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Nasty Notes
   Topps - 1967

Notes: These "foldee" sheets are 6-7/8" x 9-3/4" unfolded, sold in packs as an 8-fold 
poster with bubble gum. Usually a "regular size" 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" image shows on the 
top of the folded poster, and a different or clarifying caption is shown on the unfolded 

  No.    Front Caption

     1   Some Are Called Jim
     2   Roses Smell Pretty
     3   Horns Make a Blast
     4   You Come On Strong
     5   I Love Your Style
     6   I Love Brown Eyes
     7   You're Too Much the Living End
     8   You Have the Sweetest Smile
     9   You Dress Real Cool
    10   You've Got Real Nerve
    11   You Have Such Daring
    12   You Always Smile
    13   The Grass Is Green
    14   I Think About You All the Time
    15   My Heart Aches for You
    16   I'd Like to Build You Something
    17   When You Are Speaking...
    18   Your Golden Ringlets
    19   You're Special
    20   You Have a Lot of Class
    21   You're on a Different Wave Length
    22   Some Boys Are Good Looking
    23   There's Something I Must Tell You...
    24   As Each Day Dawns
    25   You Always Do the Right Thing
    26   I Just Can't Go Out with You
    27   You Ought to Be in Pictures
    28   You're a Special Kind of Person
    29   I Always Said You Had the Build
    30   The Beauty Creams They Sell Today
    31   Roses Are Blue
    32   When I'm with You

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