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The Muppet Show 25th Anniversary Set
Rittenhouse - 2002

Notes:  Issued as a factory set.  Further information and scans are posted
at the Rittenhouse website.

 No.   Title

MS01   Group Shot
MS02   Group Shot
MS03   Kermit
MS04   Kermit
MS05   Kermit
MS06   Miss Piggy
MS07   Miss Piggy
MS08   Miss Piggy
MS09   Fozzie Bear
MS10   Gonzo
MS11   Rowlf
MS12   Statler & Waldorf
MS13   The Swedish Chef
MS14   Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
MS15   Beaker
MS16   Scooter
MS17   Sam The Eagle
MS18   Robin
MS19   Sweetums
MS20   Pigs In Space
MS21   Animal
MS22   Dr. Teeth
MS23   Floyd Pepper
MS24   Janice
MS25   Zoot

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