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All New The Munsters [Deluxe Series 2]
Dart Flipcards - 1997

Notes: Cards don't state "Series 2"; the logo is the same as for the first series, 
but "All New" is shown in the upper left of card backs. Thanks much to Mike 
Kloc, Mick Stockton, and Robert Lipsey for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.97 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text                                        Subset / Title

  1   Munster Trading Cards
  2   Fred Gwynne was born on July 10, 1926 in New     Biography
  3   Born in 1910 in Brooklyn, New York, Al Lewis     Biography
  4   (Real name: Margaret-Yvonne Middleton) Born i    Biography
  5   (Real name: Patrick Killy) Born in 1953 in Lo    Biography
  6   Pat Priest (Marilyn Munster #2) grew up in Sa    Biography
  7   Beverley Owen (real name Beverly Ogg) was bor    Biography
  8   Grandpa's in the hot seat in this early cast     Munster Moment
  9   Two graven images recognizable to all Munster    Munster Trivia
 10   Herman and his loving bride, Lily, would make    Transylvania Gothic
 11   This stylized network "bumper", circa 1964, p    Munster Media
 12   When Fred Gwynne Reprised his role of Herman     Dead Man Standing
 13   Eddie Munster dreams of driving Pop's spooky     Munster Motors
 14   Could this be Herman's driver's license photo    Herman's Driving Test
 15   Q: In Episode #49 ("Herman's Driving Test"),     Munster Trivia
 16   Q: What ailment plagues Herman while en route    Munster Trivia
 17   It wasn't enough for Herman to find himself i    Level Headed Herman
 18   "I got in and started to drive. In one second    Al Lewis on the Dragula
 19   Q: In episode #57 ("The Most Beautiful Ghoul     Munster Trivia
 20   Herman: "Oh Lily, I don't know what I'd do wi    Munster Quotes
 21   Herman Munster is a seven-foot tall, anatomic    Munster Mugshot
 22   As TV reunions go, the 1981 telepic titled Th    Munster Memory
 23   Al Lewis was the cigar chomping one of the bu    Smoke Screams
 24   Fred Gwynne gets a laugh at how the two Munst    Munster Maturity
 25   One of the Munsters' favorite pastimes was to    Grandpa's Spell
 26   Much to Grandpa's delight, some Baby Boomers     Munster Merchandising
 27   Lily: "But Herman... a drag racer? HA! Ha ha     Munster Quotes / Munster Trivia
 28   For Lily, when the series began, these webs w    Munster Milestones
 29   "Grandpa, how can you act like that? After al    Munster Moment
 30   If you thought car insurance premiums were sc    Munster Motors
 31   Our lovable family of ghouls visits Marinelan    Munsters at Marineland
 32   Herman examines an AMT version of the popular    Munster Model
 33   Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis rode in Macy's Thank    Munsters on Parade
 34   Q: In Episode #5 ("Pike's Picque"), how much     Munster Trivia
 35   When the Munsters lost their beloved pet dino    Missing Munster
 36   This early portrait was made by photographer     Munsters Immortalized
 37   Q: In what year was the city of Mockingbird H    Munster Trivia
 38   "Yvonne (DeCarlo) reports to the studio at 6     Munster Media
 39   Herman: "We sold that property to a very nice    Munster Quotes
 40   Herman: "... When it comes to talent, Herman     Munster Quotes
 41   To cure Herman's hiccups, Grandpa uses the Tr    Grandpa's Black Magic
 42   Alas, the Munsters survived on primetime netw    Sign of the Times
 43   "Al Lewis may contradict this, but my recolle    Beverley Owen on the Munsters
 44   Edward Wolfgang Munster's beloved Woof-Woof (    Toy Scary
 45   Grandpa: "Ya know, Herman, I wonder if I shou    Munster Quotes
 46   Two of Grandpa's more electrifying incantatio    Grandpa's Spells
 47   Laverne and Shirley they were not. In a crazy    Drag Hags
 48   Could this bizarre scene from The Munsters' R    Munster Moment
 49   Despite urban legend, Quasimodo is not a dire    Museum Munsters
 50   Q: In Episode #42 ("Herman Munster, Shutterbu    Munster Trivia
 51   Grandpa: "What do I think? I'll tell ya what     Munster Quotes
 52   Herman: "Did you hear something, Lily?" Lily:    Munster Quotes
 53   "The most rewarding part of working in the se    Yvonne DeCarlo on the Munsters
 54   Q: Herman's boss, Mr. Gateman, is referred to    Munster Trivia
 55   Herman: "I really got to hand it to you, Gran    Munster Quotes
 56   Herman's brother, Charlie (Fred Gwynne) comes    Episode 9: "Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie"
 57   Why is Herman smiling? He just received the a    Munster Moment
 58   Q: Within the series run of seventy episodes,    Munster Trivia
 59   Pictured in this photo is Mr. Kevin Burns. Mr    Munster Collectibles
 60   Q: How many episodes does Dr. Dudley appear i    Munster Trivia
 61   In their quest for laughs, the Munsters reach    The Search for Spot
 62   Q: In Episode #31 ("Love Comes to Mockingbird    Munster Trivia
 63   Viewers got a rare chance to see the man behi    Unmasked Munster
 64   Q: In Episode #24 ("Love Locked Out"), what w    Munster Trivia
 65   Herman's devilishly devoted little angel, Lil    Musical Munsters
 66   Taking a cue from Grandpa and Herman, fans ha    Munster Mania
 67   Early makeup employed in the rarely-seen Muns    Munster Makeup
 68   Herman is a basketcase when he boards a ship     Munster Movie
 69   In a current photo, everyone's favorite "Gran    Munster Memorabilia
 70   Although she's supposed to be the black sheep    Beauty and the Beast
 71   Producers originally had comedian Bert Lahr (    Munster Minutiae
 72   The Munsters Checklist


Lenticular Cards (1:18 packs)

L-1   Q: Episode #15 - "Herman's Rival" - Name the     Munster Trivia
L-2   Q: Episode #46 - "Lily's Star Boarder" - Afte    Munster Trivia
L-3   Q: Episode #26 - "Far Out Munster" - When the    Munster Trivia
L-4   Q: Episode #52 "Treasure of Mockingbird Heigh    Munster Trivia
L-5   Q: What episode did the Munsters Koach make i    Munster Trivia
L-6   Q: Episode #10 "Autmn Croakus" - Name the age    Munster Trivia

Autograph Cards (1:300 packs)

 A1   Pat Priest
 A2   Al Lewis
 A3   Butch Patrick
 A4   Yvonne DeCarlo

Prismatic Set (mail-in offer)

 S1   Why not flip your lid, too, and join "THE MUNSTERS" Thursday nights
 S2   You, too, can get a charge out of "THE MUNSTERS" Thursday nights.
 S3   Climb aboard with "THE MUNSTERS" every Thursday night
 S4   Even the Munsters watch "THE MUNSTERS" Thursday nights
 S5   Don't race your motor; shift into gear with "THE MUNSTERS" Thursday nights
 S6   No matter how you slice it "THE MUNSTERS" are fun Thursday nights

Card Album

--    (Binder, produced at time of Deluxe Series 1)


P1        (Cast; dealers)
P2        (Herman & Lily; same image as card 1; dealers)
1/2       (same image as P1, prismatic foil; Philadelphia Non-Sport Show - April 17/98)
2/3       (Same image as P2, prismatic foil; May 2/98 Toronto Sportscard Expo)
--        (Dealer sell sheet, with Sailor Moon 2, Gilligan's Island, Mr Bean)
Special   The Munster Family (show synopsis on card back)
Special   The Munster Family (blank area on reverse for an autograph)
 --       (dealer sell sheet; also promotes Sailor Moon 2, Gilligan's Island, Mr Bean)
Election Special    Grandpa Al Lewis For Governor

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