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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Series 2
   Enterplay - 2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the MLP Merch website.

Fun Pak Box: 30 packs of 4 cards + tattoo + sweepstakes + 1 insert. 20 boxes/master case.

No.   Title                                      Role/Location/Episode     Type


  1   Twilight Sparkle                           Student                   Unicorn
  2   Pinkie Pie                                 Party Pony!               Earth
  3   Rainbow Dash                               Weather Pony              Pegasus
  4   Applejack                                  Apple Farmer              Earth
  5   Rarity                                     Seamstress                Unicorn
  6   Fluttershy                                 Animal Caretaker          Pegasus
  7   Spike                                      Twilight's Assistant      Dragon
  8   Apple Bloom                                Active                    Earth
  9   Sweetie Belle                              Active                    Unicorn
 10   Scootaloo                                  Active                    Pegasus
 11   Princess Celestia & Princess Luna          Canterlot                 Pegasus-Unicorn-Earth
 12   The Great and Apologetic Trixie            Ponyville                 Unicorn
 13   Babs Seed                                  Manhattan                 Earth
 14   Crackle                                    Equestria                 Dragon
 15   Fancy Pants                                Canterlot                 Unicorn
 16   The Flower Ponies                          Ponyville                 Earth
 17   Flitter & Cloudchaser                      Ponyville                 Pegasus
 18   Auntie Applesauce & Apple Rose             Sweet Apple Acres         Earth
 19   Little Strongheart & Chief Thunderhooves   Appleloosa                Buffalo
 20   Joe                                        Canterlot                 Unicorn
 21   Twist                                      Ponyville                 Earth
 22   Pipsqueak                                  Ponyville                 Earth
 23   Sapphire Shores                            Canterlot                 Earth
 24   Jet Set & Upper Crust                      Canterlot                 Unicorn
 25   Filthy Rich                                Ponyville                 Earth
 26   Granny Smith & Stinkin' Rich               Ponyville                 Earth
 27   Discord                                                              Draconequus
 28   King Sombra                                Crystal Empire            Unicorn
 29   The Olden Pony                             Equestria?                Earth
 30   Lightning Dust                             Wonderbolt Academy        Pegasus
 31   Timberwolves                               Everfree Forest           Timberwolf
 32   Iron Will                                  Equestria                 Minotaur
 33   Diamond Dogs                               Mines of Equestria        Canine
 34   The Flim Flam Bros                         Ponyville                 Unicorn
 35   Ahuizotl                                   Jungles of Equestria      Ahuizotl
 36   Bon Bon                                    Ponyville                 Earth
 37   Berry Punch                                Ponyville                 Earth
 38   Aloe & Lotus                               Ponyville                 Earth
 39   Minuette                                   Ponyville                 Unicorn
 40   (Derpy Hooves)                             Ponyville                 Pegasus

   Inanimate Objects

 41   Bloomberg                                  BPFF
 42   Tom                                        BPFF
 43   Smarty Pants                               BPFF
 44   Mr Turnip                                  BPFF
 45   Rocky                                      BPFF
 46   Sir Lintsalot                              BPFF
 47   Madame le Flour                            BPFF

   Equestrian Magic / Sweepstakes Code Cards (1:pack)

 48   Elements of Harmony                        Equestria
 49   The Crystal Heart                          Equestria
 50   Mirror Pool                                Equestria
 51   Alicorn Amulet                             Equestria
 52   Starswirl the Bearded's Book               Equestria
 53   Poison Joke                                Equestria
 54   Zap Apples                                 Equestria
 55   Love Poison                                Equestria
 56   Starswirl's Time Travel Spell              Equestria
 57   Seeds of Truth                             Equestria
 58   The Fire of Friendship                     Equestria
 59   Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000            Equestria

   Moments of Friendship

 60   The Three Strikes?                         The Cutie Pox
 61   Stitch by Stitch                           Suited for Success
 62   This Day is Going To Be Perfect            A Canterlot Wedding Part 2
 63   Clock... is... Ticking!                    Lesson Zero
 64   Buzz Off!                                  Griffon the Brush-Off
 65   More Gabby Gums                            Ponyville Confidential
 66   The Stare Master                           The Stare Master
 67   Behold, the Crystal Princess!              Crystal Empire Part 2
 68   The Real Pinkie?                           Too Many Pinkie Pies
 69   Unlearn What You Have Learned              Magic Duel
 70   Face Your Fears                            Sleepless in Ponyville
 71   Under Your Wing                            Sleepless in Ponyville
 72   You're a Leader                            Wonderbolt Academy
 73   Raise This Barn!                           Apple Family Reunion
 74   Damsel in Distress                         Spike At Your Service
 75   That's What Friends Do                     Keep Calm and Flutter On
 76   Spike's Got It All Under Control!          Just For Sidekicks
 77   Becoming Popular                           Sweet and Elite
 78   Eight Hundred Wing Power!                  Hurricane Fluttershy
 79   I Just Can't Decide!                       Ticket Master
 80   Fancy Mathematics                          Applebuck Season
 81   A Bad, Bad Seed!                           One Bad Apple
 82   Sweet Apple Memories                       Apple Family Reunion


Fun-Tat Sheets (1:pack)

 T1   (Twilight Sparkle; flying)
 T2   I Apple AJ
 T3   Luna
 T4   I Heart MLP
 T5   Best Friends
 T6   Be Somepony
 T7   Trixie
 T8   (Rarity)
 T9   (Fluttershy chases Rainbow Dash)

Standees (1:4 packs)

 S1   Queen Crysalis                             "Who says a girl can't really have it all?"
 S2   Changelings                                "They're changelings, remember?"
 S3   Discord                                    "Looks like we might be due for a big ol' storm of chaos!"
 S4   Nightmare Moon                             "From this moment forth, the night will last forever!"
 S5   King Sombra                                "Yes... Crystals..."
 S6   The Great and Powerful Trixie              "Trixie is the highest level unicorn!"
 S7   Flim & Flam                                "Ready Flim? Ready Flam? Let's bing bang zam!"
 S8   Gilda                                      "All these lame ponies are driving me buggy! I gotta bail."
 S9   Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon               "Whatever. We still think you're losers."

Stickers (1:4 packs)

 S1   20% cooler in 10 seconds flat
 S2   Never judge a book by its cover.
 S3   Whaddya say we get on outta Creepy Town?
 S4   Join the Crusade
 S5   You CAN make a difference.
 S6   What fun is there in making sense?
 S7   Dorkin' up the skies since 2010
 S8   Harmony
 S9   Have Tuba. Will Travel.

Value Box Puzzle Cards

 V1   (puzzle top left)
 V2   (puzzle top middle)
 V3   (puzzle top right)
 V4   (puzzle center left)
 V5   (puzzle center middle)
 V6   (puzzle center right)
 V7   (puzzle bottom left)
 V8   (puzzle bottom middle)
 V9   (puzzle bottom right)

Foil Cards (1:2 packs)

   Filly Foils

F1    Twilight Sparkle [Filly]                   Cutie Mark
F2    Rarity                                     Cutie Mark
F3    Rainbow Dash                               Cutie Mark
F4    Pinkie Pie                                 Cutie Mark
F5    Fluttershy                                 Cutie Mark
F6    Applejack                                  Cutie Mark

   Foil Parallel Cards

F7    Twilight Sparkle                           Student                   Unicorn
F8    Pinkie Pie                                 Party Pony!               Earth
F9    Rainbow Dash                               Weather Pony              Pegasus
F10   Applejack                                  Apple Farmer              Earth
F11   Rarity                                     Seamstress                Unicorn
F12   Fluttershy                                 Animal Caretaker          Pegasus
F13   Spike                                      Twilight's Assistant      Dragon
F14   Princess Celestia & Princess Luna          Canterlot                 Pegasus-Unicorn-Earth
F15   Apple Bloom                                Active                    Earth
F16   Scootaloo                                  Active                    Pegasus
F17   Sweetie Belle                              Active                    Unicorn
F18   Discord                                                              Draconequus
F19   King Sombra                                Crystal Empire            Unicorn

   Foil Mission: Crystal Empire Puzzle Cards

F20   Princess Cadence                           (puzzle bottom right)
F21   Pinkie Pie                                 (puzzle center right)
F22   Twilight Sparkle                           (puzzle top right)
F23   Rarity                                     (puzzle bottom middle)
F24   Rainbow Dash                               (puzzle center)
F25   Fluttershy                                 (puzzle top middle)
F26   Shining Armor                              (pu8zzle bottom left)
F27   Applejack                                  (puzzle center left)
F28   Spike                                      (puzzle top left)

Collector's Box-Topper

F39   Fluttershy                                 Animal Caretaker          P, U, E

Gold Foil Cards

 G1   Princess Celestia [Canterlot]                                        P, U, E
 G2   Princess Luna                              Canterlot                 P, U, E
 G3   Princess Cadance                           Crystal Empire            P, U, E
 G4   Twilight Sparkle                           Student/Princess          P, U, E

Gold Foil Cards (Hobby Box-Toppers)

 G5   King Sombra                                Crystal Empire            Unicorn
 G6   Discord                                                              Draconequus
 G7   The Great and Apologetic Trixie            Ponyville                 Unicorn
 G8   Timberwolves                                                         Timberwolf

Factory Tin

--    (Derpy Hooves)
F43   (Series 1 foil)


   Attributes of a Princess Promo Puzzle Foil Cards

F29   Charity                                    (puzzle top left)
F30   Compassion                                 (puzzle top middle)
F31   Devotion                                   (puzzle top rigbh)
F32   Integrity                                  (puzzle bottom left)
F33   Optimism                                   (puzzle bottom middle)
F34   Leadership                                 (puzzle bottom rigbh)

   Promo Foil Cards

F35   Pinkie Pie [Big Apple Ponycon 2013]        Party Pony!               Earth            Big apple Ponycon 2013
F36   Rarity
F37   Rainbow Dash                               Weather Pony              P, U, E
F38   Applejack                                  Apple Farmer              P, U, E
F40   Derpy
F41   DJ Pon-3
F42   Twilight Sparkle
F43   Discord
F44   Smarty Pants
F45   Princess Luna
F46   Rarity

   Promo Foil Stickers

S10   (Rainbow Dash)
S11   (Twilight Sparkle)
S12   (Fluttershy)
S13   (Pinkie Pie)
S14   (Rarity)
S15   (Applejack)
S16   (Pinkie Pie)
S17   (Twilight Sparkle)

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