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The Chronicles of Narnia Album Stickers:
   The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Panini - 2005

Notes:  I offer mild apologies for sticker sets that don't have titles when I can't give a 
full description of the scenes. At least this can be used as a checklist ... The stickers 
were packaged differently for different locations; the version I reviewed features six 
European languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish), with one 
language chosen for the wrappers and sticker backs.

Box: 50 packs of 5 stickers.
Common sets (186): approx. 1.34 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Description                              Type

  1   Susan and Peter (left)
  2   Susan and Peter (right)
  3   Edmund
  4   Into bomb shelter
  5   Peter in shelter
  6   Family huddles
  7   Name tags for train (left)
  8   Name tags for train (right)
  9   Mama waving goodbye
 10   Kids waving from train
 11   Four in train compartment (left)
 12   Four in train compartment (right)
 13   Waiting after disembarking
 14   Mrs. MacReady
 15   Lucy (closeup)
 16   Bored indoors (left)
 17   Bored indoors (right)
 18   Lucy peering into spare room
 19   Examining wardrobe
 20   Snowy stree lamp
 21   Faun peering around tree
 22   Faun bearing packages
 23   Lucy and Mr. Tumnus (left)
 24   Lucy and Mr. Tumnus (right)
 25   Mr. Tumnus calculates
 26   Mr. Tumnus plays flute (left)
 27   Mr. Tumnus plays flute (right)
 28   Lucy sips tea
 29   Tumnus and Lucy share tea
 30   Edmund enters Narnia
 31   Ginarrbrik with sleigh
 32   Edmund and Ginarrbrik
 33   The White Witch
 34   Ginarrbrik offers box
 35   Ginarrbrik and White Witch (top)
 36   Ginarrbrik and White Witch (bottom)
 37   White Witch offers sustenance
 38   Edmund stands in sleigh
 39   Edmund meets Lucy
 43   Professor Kirke with Susan and Peter
 44   Edmund Pevensie
 45   Lucy under tree
 46   Narnia lamp post (top)
 47   Narnia lamp post (bottom)
 48   Four kids together
 49   Making plans in Tumnus house
 50   Discussion without Edmund (left)
 51   Discussion without Edmund (right)
 52   Susan at fireplace
 53   Lucy, Peter, Susan in snow (left)
 54   Lucy, Peter, Susan in snow (right)
 55   Approaching White Witch castle
 56   Courtyard of statues (left)
 57   Courtyard of statues (right)
 58   Edmund entering throne room
 59   Edmund imprisoned
 60   The White Witch                          Shiny (foil)
 61   Mr. Tumnus in agony
 62   White Witch and guard (left)
 63   White Witch and guard (right)
 64   Catle guard
 65   White Witch raises spear
 66   Witch confronts prisoners (left)
 67   Witch confronts prisoners (middle)
 68   Witch confronts prisoners (right)
 69   White Witch in sleigh
 70   Father Christmas
 71   Father Christmas and Lucy (left)
 72   Father Christmas and Lucy (right)
 73   Father Christmas and Susan
 74   Armor for Peter
 75   Wolves on the loose
 76   Crossing frozen landscape
 77   Susan with quiver
 78   Susan, Peter, Lucy amazed
 79   Peter pensive
 80   Breaking the ice (left)
 81   Breaking the ice (right)
 82   Running on ice
 83   Full sword into ice
 84   Floating on ice floe
 85   White Witch wields wand
 86   White Witch comforts Edmund
 88   Aslan (art)                              Shiny (foil)
 89   Cyclops with barrow
 91   Slit-eyed minion
 92   Pig-nosed minion
 93   Bear-pig minion
 94   Centaur (art)                            Shiny (foil)
 95   Minotaur checks weapons
 96   Grinarrbrik
 97   Small warriors (left)
101   Wolf icon (art)                          Shiny (foil)
102   Peter buries sword at pavilion
104   Lucy Levensie                            Shiny (foil)
105   Edmund Pevensie                          Shiny (foil)
106   Peter looks out from pavilion
107   Peter and Edmund spar
108   Edmund's horse rears
109   Susan draws bow
110   Four kids break for lunch
112   Witch and raiding party (left)
113   Witch and raiding party (middle)
114   Witch and raiding party (right)
115   White Witch binds Aslan
116   White Witch raises dagger
117   Susan, Lucy cry over Aslan
118   Aslan revived
119   Susan and Lucy watching
120   Birds converge
121   Peter off to battle
122   Lucy riding Aslan (art)                  Shiny (foil)
124   White Witch angered
125   Minion warrior
126   Peter and banner
127   Ginarrbrik rallies troops
128   Peter raises shield
129   Peter fights dwarf
130   Peter and dwarf on precipice
131   White Witch commands
132   Peter puzzles
133   Shield (art)                             Shiny (foil)
134   Witch battles Peter (left)
135   Witch battles Peter (right)
136   Tumnus hugs Susan
137   Three revive Edmund
140   Horse (art)                              Shiny (foil)
143   Queen Lucy
144   King Edmund on throne
145   Centaurs (art)                           Shiny (foil)
146   Centaur (art)                            Shiny (foil)
147   Queen Susan
148   Queen Susan on throne
149   King Edmund
150   Crowning King Peter
151   Queen Lucy on throne
152   Four regents on thrones (left)
153   Four regents on thrones (middle left)
154   Four regents on thrones (middle right)
155   Four regents on thrones (right)
156   King and Lion emblem (art)               Shiny (foil)
157   Professor Kirke and kids (left)
158   Professor Kirke and kids (right)
159   Professor Kirke
160   Lucy Pevensie
161   Enraging Aslan (art)                     Shiny (foil)
162   Lion shield (art)                        Shiny (foil)

 A                                             Glitter (gold)
 B    Aslan                                    Glitter (gold)
 C    Edmund in battle                         Glitter (gold)
 D                                             Glitter (gold)
 E    Susan in battle                          Glitter (gold)
 F    Peter in battle                          Glitter (gold)
 G                                             Glitter (gold)
 H    The White Queen                          Glitter (gold)
 I    Mrs. Beaver                              Glitter (gold)
 J    Mr. Beaver                               Glitter (gold)
 K                                             Glitter (gold)
 L    Aslan roaring                            Glitter (gold)
 M    White Witch before castle                Glitter (gold)
 N    Fox                                      Glitter (gold)
 O                                             Glitter (gold)
 P    Peter charging on mount                  Glitter (gold)
 Q    Centaur archer                           Glitter (gold)
 R    Lucy riding Aslan                        Glitter (gold)
 S    Minion with battle axe                   Glitter (gold)
 T                                             Glitter (gold)
 U    Minotaur in battle                       Glitter (gold)
 V                                             Glitter (gold)
 W    Ginarrbrik                               Glitter (gold)
 X    Witch's castle                           Glitter (gold)

 --   (sticker album; sold separately)

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©2008 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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