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My Favorite Martian
   Unstoppable Cards - 2015

Notes: The series features scenes from a limited number of episodes. It was sold as 400 
numbered boxed sets (with premium cards) or as 200 numbered boxes of the base set only. 
A preview set (see below) was released in 2014. Thanks to David Rosciszewski for assistance! 
Further information and scans are posted at the Unstoppable website.

Box: 400 numbered Hobby boxes, 12 boxes/case. 200 base-only boxes.

    No.     Scene

      1     Uncle Martin pondering
      2     Tim and Martin at landing
      3     Martin squatting in reflective suit
      4     Medieval lute
      5     Medieval tankards
      6     Zelda in gold
      7     Tim and Zelda
      8     Kid and Martin go mental
      9     Zelda and Martin go mental
     10     Family portrait
     11     Martin in suit at gate
     12     Martin in green at ship
     13     Kid on chair
     14     Jail break
     15     Tim and Zelda
     16     Tim golfing
     17     Martin in yellow chair
     18     Martin at telescope
     19     Tim and Martin with antennae
     20     Tim gazing at Martin
     21     Chess game
     22     Face time through jail bars
     23     Tim and Martin repairing ship
     24     Aiming pistol at jail guard
     25     Outside jaim holding gun barrel
     26     Formal wear kiss
     27     Hands up at jail
     28     Martin's antennae
     29     Blowing gun barrel
     30     Martin in tux patting head
     31     Martin fingertip to lip
     32     Guitar conflict
     33     Defending barbarian
     34     Martin in suit outside at night
     35     Two six-shooters
     36     Martin in gray/green suit


Printing Plate Cards (1:3 sets)

      --    (4 x base cards: cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

Sketch Cards (2:3 sets)

     SK1    Adam Cleveland
     SK1    Bruce Gerlach
     SK1    Chris Henderson
     SK1    Christopher Chamberlain
     SK1    Clinton Yeager
     SK1    Danielle Ellison
     SK1    David Day
     SK1    Elfie Lebouleux
     SK1    j(ay)
     SK1    Jason Westlake
     SK1    Jeff Abar
     SK1    Jerry Fleming
     SK1    Joe Miller
     SK1    Kevin Meinert
     SK1    Kitty-Lydia Dye
     SK1    Louise Draper
     SK1    Marcia Dye
     SK1    Nick "NIK" Neocleous
     SK1    Paul Cowan
     SK1    Rupam Gupta
     SK1    Scott Fellowes
     SK1    Solly Mohamed
     SK1    Steve Burch
     SK1    Sue Thomas
     SK1    Ted Woods
     SK1    Tom Savage
     SK1    Westley Smith

Cut Autograph Cards (1 per 3-case-deal incentive; 11 made)

 RW1-RW3    Ray Walston as Uncle Martin
 BB4-BB11   Bill Bixby as Tim O'Hara


    CP4     Promo (Captain Scarlet incentive pack)
    WEB1    Web Promo (internet exclusive)
    BLT1    USA Promo
    CCP1    (The Cyber Cellar)
    DTP1    (Derek's Trading Cards)
    EMP1    (Acme 3000)
    GGP1    (Gazzagames Trading Cards)
    MP1     (mitchy9210)
    NSP1    (
    PHP1    (Uncle Martin with round antenna; Paul Hart Cards; unreleased)
    RCP1    (Rydeclive)
    SFP1    (SciFi Cards)


    PR1     (Uncle Martin)
    PR2     (looking up)
    PR3     (formal dress)
    PR4     (gold and blue fingers up)
    PR5     (family portrait)
    PR6     (levitating sphere)

   Preview Set Promo Cards

 PR1-PR6    (printing plate cards)
 PR1-PR6    (printer proof set)

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©2014, 2016 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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