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52 Famous Murderers
Mother Productions - 1991

Notes: Cards are "Mother sized," 2-3/4" x 3-3/4", distributed as a boxed factory
set. Artwork and text are completely different from Mother's earlier "40 Famous
Murderers" set. Art here is by Bari Kumar and Samantha Harrison.

No.   Title                         Known For ...

  1   Ian Brady                     Mass Murderer - Sexual Perversion
  2   Myra Hindley                  Mass Murderer - Sex Perversion
  3   John Frazier                  Mass Murderer
  4   James Jones                   Mass Murderer - Sexual Deviate
  5   Herbert Mullin                Schizophrenic -Mass Murderer
  6   John Wayne Gacy               Mass Murderer of Homosexuals
  7   James Earl Ray                Murderer -Was Assassinated-
  8   Charles Starkweather          Mass Murderer
  9   Jeffrey Dahmer                Cannibal, Mass Murderer
 10   Adolfo De Jesus Constanzo     Cult Leader, Mass Murder
 11   Richard Ramirez               Mass Murderer, Rapist
 12   Zodiac                        Mass Murderer
 13   Perry Smith                   Mass Murder
 14   Richard Hickock               Mass Murderer
 15   Christopher Wilder            Mass Murderer, Sex Murderer
 16   Gary Gilmore                  Murderer
 17   Steven Judy                   Murderer, Sex Maniac
 18   Edmund Kemper                 Necrophiliac, Mass Murderer
 19   Lizzy Borden                  Murderer
 20   Peter Manuel                  Mass Murderer, Sexual Murderer
 21   Charles Schmid                Murderer, Sex Deviate
 22   Ernest Ingenito               Mass Murderer
 23   James Ruppert                 Child Beater, Murderer
 24   Melvin David Rees             Mass Murderer
 25   Gertrude Baniszewski          Mass Murderer, Child Beater
 26   Carl Panzram                  Mass Murderer
 27   The Riverside Killer          Mass Murderer
 28   Jack The Ripper               Mass Murderer
 29   Gerald Thompson               Sex Deviate, Murderer
 30   Charles Whitman               Mass Murderer
 31   Sirhan Sirhan                 Assassin, Murderer
 32   Richard Speck                 Mass Murderer, Sex Deviate
 33   Lee Harvey Oswald             Assassin, Murderer
 34   Harvey Glatman                Mass Murderer
 35   Albert Fish                   Necrophile, Cannibal, Murderer
 36   Albert De Salvo               Mass Murderer, Sex Maniac
 37   David Berkowitz               Mass Murderer
 38   Kenneth Bianchi               Mass Murderer, Sex Deviate
 39   Angelo Buono                  Mass Murderer, Sex Deviate
 40   Edward Gein                   Murderer, Cannibal, Sex Deviate
 41   Theodore Bundy                Mass Murderer, Sex Murderer
 42   Thomas Braun                  Mass Murderer
 43   William Cook                  Mass Murderer
 44   Mary Bell                     Mentally Deranged, Child Murderer
 45   Frederick Cowan               Mass Murderer
 46   Charles Manson                Cultist, Sex Deviate, Mass Murderer
 47   Henry Lee Lucas               Mass Murderer, Bisexual Rapist
 48   Mark Chapman                  Celebrity Murderer
 49   Dean Allen Corll              Homosexual, Mass Murderer
 50   Juan Corona                   Mass Murderer
 51   James Huberty                 Mass Murderer
 52   George Hennard Jr.            Mass Murderer
 --   Mother Productions            [copyright card]
 --   Murderer Art / Cover Art ...  [credits card]
 --   1990                          [statistics card]
 --   To Reorder More Cards         [order card]

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