Potions/Inventions
 79   Munster Trivia                 (Law abiding citizens)
 80   Munster Movie Trivia           (Gwynne type-cast)
 81   Munster Movie                  (Spot the dragon)
 82   Munster Trivia                 (Ken Strickfadden)
 83   Munster Trivia                 (Mr. Gateman)
 84   Munster Movie                  (Jailbreak)
 85   Munster Movie                  (Eddie teased)
 86   Munster Movie Quotes           (Munster Hall)
 87   Herman Philosophy              (Size of your heart)
 88   Munster Collectables           (Paper dolls)
 89   Munster Collectables           (Comic book)
 90   Checklist                      The Munsters Collection


Gold Foil Cards (1:15 packs)

GF1   Munster Movie Trivia - Munster, Go Home!  (Herman's inheritance)
GF2   Munster Movie Trivia - Munster, Go Home!  (McGuire, Go Home!)
GF3   Munster Movie Trivia - Munster, Go Home!  (Drag-U-La car)
GF4   Munster Quotes                            (Approaching an intersection)

Die-Cut Cards (1:30 packs)

DC1   Munster Quotes
DC2   Herman's Philosophy
DC3   Herman's Quotes

Tall Boy Card (send-in offer)

TB1   Munster Trivia

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)


 P1   (same card front as card 8)
 --   (dealer sell sheet; also promotes Pepsi-Cola, Smokey Bear)

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