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Native Americans: An Epic Struggle of Blood and Courage
Bon Air - 1995

Notes:  The hobby version was UV-coated, while the Kmart version was not. 
Also distributed as a factory set of 90 regular cards plus two of the SculptorCasts. 
Thanks much to Genny Carr for the original checklist and to Neil Tring for the 

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.97 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                           Subset

 1    Powhatan                        Great Indian Leaders
 2    Surprise Attack!                The Powhatan Wars
 3    Striking Back!                  The Powhatan Wars
 4    Death & Deception!              The Powhatan Wars
 5    Indian Fury!                    The Powhatan Wars
 6    Shattered Truce!                The Powhatan Wars
 7    Prize Captive!                  The Powhatan Wars
 8    King Philip                     Great Indian Leaders
 9    Deadly Inferno!                 King Philip's War
10    Trophy of War                   King Philip's War
11    Hacked to Death!                King Philip's War
12    Deganawida                      Great Indian Leaders
13    Hiawatha                        Great Indian Leaders
14    Wrath of the Iroquois!          The Beaver Wars
15    Pope                            Great Indian Leaders
16    Pain & Pride!                   The Pueblo Rebellion
17    Secret Message!                 The Pueblo Rebellion
18    Conquering the Spanish          The Pueblo Rebellion
19    Luis Oacpicagigua               Great Indian Leaders
20    The Pimas Attack!               Wars Against The Spanish
21    Pontiac                         Great Indian Leaders
22    Hidden Weapons!                 Pontiac's Rebellion
23    The Delaware Prophet            Pontiac's Rebellion
24    Deadly Plague!                  Pontiac's Rebellion
25    The Vigilantes Strike!          The Paxton Riots
26    Thayendanegea                   Great Indian Leaders
27    Uneasy Alliance                 The Revolutionary War
28    Protecting a Victim!            The Revolutionary War
29    The Cherry Valley Massacre      The Revolutionary War
30    Daniel Boone Captured!          The Revolutionary War
31    Little Turtle                   Great Indian Leaders
32    Deadly Ambush!                  Little Turtle's War
33    The Americans Retreat!          Little Turtle's War
34    Fiery Assault!                  Little Turtle's War
35    Tecumseh                        Great Indian Leaders
36    Thwarting a Torture             Tecumseh's Rebellion
37    A Passion for Learning          Tecumseh's Rebellion
38    The Shawnee Prophet             Great Indian Leaders
39    Cornstalk                       Great Indian Leaders
40    Puckeshinwa                     Great Indian Leaders
41    Attack at Night!                Tecumseh's Rebellion
42    Cheeseekau                      Tecumseh's Rebellion
43    Tecumseh's Final Battle!        The War of 1812
44    Hiding Tecumseh's Body!         The War of 1812
45    Mecina                          Great Indian Leaders
46    Kennekuk                        Great Indian Leaders
47    Rape of the Winnebagos!         The Winnebago Uprising
48    Hoowaneka                       Great Indian Leaders
49    Red Bird                        Great Indian Leaders
50    Black Hawk                      Great Indian Leaders
51    Quashquame                      The Black Hawk War
52    Keokuk                          The Black Hawk War
53    The Winnebago Prophet           Great Indian Leaders
54    Truce Party Attacked!           The Black Hawk War
55    Stillman's Run                  The Black Hawk War
56    Struggle in the Swamp!          The Black Hawk War
57    Starving in the Wilderness!     The Black Hawk War
58    Whirling Thunder                The Black Hawk War
59    River of Death!                 The Black Hawk War
60    Massacre at Bad Axe             The Black Hawk War
61    Counquering Bear                The Sioux Wars
62    Crazy Horse                     Great Indian Leaders
63    Little Crow                     Great Indian Leaders
64    Storming Fort Ridgely!          The Sioux Wars
65    Red Cloud                       Great Indian Leaders
66    Sitting Bull                    Great Indian Leaders
67    One Bull                        Great Indian Leaders
68    Routing the Cavalry!            The Sioux Wars
69    Spotted Tail                    Great Indian Leaders
70    Battle of Little Big Horn       The Sioux Wars
71    Gall                            Great Indian Leaders
72    Short Bull                      The Sioux Wars
73    Wovoka                          Great Indian Leaders
74    Kicking Bear                    The Sioux Wars
75    Massacre Canyon                 The Sioux Wars
76    Buffalo Hump                    The Comanches
77    Quanah                          Great Indian Leaders
78    Ten Bears                       Great Indian Leaders
79    Lone Wolf                       Great Indian Leaders
80    Showdown at Adobe Walls!        The Comanches
81    Little Wolf                     Great Indian Leaders
82    Tall Bull                       Great Indian Leaders
83    Cochise                         Great Indian Leaders
84    Mangas Colorado                 Great Indian Leaders
85    Operation at Gunpoint!          The Apache Wars
86    The Killing of Mangas Colorado  The Apache Wars
87    Nakaidoklini                    The Apache Wars
88    Geronimo                        Great Indian Leaders
89    Victorio                        Great Indian Leaders
90    Checklist


Prismatic Cards (1:12 Hobby packs)

#1   Tragedy at Wounded Knee
#2   Kicking Bird
#3   Plenty Coups
#4   Dull Knife
#5   Cochise Escapes!
#6   Nachise

Prismatic Card (Kmart packs)


Sculptured 24k Gold Card

--   (Gold Card, mail-in)
--   Certificate of Authenticity (# to 2000)

--   (Redemption Card, 1:1320 packs)


#0   (Non-Sport Update)

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