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Jim Henson's Muppet Trading Cards
Cardz - 1993

Notes  Also distributed as a factory set. Thanks to Marcia Fanchin for the update!

No.   Title                                                         Type

  1   Jim Henson's Muppets                                          Group Picture
  2   Janice Turner                                                 Muppet Rock Stars
  3   Kermit Greensteen                                             Muppet Rock Stars
  4   Krissed Krossed (Mac Beaker, Beaker Mac)                      Muppet Rock Stars
  5   Tadz II Toads                                                 Muppet Rock Stars
  6   En Volved (featuring Miss Piggy)                              Muppet Rock Stars
  7   (Frog) Prince                                                 Muppet Rock Stars
  8   Dr. Bunsen "Garth" Honeydew                                   Muppet Rock Stars
  9   Gonz N' Noses                                                 Muppet Rock Stars
 10   Rowlf Stewart                                                 Muppet Rock Stars
 11   Clifford Cravitz                                              Muppet Rock Stars
 12   Rah! Rah! Moi! Moi!                                           Muppet Sports
 13   Muppet Team Hoopless!                                         Muppet Sports
 14   Frog on the Rocks!                                            Muppet Sports
 15   Animal Strikes Out!                                           Muppet Sports
 16   Lucky Muppets!                                                Muppet Sports
 17   Frog Leaps - Pig Keeps!                                       Muppet Sports
 18   Air-Beaker!                                                   Muppet Sports
 19   Pig Digs Skate Gig!                                           Muppet Sports
 20   Surfin' Like an Animal!                                       Muppet Sports
 21   Face Plant!                                                   Muppet Sports
 22   Diamonds Are a Pig's Best Friend                              Muppet Sports
 23   Gonzo Takes a Dive!                                           Muppet Sports
 24   Star Hopper!                                                  Muppet Sports
 25   Hooray for Harley-Wood                                        Muppet Sports
 26   Miss Piggy                                                    Muppet Profiles
 27   Kermit the Frog                                               Muppet Profiles
 28   The Great Gonzo (aka Gonzo the Great)                         Muppet Profiles
 29   Animal                                                        Muppet Profiles
 30   Fozzie Bear                                                   Muppet Profiles
 31   Rowlf the Dog                                                 Muppet Profiles
 32   Janice                                                        Muppet Profiles
 33   Rizzo the Rat                                                 Muppet Profiles
 34   Statler & Waldorf                                             Muppet Profiles
 35   Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & His Assistant, Beaker                   Muppet Profiles
 36   Miss Piggy's Private Gallery                                  Muppet Art
 37   The Smooch                                                    Muppet Art
 38   Green Boy                                                     Muppet Art
 39   Pig Before a Mirror                                           Muppet Art
 40   Mona Moi                                                      Muppet Art
 41   Young Lady Adoring Herself with Pearls (and Why Not?)         Muppet Art
 42   Arisfroggle Contemplating the Bust of a Twerp                 Muppet Art
 43   The Sleeping Zootsy                                           Muppet Art
 44   The Birth of You-Know-Who                                     Muppet Art
 45   La Belle Epigue                                               Muppet Art
 46   The La Danseur                                                Muppet Art
 47   The Marriage of Froggo Amphibini and Giopiggi Porculini       Muppet Art
 48   The Jester at the Court of Henry VIII                         Muppet Art
 49   American Gothique                                             Muppet Art
 50   Arrangement in Gray and Black with Creep (Whistler's Weirdo)  Muppet Art
 51   The Muppet Movie                                              Activity Cards
 52   The Great Muppet Caper                                        Activity Cards
 53   The Muppets Take Manhattan                                    Activity Cards
 54   The Muppet Christmas Carol                                    Activity Cards
 55   Moi, Jane                                                     Activity Cards
 56   Star Chores                                                   Activity Cards
 57   Superbeaker II                                                Activity Cards
 58   The Bride of Froggen-Schwein                                  Activity Cards
 59   Cleopigtra                                                    Checklist 1 of 2
 60   The Pigseidon Adventure                                       Checklist 2 of 2


Tekchrome Cards

 T1   Muppet Art
 T2   Muppet Sports


 P1   Spawned in the USA
 P2   Muppet Sports
 P3   You're Never Gonna...

©1999, 2000, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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