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Naruto: Way of the Ninja
   Panini - 2006 (Distributed by Inkworks)

Notes:  The copyright shown on the cards is 2002 - Masashi Kishimoto. 
Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 9 cards.
Common (Event) sets (108): approx. 1.93 per box if collation were perfect.
Value-Pack Boxes: 22 cards per pack.

No.    Title

  1    Naruto: Way of the Ninja [title card]
  2    The Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit
  3    The Seal
  4    Very Irreverent Joke
  5    Failed!
  6    Passed!
  7    Sakura in Love
  8    Naruto's Deception
  9    Kakashi the Teacher
 10    Naruto's Recklessness
 11    Sasuke's Haughtiness
 12    Successful Test
 13    A Real Mission
 14    The Ambush
 15    Naruto's Promise
 16    Zabuza and Gato
 17    Kakashi's Sharingan
 18    Kakashi vs. Zabuza
 19    The End of the Duel
 20    Haku's Deception
 21    Inari
 22    A Painful Past
 23    Climbing Trees
 24    Sasuke's and Naruto's Training
 25    Haku and Naruto
 26    Haku's Story
 27    The End of Training
 28    The Reckoning
 29    A Providential Lie-In
 30    Sauske vs. Haku
 31    Sakura on the Attack
 32    The Hero Enters the Scene
 33    Haku's Power
 34    Sasuke's Sharingan
 35    Sasuke's Sacrifice
 36    The Wrath of Naruto
 37    Behind the Mask
 38    Zabuza's Revenge
 39    Kakashi's Nose
 40    The Extreme Sacrifice
 41    Together Even in Death
 42    Mission Accomplished
 43    Naruto's Courage
 44    Naruto the Worst
 45    Tension in the Team
 46    Words as Heavy as Stones
 47    Pestiferous Gang
 48    The Sand Ninja
 49    A New Rival
 50    The Chunin Selection Exam
 51    Rock Lee in Love
 52    Rock Lee vs. Sasuke
 53    An Impassioned Teacher
 54    United in Spirit
 55    The Exam Participants
 56    Ninja Info Cards
 57    Naruto's Proclamation
 58    The Sound Ninja
 59    The First Examiner
 60    The Rules of the First Exam
 61    Naruto's Despair
 62    Sasuke's Intuition
 63    Hinata's Kindness
 64    Question Number 10
 65    Courage
 66    Naruto's Joy
 67    The Second Examiner
 68    The Survival Tests Commences
 69    Deception by an Enemy
 70    Orochimaru
 71    In the Jaws of the Snake
 72    In the Coils of Fear
 73    No Compromise
 74    A Desperate Struggle
 75    The Mark of Orochimaru
 76    The Ino-Shika-Cho Trio
 77    Providential Aid
 78    Sakura Fights Back
 79    Friends of the Heart
 80    How to Make Choji Mad
 81    An Accursed Power
 82    Thirst for Blood
 83    Temptation
 84    Just in Time
 85    Kabuto's Strategy
 86    Battle for the Scroll
 87    Snake in the Grass
 88    The Opening of the Scrolls
 89    Guy and Kakashi
 90    The Third Examiner
 91    Sasuke vs. Yoroi
 92    The Curse of Orochimaru
 93    Kakashi and Orochimaru
 94    Shino vs. Zaku
 95    Kankuro vs. Misumi
 96    Sakura vs. Ino
 97    Temari vs. Tenten
 98    Shikamaru vs. Kin
 99    Naruto vs. Akamaru
100    Neji vs. Hinata
101    Gaara vs. Rock Lee
102    Dosu vs. Choji
103    Orochimaru Plots
104    Kabuto vs. Kakashi
105    The Third Test Is Announced
106    An Exceptional Teacher
107    The Toad Hermit
108    Checklist

 --    (merchandise foldout; hobby box-topper)


Character Cards (1:7 Hobby packs)

C1     Naruto
C2     Sakura
C3     Sasuke
C4     Kakashi
C5     Iruka
C6     Rock Lee
C7     Neji
C8     Shikamaru
C9     Orochimaru
C10    Zabuza
C11    Gaara
C12    Kabuto
C13    Ino
C14    Tenten
C15    Temari
C16    Asuma
C17    Choji
C18    Shino

Attitude Holographic Foil Cards (1:11 Hobby packs; 1:6 Value packs)

 A1    Naruto
 A2    Sakura
 A3    Sasuke
 A4    Iruka
 A5    Rock Lee
 A6    Ebisu
 A7    Guy
 A8    Ino
 A9    Konohamaru

Ninja Glow Cards (1:11 Hobby packs; 1:6 Value packs)

G-1    Naruto
G-2    Sakura
G-3    Sasuke

Key Roles Cards (1 per Value pack)

KR1    Naruto
KR2    Sakura
KR3    Sasuke
KR4    Kakashi
KR5    Gaara
KR6    Orochimaru

Collector's Tins (yellow with black markings)

 --    (Naruto; 8 packs + 2 bonus cards)
 --    (Sakura; 8 packs + 2 bonus cards)
 --    (Sasuke; 8 packs + 2 bonus cards)

Anime Motion (Lenticular) Cards (1 per tin)

 A1    Attack!
 A2    Rage!
 A3    Attack!

Naruto Lenticular Cards (1 per tin)

 N1    Naruto
 N2    Sakura
 N3    Sasuke
 N4    Kakashi
 N5    Rivalry


PW-1   (general distribution)
PW-T   (trade shows)
PW-i   ( exclusive)
 --    (dealer sell sheet)

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