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Incredible True-Life Murderers! 1st Series
a.k.a. 40 Famous Murderers
Mother Productions - 1990

Notes: Cards are "Mother sized," 2-3/4" x 3-3/4", distributed as a boxed factory
set. The "Incredible" title is what's shown on the box, but the reorder form calls
the set "40 Famous Murderers." Artwork and text are completely different from
Mother's later "52 Famous Murderers" set.

No.   Title

  1   Gertrude Baniszwewski
  2   Bobby Beausoliel
  3   David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz
  4   Kenneth "Hillside Strangler" Bianchi
  5   Penny Bjorkland
  6   Lizzie Borden
  7   Angelo "Hillside Strangler" Buono
  8   Ian "Murderer of the Moors" Brady
  9   Ted Bundy
 10   Richard "Vamp. of Sacto." Chase
 11   Albert Fish
 12   John Lindley Frazier
 13   John Wayne Gacy
 14   Ed Gein
 15   Harvey Murray Glatman
 16   Green River Killer
 17   Neville Heath
 18   Gary Hiednik
 19   William Hierens
 20   Myra Hindley
 21   Jack the Ripper
 22   Pedro "Monster of the Andes" Lopez
 23   Henry Lee Lucas
 24   Dr. Jeffery MacDonald
 25   Charlie Manson
 26   Peter Manuel
 27   Lee Harvey Oswald
 28   Daniel Rakowitz
 29   Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez
 30   James Earl Ray
 31   Charles 'Smitty' Schmidt
 32   Sirhan Sirhan
 33   Richard Speck
 34   Charles Starkweather
 35   Ottis Toole
 36   Jean Baptiste Troppmann
 37   Charles 'Tex' Watson
 38   Charles Whitman
 39   Wayne "Kevin" Williams
 40   Zodiac
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