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Music, Music, Music
   Famous Fabrics - 2012

Notes: The cut signatures are the obvious attraction with this series. Further 
information and scans are posted at the Famous Fabrics website.

Box: 2 memorabilia cards + 1 cut signature. 20 boxes/case, 1800 boxes total.

No.   Name


   Single Memorabilia (# to 100)

      Bing Crosby
      Britney Spears
      Bruce Springsteen
      Buddy Holly
      Carrie Underwood
      Courtney Love
      Dean Martin
      Diana Ross
      Elton John
      Elvis Presley
      Eric Clapton
      Frank Sinatra
      Gene Simmons
      LeAnn Rimes
      MC Hammer
      Miranda Lambert
      Sammy Davis Jr.
      Shania Twain
      Snoop Dogg
      Keith Moon
      Whitney Houston

   Limited Memorabilia (# to 20)

      Elton John (limited)
      Jimi Hendrix (limited)
      James Brown (limited)
      Ray Charles (limited)
      Sammy Davis Jr. (limited)
      Stevie Nicks (limited)

   Dual Memorabilia (# to 60)

      Bing Crosby / Frank Sinatra
      Britney Spears / Madonna
      Bruce Springsteen / Elvis Presley
      Bruce Springsteen / Eric Clapton
      Carrie Underwood / LeAnn Rimes
      Courtney Love / Madonna
      Dean Martin / Sammy Davis Jr.
      Diana Ross / Whitney Houston
      Dianna Ross / Madonna
      Elton John / Elvis Presley
      Elvis Presley / Buddy Holly
      Eric Clapton / Keith Moon
      Shania Twain / Miranda Lambert
      Snoop Dogg / MC Hammer
      Usher / MC Hammer

   Quad Memorabilia (# to 30)

      Barbra Streisand / Whitney Houston / Diana Ross / Madonna
      Buddy Holly / Elvis Presley / Elton John / Bruce Springsteen
      Carrie Underwood / Shania Twain / LeAnn Rimes / Miranda Lambert
      Dean Martin / Bing Crosby / Frank Sinatra / Sammy Davis Jr.
      Diana Ross / Whitney Houston / Madonna / Courtney Love
      Sting / Elton John / Eric Clapton / Bruce Springsteen

   Art Cards (Art by Mike James; 1:case; 1/1)

      Country Paradise

  1   Boxcar Willie
  2   Buck Owens
  3   Charlie Rich
  4   Conway Twitty
  5   Dottie West
  6   Ferlin Husky
  7   Floyd Cramer
  8   Gene Autry
  9   Hank Snow
 10   Hank Williams Sr.
 11   Jimmie Rodgers
 12   Jimmy Dean
 13   Johnny Cash
 14   Kitty Wells
 15   Patsy Cline
 16   Roy Acuff
 17   Skeeter Davis
 18   Tammy Wynette
 19   Tex Ritter
 20   Waylon Jennings

      Jazz Immortals

 21   Billy Eckstine
 22   Billie Holiday
 23   Cab Calloway
 24   Charlie Parker
 25   Chet Baker
 26   Dizzy Gillespie
 27   Duke Ellington
 28   Fats Waller
 29   Frank Sinatra
 30   Louis Armstrong
 31   Miles Davis
 32   Thelonious Monk

      Lost Souls

 33   Barry White
 34   David Ruffin
 35   Isaac Hayes
 36   James Brown
 37   Johnny Otis
 38   Junior Walker
 39   Marvin Gaye
 40   Nat King Cole
 41   Otis Redding
 42   Sam Cooke

      Rock and Roll Heaven

 43   Adam Yauch
 44   Amy Winehouse
 45   Bill Haley
 46   Bob Marley
 47   Bobby Darin
 48   Brian Jones
 49   Buddy Holly
 50   Cass Elliot
 51   Dick Clark
 52   Duane Allman
 53   Eddie Cochran
 54   Elvis Presley
 55   Frank Zappa
 56   Freddie Mercury
 57   Gene Vincent
 58   George Harrison
 59   Harry Chapin
 60   Janis Joplin
 61   Jerry Garcia
 62   Jim Croce
 63   Jim Morrison
 64   Jimi Hendrix
 65   Joey Ramone
 66   John Bonham
 67   John Lennon
 68   John Phillips
 69   Keith Moon
 70   Kurt Cobain
 71   Michael Jackson
 72   Notorious B.I.G.
 73   Ritchie Valens
 74   Ricky Nelson
 75   Roy Orbison
 76   Sid Vicious
 77   Sonny Bono
 78   Stevie Ray Vaughan
 79   The Big Bopper
 80   Tupac Shakur
 81   Whitney Houston

      Spirit of the Blues

 82   Albert King
 83   Big Mama Thornton
 84   Etta James
 85   Howlin' Wolf
 86   Junior Wells
 87   Muddy Waters
 88   Paul Butterfield
 89   T-Bone Walker
 90   W.C. Handy

   Fab Four Redemption Cards (# to 90)

   90 serial-numbered cards eligible for drawing of 1/1
   cut signature card of all four Beatles. Final
   drawing at 2013 National Sports Collectors Con.

--    (Fab Four Redemption Card)


      Aaron Copland                     Composer
      Aaron Neville                     Singer
      Aaron Tippin                      Singer
      Aase Nordmo Lovberg               Singer
      Abbe Lane                         Singer
      Abe Lyman                         Bandleader
      Ace Frehley                       Musician
      Adam Garner                       Musician
      Adam Juwig                        Musician
      Adam Wade                         Singer
      Adelaide Moltini                  Singer
      Adolph Green                      Songwriter
      Adrian Bal                        Singer
      Adrian Belew                      Musician
      Adrian Young                      Musician
      Al Alberts                        Singer
      Al Anderson                       Musician
      Al Di Meola                       Musician
      Al Grey                           Musician
      Al Hirt                           Bandleader
      Al Jolson                         Singer
      Al Martino                        Singer
      Alan Anton                        Musician
      Alan Bergman                      Songwriter
      Alan Jay Lerner                   Songwriter
      Alan Menken                       Composer
      Alan Parsons                      Producer
      Alan White                        Musician
      Albert Hague                      Composer
      Albert Lee                        Musician
      Albert Parr                       Singer
      Alberta Carina                    Singer
      Alberto Erede                     Conductor
      Alberto Randegger                 Composer
      Alecia Elliott                    Singer
      Alexander Capurso                 Conductor
      Alexander Gray                    Singer
      Alexander Nakutin                 Singer
      Alfred G. Robyn                   Composer
      Alfred Nevarez                    Singer
      Alice Ripley                      Singer
      Alicia Bridges                    Singer
      Alisha                            Singer
      Allan Jones                       Singer
      Allen Cummings                    Singer
      Allen Frey                        Musician
      Allison Moorer                    Singer
      Alma Keller                       Singer
      Alma Simpson                      Singer
      Amanda Wilkinson                  Singer
      Amparo Iturbi                     Musician
      Amy Grant                         Singer
      Amy Ray                           Singer
      Ana Maria Martinez                Singer
      Anders Friden                     Singer
      Anders Kjolholm                   Musician
      Andre Ferrier                     Singer
      Andre Kostelanetz                 Conductor
      Andre Previn                      Conductor
      Andre Watts                       Musician
      Andrea Rost                       Singer
      Andrew Imbrie                     Composer
      Andrew Lee                        Musician
      Andrew Lloyd Webber               Composer
      Andrew McMahon                    Singer
      Andy Griggs                       Singer
      Andy Russell                      Singer
      Andy Williams                     Singer
      Angela Maria Blasi                Singer
      Angelo Badalamenti                Composer
      Anita Baker                       Singer
      Anita Ellis                       Singer
      Ann Curless                       Singer
      Anna Leskaya-Asch                 Singer
      Anna Maria Alberghetti            Singer
      Anna Moffo                        Singer
      Anna Neagle                       Singer
      Anne Murray                       Singer
      Anne Ziegler                      Singer
      Annie Louise Cary                 Singer
      Anthony Armstrong Jones           Singer
      Anthony Newley                    Singer
      Antoinette Le Brun                Singer
      Anton Fig                         Musician
      Antonio Galassi                   Singer
      Antonio Poggi                     Singer
      Apollonia                         Singer
      April Stevens                     Singer
      Archie Campbell                   Singer
      Aretha Franklin                   Singer
      Arlene Harden                     Singer
      Art Blakey                        Musician
      Art Garfunkel                     Singer
      Art Lund                          Singer
      Art Mooney                        Bandleader
      Arthur Fiedler                    Conductor
      Arthur Mees                       Conductor
      Arthur Prysock                    Singer
      Arthur Tracy                      Singer
      Arthur Whittemore                 Musician
      Artie Shaw                        Bandleader
      Artimus Pyle                      Musician
      Arturo Sandoval                   Musician
      Ava Barber                        Singer
      B.B. King                         Singer
      B.J. Thomas                       Singer
      Barbara Cook                      Singer
      Barbara Fairchild                 Singer
      Barbara Mandrell                  Singer
      Barbara McNair                    Singer
      Barbara Weathers                  Singer
      Barrie Masters                    Singer
      Barry Manilow                     Singer
      Barry Mann                        Composer
      Bas Sheva                         Singer
      Beatrice Kay                      Singer
      Belinda Carlisle                  Singer
      Ben Davies                        Singer
      Ben E. King                       Singer
      Ben Heppner                       Singer
      Ben Sidran                        Musician
      Benjamin J. Lang                  Composer
      Benmont Tench                     Musician
      Benny Goodman                     Bandleader
      Benny Kruegar                     Musician
      Benny Meroff                      Bandleader
      Berdella Bal                      Songwriter
      Berman Patterson                  Singer
      Bernie Taupin                     Songwriter
      Beryl Davis                       Singer
      Bette Midler                      Singer
      Betty Madigan                     Singer
      Beverly Bremers                   Singer
      Beverly Nero                      Composer
      Beverly Sills                     Singer
      Big Daddy Kane                    Singer
      Big Joe Turner                    Singer
      Bill Anderson                     Singer
      Bill Black                        Musician
      Bill Carlisle                     Singer
      Bill Carlisle Jr.                 Singer
      Bill Clifton                      Musician
      Bill Compton                      Singer
      Bill Conti                        Composer
      Bill Dudley                       Singer
      Bill Finegan                      Bandleader
      Bill Hudson                       Musician
      Bill Medley                       Singer
      Bill Monroe                       Musician
      Bill Richardson                   Musician
      Bill Staines                      Singer
      Billie Jo Spears                  Singer
      Billy "Crash" Craddock            Singer
      Billy Adamson                     Musician
      Billy Bob Thornton                Singer
      Billy Byrd                        Musician
      Billy Daniels                     Singer
      Billy Davis Jr.                   Singer
      Billy Eckstine                    Singer
      Billy Grammer                     Singer
      Billy Hinds                       Musician
      Billy Hinsche                     Singer
      Billy Idol                        Singer
      Billy Joel                        Singer
      Billy Linneman                    Musician
      Billy Parker                      Singer
      Billy Squier                      Singer
      Billy Wood                        Musician
      Bing Crosby                       Singer
      Birgit Nilsson                    Singer
      Bjorn Gelotte                     Musician
      Bjorn Yttling                     Musician
      Blanche Slocum                    Singer
      Blue Barron                       Bandleader
      Bob Eberly                        Singer
      Bob Morris                        Musician
      Bob Pearson                       Singer
      Bob Seger                         Singer
      Bob Welch                         Musician
      Bobbie Nelson                     Singer
      Bobbie Roy                        Singer
      Bobby Barnett                     Singer
      Bobby Bond                        Singer
      Bobby Breen                       Singer
      Bobby Burgess                     Singer
      Bobby Crush                       Musician
      Bobby Curtola                     Singer
      Bobby Darin                       Singer
      Bobby G. Rice                     Singer
      Bobby Goldsboro                   Singer
      Bobby Helms                       Singer
      Bobby Lord                        Singer
      Bobby Rydell                      Singer
      Bobby Sherman                     Singer
      Bobby Short                       Singer
      Bobby Vinton                      Singer
      Bobby Wright                      Singer
      Bonni Kern                        Singer
      Bonnie Nelson                     Singer
      Bonnie Raitt                      Singer
      Bonnie Stuart                     Singer
      Boots Randolph                    Musician
      Boxcar Willie                     Singer
      Brenda Lee                        Singer
      Brendan McMillan                  Musician
      Brett Hudson                      Singer
      Brian Hyland                      Singer
      Brian May                         Musician
      Brian O'Neal                      Musician
      Brian Smith                       Singer
      Brian Wilson                      Musician
      Bruce Hornsby                     Singer
      Bruce Springsteen                 Singer
      Bruce Sudano                      Musician
      Bryce Soderberg                   Musician
      Bryn Terfel                       Singer
      Bud Brewer                        Singer
      Buddy Alan                        Singer
      Buddy DeFranco                    Musician
      Buddy DeVito                      Singer
      Buddy Greco                       Musician
      Buddy Harman                      Musician
      Buddy Holly                       Singer
      Buddy Mize                        Singer
      Buffy Sainte-Marie                Singer
      Bunny Berigan                     Musician
      Burl Ives                         Singer
      Burt Bacharach                    Composer
      Butch Stone                       Singer
      Cab Calloway                      Singer
      Cal Smith                         Singer
      Cal Tjader                        Musician
      Calvin Irons                      Musician
      Carl Giammarese                   Singer
      Carl Holmes                       Musician
      Carl Perkins                      Singer
      Carl Sigman                       Songwriter
      Carl Smith                        Musician
      Carl Story                        Singer
      Carl Zerrahn                      Conductor
      Carlos Ponce                      Singer
      Carlos Ramirez                    Singer
      Carly Simon                       Singer
      Carmen Torres                     Singer
      Carmine Appice                    Musician
      Carol Channing                    Singer
      Carol Johnson                     Singer
      Carole Bayer Sager                Songwriter
      Carole King                       Singer
      Carolyn Ortmann                   Singer
      Carrie Bridewell                  Singer
      Carrie Jacobs-Bond                Songwriter
      Cathy Carr                        Singer
      Cedric Hailey                     Singer
      Celia Cruz                        Singer
      Celine Dion                       Singer
      Cerrone                           Singer
      Cesare Nesi                       Singer
      Cesare Siepi                      Singer
      Chad Gracey                       Musician
      Chad Taylor                       Musician
      Champ Butler                      Singer
      Chandler Marks                    Singer
      Charles Aznavour                  Singer
      Charles Strouse                   Composer
      Charles T. Ellis                  Singer
      Charley Pride                     Singer
      Charlie Applewhite                Singer
      Charlie Daniels                   Singer
      Charlie Louvin                    Singer
      Charlie Rich                      Singer
      Charlie Waller                    Singer
      Charlie Wilson                    Singer
      Charlotte Caffey                  Musician
      Charly McClain                    Singer
      Cher                              Singer
      Cheryl "Coko" Clemons             Singer
      Chester Bennington                Singer
      Chet Atkins                       Musician
      Chou Wen-chung                    Composer
      Chris Isaak                       Singer
      Christine McVie                   Singer
      Christopher "Kid" Reid            Singer
      Christopher Cross                 Singer
      Chubby Checker                    Singer
      Chuck Berry                       Singer
      Chuck Glaser                      Singer
      Chuck Lowry                       Singer
      Chuck Mangione                    Musician
      Clara Louise Kellogg              Singer
      Clarence "Frogman" Henry          Singer
      Clarence Clemons                  Musician
      Claudio Sanchez                   Singer
      Cleo Laine                        Singer
      Cleve Duncan                      Singer
      Cleve Francis                     Singer
      Clint Black                       Singer
      Clyde Barrie                      Singer
      Clyde Beavers                     Singer
      Clyde Lucas                       Bandleader
      Coco Lee                          Singer
      Cole Porter                       Composer
      Coleman Hawkins                   Musician
      Colin Hanton                      Musician
      Connee Boswell                    Singer
      Connie Francis                    Singer
      Connie Haines                     Singer
      Connie Smith                      Singer
      Connie Stevens                    Singer
      Conway Twitty                     Singer
      Corey Hart                        Singer
      Corky Laing                       Musician
      Count Basie                       Bandleader
      Courtney Love                     Singer
      Cowboy Copas                      Singer
      Craig Mabbitt                     Singer
      Craig Morris                      Singer
      Cristiano "Pizza" Migliore        Musician
      Cristina Scabbia                  Singer
      Cristy Lane                       Singer
      Crystal Gayle                     Singer
      Curly Ray Cline                   Musician
      Curtis Mayfield                   Singer
      Cy Young                          Songwriter
      D-Shot                            Singer
      Dal Winslow                       Musician
      Dale "Stoney" Cooper              Singer
      Dale Evans                        Singer
      Dale Thomas                       Singer
      Dallas Taylor                     Musician
      Dalton Powell                     Musician
      Dan Seals                         Singer
      Daniel Svensson                   Musician
      Danny Bemrose                     Singer
      Danny Davis                       Singer
      Dar Williams                      Singer
      Daryl "Captain" Dragon            Musician
      Dash Croft                        Singer
      Dave Brubeck                      Musician
      Dave Dougherty                    Musician
      Dave Frizzell                     Singer
      Dave Grohl                        Musician
      Dave Mahoney                      Singer
      Dave Matthews                     Singer
      Dave Rowland                      Singer
      Dave Wakeling                     Singer
      David "Lonzo" Hooten              Singer
      David Bellamy                     Singer
      David Bowie                       Singer
      David Carroll                     Conductor
      David Donatien                    Musician
      David Essex                       Singer
      David Holt                        Musician
      David Johansen                    Singer
      David Nelson                      Singer
      David Rose                        Composer
      David Sanborn                     Musician
      David Shire                       Composer
      David Taylor                      Musician
      David Whitfield                   Singer
      Davy Jones                        Singer
      Dean Dinning                      Musician
      Dean Martin                       Singer
      Dean Paul "Dino"Martin            Singer
      Dean Roland                       Musician
      Deanna Durbin                     Singer
      Debbie Gibson                     Singer
      Debbie Harry                      Singer
      Debbie Reynolds                   Singer
      Debby Boone                       Singer
      Debroy Somers                     Bandleader
      Dee Daniels                       Singer
      Del Wood                          Musician
      Delia Rigal                       Singer
      Delious Kennedy                   Singer
      Della Reese                       Singer
      Deltra Eamon Almeida              Singer
      Demi Lovato                       Singer
      Denis O'Sullivan                  Singer
      Denise Lor                        Singer
      Dennis Day                        Singer
      Denny Laine                       Musician
      Derek Trucks                      Musician
      Deryl Dodd                        Singer
      Desi Arnaz Jr.                    Musician
      Dewey Martin                      Musician
      Diana Damrau                      Singer
      Diana Krall                       Singer
      Diana Ross                        Singer
      Diana Trask                       Singer
      Diane Schuur                      Singer
      Dianne Sherrill                   Singer
      Dick Curless                      Singer
      Dick Richards                     Musician
      Dickey Lee                        Singer
      Dieter Kurze                      Singer
      Dimitri Tiomkin                   Composer
      Dinah Shore                       Singer
      Dino Danelli                      Musician
      Dionne Warwick                    Singer
      Dizzy Gillespie                   Musician
      DJ Spooky                         Musician
      Dobie Gray                        Singer
      Doc Severinsen                    Musician
      Dolly Parton                      Singer
      Dolores Fuller                    Songwriter
      Dolores O'Riordan                 Singer
      Don Bowman                        Singer
      Don Boyce                         Singer
      Don Cherry                        Musician
      Don Cornell                       Singer
      Don Gibson                        Songwriter
      Don Henley                        Singer
      Don McLean                        Singer
      Don Reid                          Singer
      Don Rich                          Musician
      Don Stevenson                     Musician
      Don Williams                      Singer
      Don Zelaya                        Musician
      Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser       Musician
      Donald McIntyre                   Singer
      Donald Mills                      Singer
      Donna Fargo                       Singer
      Donna Rhodes                      Singer
      Donnie Iris                       Singer
      Donnis                            Singer
      Donny Osmond                      Singer
      Dorothy Collins                   Singer
      Dorothy Githens                   Singer
      Dorothy Kirsten                   Singer
      Dorothy Morton                    Singer
      Dorothy Pilzer                    Singer
      Dorothy Sarnoff                   Singer
      Dorothy Shay                      Singer
      Dorothy Squires                   Singer
      Dory Previn                       Singer
      Doug Kershaw                      Musician
      Doug Oliver                       Musician
      Doug Stone                        Singer
      Doug Supernaw                     Singer
      Doyle Holly                       Musician
      Dr. Dre                           Singer
      Dr. Herbert Tily                  Composer
      Duane Allen                       Singer
      Duane West                        Singer
      Duke Ellington                    Bandleader
      Duke Of Paducah                   Musician
      Duncan Cameron                    Musician
      Dwayne Croft                      Singer
      Dweezil Zappa                     Musician
      Earl "Fatha" Hines                Musician
      Earl "Lil Choo-Choo" Johnson      Musician
      Earl Lewis                        Singer
      Earl Scruggs                      Musician
      Ed Ames                           Singer
      Ed Kowalczyk                      Singer
      Ed Lover                          Singer
      Ed Roland                         Singer
      Eddie Baker                       Musician
      Eddie Cantor                      Singer
      Eddie Dean                        Singer
      Eddie Fisher                      Singer
      Eddie Hokenson                    Musician
      Eddie Jackson                     Singer
      Eddie Peabody                     Musician
      Eddy Arnold                       Singer
      Eddy Duchin                       Bandleader
      Eddy Raven                        Singer
      Edith Piaf                        Singer
      Edna Darch                        Singer
      Eduardo Fernandez                 Musician
      Edward Edson                      Musician
      Edward Hausman                    Musician
      Edward Lankow                     Singer
      Edward Molitore                   Singer
      Efrem Zimbalist                   Musician
      Eileen Barton                     Singer
      Eleanor Painter                   Singer
      Eleanor Parker                    Singer
      Eleazar de Carvalho               Conductor
      Electa Gifford                    Singer
      Elisabeth Welch                   Singer
      Elizabeth Futral                  Singer
      Ella Fitzgerald                   Singer
      Elliott Carter                    Composer
      Ellis Hall                        Singer
      Elma d'Agnus De Abella            Singer
      Elmer Bernstein                   Composer
      Else Alder                        Singer
      Elton John                        Singer
      Elvin Bishop                      Musician
      Elvis Presley                     Singer
      Emanuel Ax                        Musician
      Emil Coleman                      Bandleader
      Eminem                            Singer
      Emitt Rhodes                      Singer
      Emma Abbott                       Singer
      Emmett Jefferson "Murph" Murphy   Musician
      Emmylou Harris                    Singer
      Engelbert Humperdinck             Singer
      Enid Szantho                      Singer
      Enrichetta Godard                 Singer
      Enrique Iglesias                  Singer
      Eric Bloom                        Singer
      Eric Carmen                       Singer
      Eric Singer                       Musician
      Ernest Bloch                      Composer
      Ernest Tubb                       Singer
      Ernesta Grisi                     Singer
      Ernie Ashworth                    Singer
      Ernst R. Kroeger                  Composer
      Erskine Hawkins                   Musician
      Ervin Laszlo                      Musician
      Ester Adaberti                    Singer
      Esther Phillips                   Singer
      Estrella Salinas                  Singer
      Ethel Delaney                     Singer
      Ethel Smith                       Musician
      Ethel Waters                      Singer
      Eubie Blake                       Musician
      Eugene List                       Musician
      Eugene Ormandy                    Conductor
      Eva Turner                        Singer
      Evan Dando                        Singer
      Evangeline Florence               Singer
      Eve                               Singer
      Evelyn Knight                     Singer
      Evelyn Lear                       Singer
      Eydie Gorme                       Singer
      Ezio Pinza                        Singer
      F.E. Gladstone                    Composer
      Fabian                            Singer
      Faith Evans                       Singer
      Faith Hill                        Singer
      Fanny Brice                       Singer
      Fanny Myers                       Singer
      Fanny Persiani                    Singer
      Faron Young                       Singer
      Fats Domino                       Singer
      Federico Lablache                 Singer
      Felicia Sanders                   Singer
      Feodor Chaliapin                  Singer
      Ferlin Husky                      Singer
      Fernando Germani                  Musician
      Florence LaRue                    Singer
      Florence Rice-Knox                Singer
      Florent Schmitt                   Composer
      Fran Warren                       Singer
      France Joli                       Singer
      Frances Langford                  Singer
      Frances Nash Watson               Musician
      Francesco Florimo                 Composer
      Francisco Espinosa                Musician
      Frank Allen                       Musician
      Frank Black                       Conductor
      Frank Foster                      Musician
      Frank Guarrera                    Singer
      Frank Mills                       Musician
      Frank Mittler                     Musician
      Frank Sinatra                     Singer
      Frank Sinatra Jr.                 Singer
      Frank Vestry                      Singer
      Frank Zappa                       Singer
      Frankie Avalon                    Singer
      Frankie Carle                     Bandleader
      Frankie Laine                     Singer
      Frankie Valli                     Singer
      Franz Welser-Most                 Conductor
      Fred "Too Slim" LaBour            Singer
      Fred Newell                       Musician
      Fred Waring                       Bandleader
      Fred Young                        Musician
      Freda Payne                       Singer
      Freddie Hart                      Singer
      Freddie Marsden                   Musician
      Freddie Mercury                   Singer
      Freddie Stewart                   Singer
      Freddy Fender                     Singer
      Freddy Martin                     Bandleader
      Frederica von Stade               Singer
      Frederick Loewe                   Composer
      Gabriel Garcia                    Singer
      Gabriela Quintero                 Musician
      Gale Robbins                      Singer
      Garry White                       Musician
      Garth Brooks                      Singer
      Gary K. Lewis                     Singer
      Gary Lewis                        Singer
      Gary Morris                       Singer
      Gary Phillips                     Musician
      Gary U.S. Bonds                   Singer
      Gene Ames                         Singer
      Gene Austin                       Singer
      Gene Autry                        Singer
      Gene Clark                        Singer
      Gene Krupa                        Musician
      Gene Pitney                       Singer
      Gene Summers                      Singer
      Geoffrey Parsons                  Musician
      George Benson                     Musician
      George Bunnell                    Musician
      George Crumb                      Composer
      George Furth                      Songwriter
      George Hamilton IV                Singer
      George Harrison                   Singer
      George Jones                      Singer
      George M. Cohan                   Composer
      George Morgan                     Singer
      George Powell                     Musician
      George Shirley                    Singer
      George Strait                     Singer
      Georgia Gibbs                     Singer
      Georgia Ingram Cobb               Musician
      Georgia Kelly                     Musician
      Geraldine Farrar                  Singer
      Gerard Victory                    Composer
      Gerry Mulligan                    Musician
      Gertrude May Stein                Singer
      Gertrude Niesen                   Singer
      Gertrude Quinlan                  Singer
      Gian Carlo Menotti                Composer
      Gilda Cruz-Romo                   Singer
      Gino Vannelli                     Singer
      Giorgio Durando                   Singer
      Giorgio Moroder                   Producer
      Giorgio Tozzi                     Singer
      Giovanni "Mario" Matteo De Candia Singer
      Giovanni Rubini                   Singer
      Girl Talk                         Musician
      Gisele MacKenzie                  Singer
      Giulia Grisi                      Singer
      Giuseppe Corallo                  Singer
      Gladys Knight                     Singer
      Glen Campbell                     Singer
      Glen Phillips                     Singer
      Glen Sherley                      Singer
      Glenn Danzig                      Singer
      Glenn Frey                        Singer
      Glenn Yarbrough                   Singer
      Gloria Estefan                    Singer
      Gloria Gaynor                     Singer
      Gloria Loring                     Singer
      Goffredo Petrassi                 Composer
      Gogi Grant                        Singer
      Gordon Payne                      Musician
      Gordon Stoker                     Singer
      Grace Slick                       Singer
      Grady Martin                      Musician
      Grady Tate                        Singer
      Graeme Douglas                    Musician
      Graham Nash                       Singer
      Grandpa Jones                     Musician
      Greek Evans                       Singer
      Greg Dewey                        Musician
      Greg Douglass                     Musician
      Greg Garrity                      Musician
      Greg Kihn                         Singer
      Greg Lee                          Singer
      Gregg Allman                      Singer
      Gregor Piatigorsky                Musician
      Gregory Kunde                     Singer
      Grover Washington Jr.             Musician
      Gundula Janowitz                  Singer
      Gustav Strube                     Conductor
      Guy Cherney                       Singer
      Guy Lombardo                      Bandleader
      Guy Mitchell                      Singer
      Guy Villari                       Singer
      Gweneth Bean                      Singer
      Hakan Hagegard                    Singer
      Hal Blaine                        Musician
      Hamish Menzies                    Musician
      Hank Locklin                      Singer
      Hank Snow                         Singer
      Hank Thompson                     Singer
      Hank Williams Jr.                 Singer
      Hank Williams Sr.                 Singer
      Hannah Vinton                     Singer
      Hans Olson                        Musician
      Harold Austin                     Musician
      Harold Morrison                   Musician
      Harold Ray Brown                  Musician
      Harold Reid                       Singer
      Harold Rome                       Composer
      Harold Winley                     Singer
      Harry Babbitt                     Singer
      Harry Compton                     Singer
      Harry Goodman                     Musician
      Harry Hepcat                      Singer
      Harry James                       Bandleader
      Harry Mills                       Singer
      Harry Ruby                        Songwriter
      Harry von Zell                    Singer
      Harry Warren                      Composer
      Harry Wayne "K.C." Casey          Singer
      Haskell McCormick                 Musician
      Hasmik Papian                     Singer
      Hattie Belle Ladd                 Singer
      Hawkshaw Hawkins                  Singer
      Hazel Bruce                       Singer
      Hazel O'Connor                    Singer
      Heavy D                           Singer
      Helen Forrest                     Singer
      Helen O'Connell                   Singer
      Helen Reddy                       Singer
      Helen Yorke                       Singer
      Helena Morrill                    Singer
      Henry "Butch" Stone               Singer
      Henry "Homer" Haynes              Musician
      Henry Hadley                      Composer
      Henry Mancini                     Composer
      Henry Rollins                     Singer
      Henson Cargill                    Singer
      Herb Alpert                       Musician
      Herb Reed                         Singer
      Herb Wiese                        Musician
      Herbert Mills                     Singer
      Herbie Hancock                    Musician
      Hilda Ohlin                       Singer
      Hilde Reggiani                    Singer
      Hildegarde                        Singer
      Hobie Hubbard                     Musician
      Holger Czukay                     Musician
      Holly Lipton                      Singer
      Howard Bellamy                    Singer
      Howard E. Scott                   Musician
      Hoyt Hawkins                      Singer
      Hubert Ann Kelley                 Singer
      Hubert Davis                      Musician
      Hunter Hayes                      Singer
      Ike Turner                        Musician
      Illinois Jacquet                  Musician
      Imre Pallo                        Conductor
      Ingrid Michaelson                 Singer
      Inspectah Deck                    Singer
      Ira Gershwin                      Songwriter
      Irene Jonani                      Singer
      Irl Allison                       Musician
      Irlene Mandrell                   Singer
      Irving Aaronson                   Bandleader
      Irving Berlin                     Composer
      Irving Caesar                     Songwriter
      Isaac Hayes                       Singer
      Isaac Slade                       Singer
      Isaac Stern                       Musician
      Ish Kabibble                      Musician
      Itzhak Perlman                    Musician
      Ivor Newton                       Musician
      J Mascis                          Singer
      J.D. Beveridge                    Singer
      Jack Anglin                       Singer
      Jack Barlow                       Singer
      Jack Beeson                       Composer
      Jack Gottlieb                     Composer
      Jack Greene                       Singer
      Jack Haskell                      Singer
      Jack Jones                        Singer
      Jack Leonard                      Singer
      Jack Marlin                       Musician
      Jack Reno                         Singer
      Jack Ward                         Singer
      Jackie DeShannon                  Singer
      Jackie Wilson                     Singer
      Jackson Browne                    Singer
      Jacob "Papa Jac" Assunto          Musician
      Jaime Laredo                      Conductor
      James Baker                       Musician
      James Brown                       Singer
      James Conlon                      Conductor
      James Cotton                      Singer
      James Darren                      Singer
      James Fearnley                    Musician
      James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett      Musician
      James Levine                      Conductor
      James Lowe                        Singer
      James Marvell                     Singer
      James Monroe                      Singer
      James Taylor                      Singer
      Jamey Ryan                        Singer
      Jamie O'Hara                      Singer
      Jan Peerce                        Singer
      Jane Morgan                       Singer
      Janet Baker                       Singer
      Janet Jackson                     Singer
      Janet Lennon                      Singer
      Janet Vogel                       Singer
      Janice Moudry                     Singer
      Janie Fricke                      Singer
      Janis Ian                         Songwriter
      Janis Joplin                      Singer
      Jascha Heifetz                    Musician
      Jason Wade                        Singer
      Jay Black                         Singer
      Jay Ferguson                      Singer
      Jean Sablon                       Singer
      Jean Shepard                      Singer
      Jean Valli                        Singer
      Jean-Luc Ponty                    Musician
      Jeanette Jurado                   Singer
      Jeanne Jomelli                    Singer
      Jeanne Pruett                     Singer
      Jeannie C. Riley                  Singer
      Jeannie Kendall                   Singer
      Jeannie Seely                     Singer
      Jeff Ament                        Musician
      Jeff Tweedy                       Singer
      Jeffrey Osborne                   Singer
      Jenna McDougall                   Singer
      Jennifer Deibler                  Singer
      Jennifer Holliday                 Singer
      Jennifer Nettles                  Singer
      Jeno Donath                       Conductor
      Jerome Hines                      Singer
      Jerry "Iceman" Butler             Singer
      Jerry Allison                     Musician
      Jerry Byrd                        Musician
      Jerry Flowers                     Musician
      Jerry Foster                      Songwriter
      Jerry Garcia                      Musician
      Jerry Herman                      Composer
      Jerry Leoni                       Musician
      Jerry Metcalf                     Singer
      Jerry Naylor                      Singer
      Jerry Vale                        Singer
      Jesse McReynolds                  Musician
      Jesse Valenzuela                  Singer
      Jessi Colter                      Singer
      Jessica Dragonette                Singer
      Jewel Akens                       Singer
      Jill Corey                        Singer
      Jim E. Perry                      Singer
      Jim Glaser                        Singer
      Jim Hurley                        Musician
      Jim Lowe                          Singer
      Jim McCarthy                      Musician
      Jim Scholten                      Musician
      Jim Seals                         Singer
      Jim Stafford                      Singer
      Jim Ward                          Musician
      Jimmie Davis                      Singer
      Jimmie Harris                     Singer
      Jimmie Peters                     Singer
      Jimmie Rodgers                    Singer
      Jimmie Ross                       Musician
      Jimmy Beaumont                    Singer
      Jimmy C. Newman                   Singer
      Jimmy Castor                      Singer
      Jimmy Dean                        Singer
      Jimmy Dorsey                      Bandleader
      Jimmy Driftwood                   Songwriter
      Jimmy Dunn                        Musician
      Jimmy Martin                      Musician
      Jimmy Martin Jr.                  Singer
      Jimmy Noll                        Singer
      Jimmy Page                        Musician
      Jimmy Wakely                      Singer
      Jimmy Webb                        Singer
      Jo Stafford                       Singer
      Joan Edwards                      Singer
      Joan Sutherland                   Singer
      Joan Weber                        Singer
      Joe Ames                          Singer
      Joe B. Mauldin                    Musician
      Joe Bennet                        Singer
      Joe Bonsall                       Singer
      Joe Butler                        Musician
      Joe Cocker                        Singer
      Joe Correro Jr.                   Musician
      Joe Diffie                        Singer
      Joe E. Lewis                      Singer
      Joe Edwards                       Musician
      Joe English                       Singer
      Joe Esposito                      Singer
      Joe Jackson                       Singer
      Joe Jonas                         Singer
      Joe Maphis                        Musician
      Joe Perry                         Musician
      Joe Stampley                      Singer
      Joe Termini                       Musician
      Joe Walsh                         Singer
      Joe Williams                      Musician
      Joel Kosche                       Musician
      Joel Larson                       Musician
      Joey Heatherton                   Singer
      Johann Kubelik                    Musician
      John "Jocko" Marcellino           Musician
      John Amadio                       Musician
      John Anderson                     Singer
      John Bonham                       Musician
      John Cage                         Composer
      John Dankworth                    Musician
      John David Call                   Musician
      John Deacon                       Musician
      John Denver                       Singer
      John Eriksson                     Musician
      John Farmer                       Musician
      John Friesen                      Musician
      John Gallagher Jr.                Singer
      John Ike Walton                   Musician
      John Kipper Wallace               Singer
      John Lennon                       Singer
      John Mayall                       Singer
      John McCormack                    Singer
      John McFee                        Musician
      John McNally                      Musician
      John Mellencamp                   Singer
      John Michael Montgomery           Singer
      John Ogdon                        Musician
      John Philip Sousa                 Composer
      John Pritchard                    Conductor
      John Reardon                      Singer
      John Rzeznik                      Singer
      John Sebastian                    Singer
      John Vesely                       Singer
      John Weicher                      Conductor
      John Wicks                        Singer
      Johnnie Bolin                     Musician
      Johnnie Ray                       Singer
      Johnny "Bee" Badanjek             Musician
      Johnny "Country" Mathis           Singer
      Johnny Carver                     Singer
      Johnny Cash                       Singer
      Johnny Desmond                    Singer
      Johnny Duncan                     Singer
      Johnny Green                      Composer
      Johnny Griffin III                Musician
      Johnny Johnson                    Musician
      Johnny Maddox                     Musician
      Johnny Maestro                    Singer
      Johnny Mann                       Bandleader
      Johnny Mathis                     Singer
      Johnny Mercer                     Songwriter
      Johnny Paycheck                   Singer
      Johnny Rivers                     Singer
      Johnny Rodriguez                  Singer
      Johnny Russell                    Singer
      Johnny Slate                      Songwriter
      Johnny Tillotson                  Singer
      Johnny Wright                     Singer
      Jon Bauman                        Singer
      Jon Larsen                        Musician
      Jon Secada                        Singer
      Joni James                        Singer
      Jonny Lang                        Musician
      Jordan Witzigreuter               Singer
      Jose Carreras                     Singer
      Jose Feliciano                    Singer
      Jose Iturbi                       Musician
      Josef Hofmann                     Musician
      Joseph Regneas                    Singer
      Josephine Baker                   Singer
      Joshua D. Horwood                 Musician
      Joyce Bryant                      Singer
      Joyce Castle                      Singer
      Joyce Vincent Wilson              Singer
      Juan Pons                         Singer
      Judith Blegen                     Singer
      Judson House                      Singer
      Judy Collins                      Singer
      Judy Kester                       Singer
      Jule Styne                        Songwriter
      Jules Benedict                    Composer
      Julian "Junior" Mance             Musician
      Julian Lennon                     Singer
      Julie Budd                        Singer
      Julieta Venegas                   Singer
      Julio Iglesias                    Singer
      Julius La Rosa                    Singer
      June Carter Cash                  Singer
      June Christy                      Singer
      June Pointer                      Singer
      Junior Brown                      Musician
      Junior Marvin                     Musician
      Justin Meldal-Johnsen             Musician
      Justin Vernon                     Singer
      k.d. lang                         Singer
      K.T. Oslin                        Singer
      Karen Chandler                    Singer
      Karen Tedder                      Singer
      Karl Bohm                         Conductor
      Karl Krueger                      Conductor
      Karl Russell                      Singer
      Karon Kate Blackwell              Singer
      Kasey Campbell                    Singer
      Kate Condon                       Singer
      Kate Smith                        Singer
      Katherine Fleming                 Singer
      Kathy Lennon                      Singer
      Kathy Mattea                      Singer
      Kay Austin                        Singer
      Kay Kyser                         Bandleader
      Kay Starr                         Singer
      Keely Smith                       Singer
      Keith Emerson                     Musician
      Keith Hopwood                     Musician
      Keith Knudsen                     Musician
      Keith Moon                        Musician
      Keith Richards                    Musician
      Kelly McCormick                   Musician
      Ken Carson                        Singer
      Ken McKenney                      Musician
      Ken Williams                      Musician
      Kenneth "Jethro" Burns            Musician
      Kenny Bridges                     Singer
      Kenny G                           Musician
      Kenny Loggins                     Singer
      Kenny Price                       Singer
      Kenny Rogers                      Singer
      Kenny Starr                       Singer
      Kevin DuBrow                      Singer
      Kim Carnes                        Singer
      Kimberly Perry                    Singer
      Kinky Friedman                    Singer
      Kitty Kallen                      Singer
      Kitty Wells                       Singer
      Kool Moe Dee                      Singer
      Kris Kristofferson                Singer
      Kristen Hall                      Singer
      Kristian Bush                     Singer
      Kristin Chenoweth                 Singer
      Kurt Masur                        Conductor
      Kyle Gass                         Musician
      L. Wolfe Gilbert                  Songwriter
      LaCosta                           Singer
      Lacy J. Dalton                    Singer
      Ladyhawke                         Singer
      Lalo Schifrin                     Composer
      Lani Hall                         Singer
      Lark Taylor                       Singer
      Larry Adler                       Musician
      Larry Boone                       Singer
      Larry Elgart                      Bandleader
      Larry Gatlin                      Singer
      Larry Goshorn                     Singer
      Larry Graham                      Musician
      Larry Groce                       Singer
      Larry Hart                        Singer
      Larry Johnson                     Musician
      Larry Lynch                       Musician
      Lauritz Melchior                  Singer
      LaWanda Lindsey                   Singer
      Lawrence Tibbett                  Singer
      Lawrence Welk                     Bandleader
      Leanne "Lelee" Lyons              Singer
      Lee "Scratch" Perry               Musician
      Lee Keifer                        Singer
      Lee Oskar                         Musician
      Leif Garrett                      Singer
      Len Garry                         Musician
      Lena Horne                        Singer
      Lena Mason                        Singer
      Lenka                             Singer
      Lenny Dee                         Musician
      Lenny Welch                       Singer
      Leo Diamond                       Singer
      Leon Bibb                         Singer
      Leon McAuliffe                    Musician
      Leon Stein                        Composer
      Leon Ware                         Singer
      Leona Williams                    Singer
      Leonard Bernstein                 Composer
      Leopold Teraspulsky               Musician
      Leroy Van Dyke                    Singer
      Les Brown                         Bandleader
      Les Chadwick                      Musician
      Les Maguire                       Musician
      Les Paul                          Musician
      Lesley Gore                       Singer
      Leslie Bassett                    Composer
      Leslie Uggams                     Singer
      Leslie West                       Musician
      Leslie Wilson                     Singer
      Leslie Woodgate                   Conductor
      Lester Ferguson                   Singer
      Lester Flatt                      Musician
      Lew DeWitt                        Singer
      Liberace                          Musician
      Lilo                              Singer
      Lina Romay                        Singer
      Linda Clifford                    Singer
      Linda Eder                        Singer
      Linda Ronstadt                    Singer
      Lindsey Buckingham                Musician
      Lionel Hampton                    Bandleader
      Lisa Kirk                         Singer
      Lisa Loeb                         Singer
      Lisa Roma                         Singer
      Lita Loma                         Singer
      Little Anthony                    Singer
      Little Eva                        Singer
      Liv Jagrell                       Singer
      Liz Boardo                        Singer
      Liz Phair                         Singer
      Liza Minnelli                     Singer
      Lloyd Perryman                    Musician
      Lois Johnson                      Singer
      Londee Loren                      Singer
      Lonnie Jordan                     Musician
      Lorene Mann                       Singer
      Loretta Lee                       Singer
      Loretta Lynn                      Singer
      Lorin Hollander                   Musician
      Lorrie Morgan                     Singer
      Lou Barlow                        Musician
      Lou Rawls                         Singer
      Lou Reed                          Singer
      Lou Silvestri                     Singer
      Louie Bellson                     Musician
      Louie Perez                       Musician
      Louie Roberts                     Singer
      Louis Armstrong                   Singer
      Louis Kentner                     Musician
      Louis Sgarro                      Singer
      Louise Allen                      Singer
      Louise Mandrell                   Singer
      Lu Ann Simms                      Singer
      Luigi Lablache                    Singer
      Luis Lima                         Singer
      Lulu Belle Wiseman                Singer
      Lulu Roman                        Singer
      Lurlean Hunter                    Singer
      Luther Vandross                   Singer
      Lyell Barbour                     Musician
      Lyle Lovett                       Singer
      Lynn Anderson                     Singer
      Mabel Graham                      Singer
      Mabel Wheeler Daniels             Composer
      Mac Davis                         Singer
      Mac Wiseman                       Singer
      Madonna                           Singer
      Mae Craven                        Singer
      Major Short                       Musician
      Mama Cass Elliot                  Singer
      Mantovani                         Conductor
      Marc Anthony                      Singer
      Marcel Le Bon                     Singer
      Marco "Maus" Biazzi               Musician
      Marco Coti-Zelati                 Musician
      Marco King                        Singer
      Margaret Whiting                  Singer
      Margo Smith                       Singer
      Margo Timmins                     Singer
      Marguerite Fish                   Singer
      Marguerite Piazza                 Singer
      Maria Cole                        Singer
      Mariah Carey                      Singer
      Marian Anderson                   Singer
      Marian Green                      Singer
      Marie Hall                        Musician
      Marie Osmond                      Singer
      Marilyn Bergman                   Composer
      Marilyn Horne                     Singer
      Marilyn McCoo                     Singer
      Marilyn Sellars                   Singer
      Mario Lanza                       Singer
      Marion Marlowe                    Singer
      Marion Morgan                     Singer
      Marion Talley                     Singer
      Mark Chesnutt                     Singer
      Mark Holmes                       Singer
      Mark Hudson                       Musician
      Mark McGrath                      Singer
      Mark Oswald                       Singer
      Mark Stein                        Singer
      Mark Tulin                        Musician
      Mark Wahlberg                     Singer
      Mark Warnow                       Conductor
      Marky Ramone                      Musician
      Marlowe Murray                    Singer
      Marta Wittkowska                  Singer
      Martha Carson                     Singer
      Martha Davis                      Singer
      Martha Raye                       Singer
      Martha Reeves                     Singer
      Martha Tilton                     Singer
      Martina McBride                   Singer
      Marty Balin                       Singer
      Marty Robbins Jr.                 Singer
      Marty Stuart                      Singer
      Marvin Hamlisch                   Composer
      Mary Ford                         Singer
      Mary Hopkin                       Singer
      Mary Lou Turner                   Singer
      Mary Travers                      Singer
      Mary Wilson                       Singer
      Mason Williams                    Musician
      Matisyahu                         Singer
      Matt Dennis                       Singer
      Matt Sorum                        Musician
      Matt Walst                        Singer
      Maud Powell                       Musician
      Maureen McGovern                  Singer
      Maurice Chevalier                 Singer
      Mauricio Kagel                    Conductor
      Max Green                         Musician
      Maxine Brown                      Singer
      MC Hammer                         Singer
      Mel Street                        Singer
      Mel Tillis                        Singer
      Mel Torme                         Singer
      Melba Moore                       Singer
      Melissa Manchester                Singer
      Merle Haggard                     Singer
      Merle Travis                      Singer
      Merrell Fankhauser                Singer
      Michael Boggs                     Singer
      Michael Card                      Singer
      Michael Connor                    Musician
      Michael Crawford                  Singer
      Michael Feinstein                 Singer
      Michael Jackson                   Singer
      Michael McDonald                  Singer
      Michael Pedicin Jr.               Musician
      Michael Poulsen                   Singer
      Michael Reilly                    Musician
      Michael Stipe                     Singer
      Michael Stuart-Ware               Musician
      Michel Legrand                    Composer
      Michelle Phillips                 Singer
      Michelle Wright                   Singer
      Mick Fleetwood                    Musician
      Mick Hucknall                     Singer
      Mick Jagger                       Singer
      Mickey Gilley                     Singer
      Mickey Jones                      Musician
      Mickey Newbury                    Singer
      Micki Marlo                       Singer
      Micky Dolenz                      Musician
      Mignon Dunn                       Singer
      Mike Gordon                       Musician
      Mike Hossack                      Musician
      Mike Kitlas                       Musician
      Mike Seeger                       Singer
      Mike Stern                        Musician
      Mike Timmins                      Musician
      Milton DeLugg                     Composer
      Milton Slasser                    Musician
      Mimi Farina                       Singer
      Mindy Carson                      Singer
      Miri Milman                       Singer
      Missy Higgins                     Singer
      Mitch Miller                      Conductor
      Miyoshi Umeki                     Singer
      Moe Bandy                         Singer
      Monica Lewis                      Singer
      Monica Mancini                    Singer
      Moon Zappa                        Musician
      Morton Downey                     Singer
      Morton Gould                      Composer
      Muggsy Spanier                    Musician
      Myles Kennedy                     Singer
      Myra Hess                         Musician
      Myron Whitney                     Singer
      Nadia Boulanger                   Composer
      Nancy Sinatra                     Singer
      Nancy Wilson                      Musician
      Nancy Wilson                      Singer
      Naomi Judd                        Singer
      Nat King Cole                     Singer
      Nat Stuckey                       Singer
      Natalie Cole                      Singer
      Nathan Davis                      Musician
      Neal Matthews                     Singer
      Neal McCoy                        Singer
      Ned Rorem                         Composer
      Nedda Casei                       Singer
      Neil Diamond                      Singer
      Neil Sedaka                       Singer
      Nelson Eddy                       Singer
      Nelson Riddle                     Bandleader
      Neon Hitch                        Singer
      Nestor Torres                     Musician
      Nick Fortuna                      Musician
      Nick Gilder                       Singer
      Nick Jonas                        Singer
      Nickolas Ashford                  Singer
      Niclas Engelin                    Musician
      Nicolas Slonimsky                 Composer
      Nina Beilina                      Musician
      Nino Tempo                        Singer
      Nora Bayes                        Singer
      Norm Ray                          Musician
      Norma Jean                        Singer
      Norman Greenbaum                  Singer
      Norman Kelley                     Singer
      O.B. McClinton                    Singer
      Odetta                            Singer
      Olaf Bar                          Singer
      Oleta Adams                       Singer
      Olga Borodina                     Singer
      Olivia Newton-John                Singer
      Omar Rodriguez-Lopez              Musician
      Orville Knapp                     Musician
      P.J. Powers                       Singer
      Pablo Elvira                      Singer
      Page McConnell                    Musician
      Panama Francis                    Musician
      Pat Benatar                       Singer
      Pat Boone                         Singer
      Pat Daisy                         Singer
      Pat Roberts                       Singer
      Patachou                          Singer
      Patrice Munsel                    Singer
      Patricia Racette                  Singer
      Patrick Dahlheimer                Musician
      Patrick Simmons                   Singer
      Patsy Cline                       Singer
      Patsy Clinger                     Singer
      Patsy Lynn                        Singer
      Patsy Sledd                       Singer
      Patti Austin                      Singer
      Patti LaBelle                     Singer
      Patti Page                        Singer
      Patty Loveless                    Singer
      Paul Anka                         Singer
      Paul Desmond                      Musician
      Paul Drach                        Conductor
      Paul McCartney                    Singer
      Paul Oakenfold                    Musician
      Paul Simon                        Singer
      Paul Stookey                      Singer
      Paul Volkman                      Singer
      Paul Weston                       Musician
      Paul Wheatbread                   Musician
      Pearl Bailey                      Singer
      Pee Wee Davis                     Musician
      Pee Wee King                      Singer
      Peggy Clinger                     Singer
      Peggy Lee                         Singer
      Peggy Lennon                      Singer
      Peggy Little                      Singer
      Peggy Sue Webb                    Singer
      Percival B. Kahn                  Composer
      Percy Faith                       Bandleader
      Perez Prado                       Bandleader
      Perri "Pebbles" Reid              Singer
      Perry Como                        Singer
      Perry Rhodes                      Singer
      Pete Best                         Musician
      Pete Fountain                     Musician
      Pete Seeger                       Singer
      Pete Yorn                         Singer
      Peter Beckett                     Singer
      Peter Duchin                      Bandleader
      Peter Hook                        Musician
      Peter Iwers                       Musician
      Peter Mennin                      Composer
      Peter Moren                       Singer
      Peter Nero                        Musician
      Peter Noone                       Singer
      Peter Rivera                      Musician
      Peter Schickele                   Composer
      Peter Timmins                     Musician
      Peter Tork                        Musician
      Peter Yarrow                      Singer
      Petula Clark                      Singer
      Phil Balsley                      Singer
      Phil Brown                        Musician
      Phil Campbell                     Musician
      Phil Harris                       Bandleader
      Phil Levant                       Bandleader
      Phil Ramone                       Musician
      Phil Spector                      Producer
      Phil York                         Producer
      Phillip Ens                       Singer
      Pierre-Alain Dahan                Musician
      Pinchas Zukerman                  Musician
      Pinetop Perkins                   Musician
      Placido Domingo                   Singer
      Porter Wagoner                    Singer
      Preston Ritter                    Musician
      Prince                            Singer
      Pupi Campo                        Bandleader
      Queena Mario Tillotson            Singer
      Quincy Jones                      Producer
      Radu Lupu                         Musician
      Raekwon                           Singer
      Raffi                             Singer
      Ralna English                     Singer
      Ralph Marterie                    Bandleader
      Ramona Jones                      Singer
      Ramsey Lewis                      Composer
      Randy Bachman                     Singer
      Randy Guss                        Musician
      Randy Jones                       Singer
      Randy Meisner                     Musician
      Randy Newman                      Singer
      Randy Travis                      Singer
      Randy VanWarmer                   Musician
      Ranger Doug                       Singer
      Raoul Cita                        Musician
      Ray Anthony                       Bandleader
      Ray Charles                       Singer
      Ray Conniff                       Bandleader
      Ray Edenton                       Musician
      Ray Griff                         Singer
      Ray Martin                        Musician
      Ray McKinley                      Bandleader
      Ray Price                         Singer
      Ray Sinatra                       Bandleader
      Ray Stevens                       Singer
      Ray Walker                        Singer
      Raymond "Mundo" Earwood           Singer
      Razzy Bailey                      Singer
      Reba McEntire                     Singer
      Red Lane                          Songwriter
      Red Steagall                      Singer
      Redd Stewart                      Songwriter
      Regina Leigh                      Singer
      Regina Resnik                     Singer
      Reginald Dixon                    Musician
      Reginald New                      Musician
      Reid Perry                        Musician
      Renata Tebaldi                    Singer
      Rex Allen                         Singer
      Rex Allen Jr.                     Singer
      Rex Gosdin                        Singer
      Rex Parker                        Singer
      Rexana Champ                      Singer
      Rhonda Heath                      Singer
      Ricardo Rosario                   Singer
      Riccardo Muti                     Conductor
      Richard Adler                     Composer
      Richard Band                      Composer
      Richard Bonelli                   Singer
      Richard Bonynge                   Conductor
      Richard Crooks                    Singer
      Richard Patrick                   Singer
      Richard Rodgers                   Composer
      Richard Sterban                   Singer
      Richard Thompson                  Musician
      Richard Williams                  Musician
      Richard Woitach                   Conductor
      Richie Havens                     Singer
      Rick Coonce                       Musician
      Rick Dees                         Songwriter
      Rick Nielsen                      Musician
      Rick Wakeman                      Musician
      Rick Woolstenhulme Jr.            Musician
      Ricky Skaggs                      Singer
      Ricky Van Shelton                 Singer
      Rise Stevens                      Singer
      Rita Coolidge                     Singer
      Rob Base                          Singer
      Rob Dickinson                     Singer
      Rob Grill                         Singer
      Rob Zombie                        Singer
      Robbie Robertson                  Singer
      Robert Armbruster                 Composer
      Robert Casadesus                  Composer
      Robert Eberly                     Singer
      Robert Goulet                     Singer
      Robert Merrill                    Singer
      Robert Plant                      Singer
      Robert Shaw                       Conductor
      Robert Ward                       Composer
      Robert Wilson                     Musician
      Roberta Flack                     Singer
      Roberta Peters                    Singer
      Roberta Sherwood                  Singer
      Robin Lane                        Singer
      Rod Bernard                       Singer
      Rod Davis                         Musician
      Rod McKuen                        Singer
      Rodrigo Sanchez                   Musician
      Roger Daltrey                     Singer
      Roger Earl                        Musician
      Roger Glover                      Musician
      Roger Hall                        Singer
      Roger McGuinn                     Singer
      Roger Miller                      Singer
      Roger Taylor                      Musician
      Roky Erickson                     Musician
      Roland Hayes                      Singer
      Roland White                      Musician
      Ron Bushy                         Musician
      Ron Reace                         Singer
      Roni Stoneman                     Musician
      Ronnie Milsap                     Singer
      Ronnie Prevette                   Musician
      Ronnie Prophet                    Musician
      Ronnie Wilson                     Singer
      Rosa Ponselle                     Singer
      Rosalyn Tureck                    Musician
      Rosanne Cash                      Singer
      Rosario "Sod" Vaccaro             Singer
      Rose Lee Maphis                   Singer
      Rose Relda                        Singer
      Rosemary Clooney                  Singer
      Rosetta Pampanini                 Singer
      Ross Barbour                      Singer
      Rouvaun                           Singer
      Roy Acuff                         Singer
      Roy Clark                         Musician
      Roy Drusky                        Singer
      Roy Eaton                         Musician
      Roy Hamilton                      Singer
      Roy Orbison                       Singer
      Roy Rogers                        Singer
      Royce Kendall                     Singer
      Rudy Romero                       Musician
      Rudy Vallee                       Singer
      Rufus Thomas                      Singer
      Russ Morgan                       Bandleader
      Russell Arms                      Singer
      Rusty Draper                      Singer
      Ryan Ogren                        Singer
      Ryland Davies                     Singer
      Sade                              Singer
      Sal Costa                         Musician
      Sam The Sham                      Singer
      Sameer Gadhia                     Singer
      Sammi Smith                       Singer
      Sammy Cahn                        Songwriter
      Sammy Davis Jr.                   Singer
      Sammy Fain                        Composer
      Sammy Kaye                        Bandleader
      Sammy Kershaw                     Singer
      Sandi Patti                       Singer
      Sandy MacPherson                  Musician
      Sarah Brightman                   Singer
      Sarah McLachlan                   Singer
      Sarah Vaughan                     Singer
      Saul Striks                       Musician
      Sauver Mallia                     Musician
      Scott Ian                         Musician
      Scott Weiland                     Singer
      Scotty Emerick                    Singer
      Scotty Moore                      Musician
      Seal                              Singer
      Sean Greaves                      Musician
      Sergei Leiferkus                  Singer
      Sergei Rachmaninoff               Musician
      Sergio Mendes                     Musician
      Shawn Camp                        Singer
      Shawn Smith                       Singer
      Sheena Easton                     Singer
      Sheila Hutchinson-Whitt           Singer
      Shelby Davis                      Musician
      Shelly West                       Singer
      Shep Fields                       Bandleader
      Sherry Bryce                      Singer
      Sheryl Crow                       Singer
      Shirlee Beatrice Wheeler          Singer
      Shirley Brewer                    Singer
      Shirley Eikhard                   Singer
      Sia                               Singer
      Sierra Kusterbeck                 Singer
      Sigrid Ekkehard                   Singer
      Silvis Garavelli                  Singer
      Simon Kirke                       Musician
      Sinead Mulhern                    Singer
      Sir Alfred Herbert Brewer         Conductor
      Sir Alfred Scott-Gatty            Composer
      Sir Charles Halle                 Conductor
      Sir Donald Francis Tovey          Composer
      Sir Georg Solti                   Conductor
      Sir George Martin                 Producer
      Sir Peter Maxwell Davies          Conductor
      Sir Roger Norrington              Conductor
      Sir Stanley Marchant              Musician
      Sixten Ehrling                    Conductor
      Skeeter Davis                     Singer
      Skip Ewing                        Singer
      Skitch Henderson                  Composer
      Slade Echeverria                  Singer
      Slick Aguilar                     Musician
      Slick Rick                        Singer
      Slim Pezin                        Musician
      Slug                              Singer
      Smokey Robinson                   Singer
      Snuffy Miller                     Musician
      Sofia Charlebois                  Singer
      Somethin' Smith                   Singer
      Sonny Bono                        Singer
      Sonny Hatchett                    Singer
      Sonny James                       Singer
      Sonny Osborne                     Musician
      Sonny West                        Singer
      Sonny Wright                      Singer
      Sophie Tucker                     Singer
      Soulima Stravinsky                Musician
      Sports Lewis                      Musician
      St. Clair Lee                     Singer
      Stan Hitchcock                    Singer
      Stan Kenton                       Bandleader
      Stanley Clarke                    Musician
      Stephen Bishop                    Singer
      Stephen Flaherty                  Composer
      Stephen Sondheim                  Composer
      Stephen Stills                    Singer
      Steve Boone                       Musician
      Steve Gatlin                      Singer
      Steve Lawrence                    Singer
      Steve Martin                      Musician
      Steve Miller                      Singer
      Steve Perry                       Singer
      Steve Sanders                     Singer
      Steve Wright                      Musician
      Stevie Ray Vaughan                Singer
      Sting                             Singer
      Stonewall Jackson                 Singer
      Stu Hamm                          Musician
      Sue Richards                      Singer
      Sunny Gale                        Singer
      Susan Raye                        Singer
      Suzie "Zenda" Jacks               Singer
      Suzy Bogguss                      Singer
      Sybil Richardson                  Singer
      Sylvester Wiese                   Composer
      Sylvia                            Singer
      Sylvia Syms                       Singer
      Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George       Singer
      Tammy Wynette                     Singer
      Tanya Tucker                      Singer
      Ted Bluechel Jr.                  Musician
      Ted Lewis                         Bandleader
      Ted Weems                         Bandleader
      Teddy Joyce                       Bandleader
      Teddy Pendergrass                 Singer
      Teddy Wilburn                     Singer
      Teddy Wilson                      Musician
      Telma Hopkins                     Singer
      Tennessee Ernie Ford              Singer
      Teresa Brewer                     Singer
      Teresa Carreno                    Musician
      Terry Cashman                     Producer
      Tex "Cousin Jody" Summey          Musician
      Tex Beneke                        Bandleader
      Tex Ritter                        Singer
      Texas Bill Strength               Singer
      Theodore Bikel                    Singer
      Therese Tietjens                  Singer
      Thomas Dolby                      Singer
      Thomas Tipton                     Singer
      Thurston Moore                    Singer
      Tim McIlrath                      Singer
      Timothy B. Schmit                 Musician
      Tina Turner                       Singer
      Tina Weymouth                     Musician
      Tito Gobbi                        Singer
      Tito Guizar                       Singer
      Todd Nichols                      Musician
      Tom "Fats" Howard                 Musician
      Tom Clare                         Singer
      Tom Compton                       Singer
      Tom Johnston                      Musician
      Tom Jones                         Singer
      Tom Petersson                     Musician
      Tom T. Hall                       Singer
      Tom Wopat                         Singer
      Tomata du Plenty                  Singer
      Tommy Dorsey                      Bandleader
      Tommy Doss                        Musician
      Tommy Gear                        Musician
      Tommy Jackson                     Musician
      Tommy Ramone                      Musician
      Tone Loc                          Singer
      Toni Arden                        Singer
      Toni Tennille                     Singer
      Tony Bennett                      Singer
      Tony Booth                        Singer
      Tony Farr                         Musician
      Tony Martin                       Singer
      Tony Messina                      Singer
      Tony Orlando                      Singer
      Tony Pastor                       Bandleader
      Tony Rich                         Singer
      Tony Sandler                      Singer
      Tony Sheridan                     Singer
      Tori Amos                         Singer
      Tracy Lawrence                    Singer
      Travie McCoy                      Singer
      Trevor Rabin                      Musician
      Trey Anastasio                    Singer
      Trini Lopez                       Singer
      Trisha Yearwood                   Singer
      Troy Seals                        Singer
      Tyler Wilkinson                   Singer
      Valerie Masterson                 Singer
      Valerie Simpson                   Singer
      Vaughn Monroe                     Singer
      Velvet Williams                   Musician
      Vera Lynn                         Singer
      Vera Van                          Singer
      Vernon Derrick                    Musician
      Vic Ames                          Singer
      Vic Damone                        Singer
      Vic Dana                          Singer
      Vic Jordan                        Musician
      Vicky Autier                      Singer
      Victor Kolar                      Composer
      Vikki Carr                        Singer
      Vince Gill                        Singer
      Vince Martell                     Musician
      Vincent Lopez                     Bandleader
      Virgil Thomson                    Composer
      Vivian Tate                       Musician
      Vladimir Chernov                  Singer
      Wade Jackson                      Singer
      Walter Damrosch                   Composer
      Walter Midgley                    Singer
      Wanda Hutchinson                  Singer
      Warner Mack                       Singer
      Warren Entner                     Singer
      Warren Haynes                     Musician
      Waylon Jennings                   Singer
      Wayne County                      Singer
      Wayne Coyne                       Singer
      Wayne Jackson                     Musician
      Wayne Newton                      Singer
      Wayne Static                      Singer
      Webb Pierce                       Singer
      Wendy Thatcher                    Singer
      Whitney Houston                   Singer
      Will Turpin                       Musician
      Willard Robison                   Composer
      Willem van Hoogstraten            Composer
      William "Wak" King                Musician
      William Bolcom                    Composer
      William Harness                   Singer
      William Schuman                   Composer
      William Shatner                   Singer
      Willie "Too Big" Hall             Musician
      Willie Nelson                     Singer
      Willie Winfield                   Singer
      Wilma Lee Cooper                  Singer
      Winifred Atwell                   Musician
      Wolfgang Sawallisch               Conductor
      Woody Herman                      Musician
      Wynton Marsalis                   Musician
      X Lincoln                         Musician
      Xavier Cugat                      Bandleader
      Ximena Sarinana                   Singer
      Yael Naim                         Singer
      Yana                              Singer
      Yip Harburg                       Songwriter
      Yoko Ono                          Singer
      Yoshimi Takeda                    Conductor
      Yvonne Elliman                    Singer
      Yvonne Minton                     Singer
      Yvonne Nael                       Singer
      Zadel Skolovsky                   Musician
      Zal Yanovsky                      Musician
      Zdenek Macal                      Conductor
      Zehava Gal                        Singer
      Zelia Trebelli-Bettini            Singer
      Zoe Fulton                        Singer

   Dual Cut Signatures

      7L / Esoteric                                            7L & Esoteric
      Al Alberts / Dave Mahoney, Lou Silvestri, "Sod" Vaccaro  The Four Aces
      Billy Eckstine / Cab Calloway
      Bing Crosby / Rosemary Clooney
      Brenda Lee / Bobby Goldsboro
      Cab Calloway / Louis Armstrong
      Charlie Waller / Bill Emerson, Doyle Lawson              The Country Gentlemen
      Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly / Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith        Kris Kross
      Chuck Mangione / Dizzy Gillespie
      Connie Francis / Brenda Lee
      Connie Francis / Neil Sedaka
      David Bellamy / Howard Bellamy                           The Bellamy Brothers
      Debby Boone / Pat Boone
      Don Gibson / Donna Fargo
      Eddie Fisher / Debbie Reynolds
      Ella Fitzgerald / Sarah Vaughan
      Emmylou Harris / John Denver
      Enoch Sullivan / Margie Sullivan, Emmett Sullivan        The Sullivan Family
      Ernest Tubb / Cal Smith
      Gene Autry / Roy Rogers
      Glen Campbell / Tanya Tucker
      Grace Slick / Marty Balin                                Jefferson Airplane
      Henry Rollins / Greg Ginn                                Black Flag
      Ishtar, Antonio Contreras / Coco, Ramon Compas           Alabina
      Jeanne Napoli / Barbara Glasson                          Napoli & Glasson
      Jerry Allison / Joe B. Mauldin                           The Crickets
      Jesse McReynolds / Jim McReynolds                        Jim and Jesse
      John Flansburgh / John Linnell                           They Might Be Giants
      Johnnie Wright / Kitty Wells                             DUAL
      Johnny Cash / June Carter Cash                           DUAL
      Jon Hager / Jim Hager                                    The Hager Twins
      Kay Starr / Tennessee Ernie Ford
      Kenny Rogers / Dolly Parton
      Les Paul / Chet Atkins
      Loretta Lynn / Crystal Gayle
      Mama Cass Elliot / Michelle Phillips                     The Mamas and Papas
      Marilyn McCoo / Billy Davis Jr.                          The Fifth Dimension
      Matt Johnson / Kim Schifino                              Matt & Kim
      Page Cavanaugh / Rod Leftwich, Jack Smalley              The Page Cavanaugh Two
      Peter Yarrow, Mary Travers / Paul Stookey                Peter, Paul and Mary
      Placido Domingo / Ezio Pinza
      Raine Maida / Jeremy Taggart, Duncan Coutts, Steve Mazur Our Lady Peace
      Redfoo / SkyBlu                                          LMFAO
      Rita Coolidge / Kris Kristofferson
      Roy Kral / Jackie Cain                                   Jackie and Roy
      Ruud Schaap / Trudy van den Berg                         Saskia & Serge
      Scott Wiseman / Myrtle Cooper                            Lulu Belle and Scotty
      Steve Lawrence / Eydie Gorme                             Steve and Eydie
      Stoney Cooper / Wilma Lee Cooper
      Tammy Wynette / George Jones
      Tom Jones / Engelbert Humperdinck
      Toni Tennille / Daryl Dragon                             Captain & Tennille

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