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My Little Pony Dog Tags with Trading Cards Series 2
   Enterplay - 2014

Notes: This dog-tag release adds a base set of foil trading cards.  Further information 
and scans are posted at the MLP Merch website.

Fun Packs Box: 24 packs of 1 tag + 1 card + 1 decal + checklist.

 No.    Title

Foil Trading Cards

 TC1    Princess Twilight Sparkle
 TC2    Fluttershy
 TC3    Pinkie Pie
 TC4    Rainbow Dash
 TC5    Rarity
 TC6    Applejack
 TC7    Go Team Ponyville!
 TC8    DJ Pon-3
 TC9    Octavia
 TC10   Princess Luna
 TC11   Dr. Hooves
 TC12   Sweetie Belle
 TC13   Scootaloo
 TC14   Apple Bloom
 TC15   Discord
 TC16   Princess Celestia
 TC17   Maud Pie
 TC18   Coco Pommel
 TC19   Cheese Sandwich
 TC20   Starlight Glimmer
 TC21   Tree Hugger
 TC22   The Smooze
 TC23   Lyra & Bon Bon
 TC24   Moondancer
 TC25   Minuette
 TC26   Big Mac
 TC27   Sunset Shimmer

Shaped Dog Tags

    1   Princess Twilight Sparkle
    2   Fluttershy
    3   Pinkie Pie
    4   Rainbow Dash
    5   Rarity
    6   Applejack
    7   (Untitled; Derpy Muffins)
    8   (DJ Pon-3)
    9   (treble clef; Octavia)

Standard Dog Tags

   10   Princess Luna
   11   Dr. Hooves
   12   Sweetie Belle
   13   Scootaloo
   14   Apple Bloom
   15   Discord
   16   Princess Celestia
   17   Maud Pie
   18   Coco Pommel
   19   Cheese Sandwich
   20   Starlight Glimmer
   21   Tree Hugger & The Smooze
   22   Lyra & Bon Bon
   23   Moondancer & Minuette
   24   (Princess) Big Mac
   25   Sugar Belle & Night Glider
   26   Sunset Shimmer
   27   Lord Tirek +Medallion
   28   Power Ponies
   29   Equality (Free Yourself from Your Cutie Mark)
   30   Daring Do

Foil Decal/Sticker Cards

  S1    Princess Twilight Sparkle
  S2    Fluttershy
  S3    Pinkie Pie
  S4    Rainbow Dash
  S5    Rarity
  S6    Applejack
  S7    Princess Luna
  S8    (Untitled; Derpy Hooves)
  S9    Discord


  --    Friendship Is Magic Series 2 Dog Tags / Foil Trading Cards / & decal stickers!

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