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Naughty Nurses & Sexy Civil Servants
   Chad Pops Entertainment - 2014

Notes: Base cards were also sold as a separate sealed set, reportedly limited to 250. Thanks 
to Brian Kutz for updates! Further information and scans are posted at the Chad Pops 
Facebook page.

Box: 5 cards including 1-2 sketches. 600 packs total.
Common sets (8): approx. 0.42 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text                                             Artist

  1   "Little Prick" I hate shots, but I love the idea o    Michael "Locoduck" Duron
  2   "Bedside manner is an important factor in recovery    Bill Maus
  3   "Sometimes it just takes the right kind of distrac    Danny Silva
  4   "My character Brandi Bare (from the self titled co    Joe Pekar
  5   "Nurse Jourdan" It's time for your physical, I hav    Scott Blair
  6   "Head Nurse" I've always hated hospitals and docto    Axebone
  7   "It's always wise to let the nurse do her job. She    Nathan Szerdy
  8   "DO NOT CROSS THE LINE" Better to see the crime sc    Rhiannon Owens
  9   PERFECT TRIFECTA "Something sexy this way comes!"     Roy Cover

Artist Sketch Cards

      Achilleas Kokkinakas
      Amber Stone
      Arie Monroe
      Ashon Wynn
      Babisu Kourtis
      Ben Dunn
      Bill Maus
      Chris Sinj Burke
      Chris Butler
      Chris Sinj Burke
      Cliff Thomas
      Dan Gorman
      Danielle Soloud Gransaull
      Danny Silva
      Dennis Hart
      Doug Riggsby
      Elfie Lebouleux
      Elisa Chong
      Emily Riggsby
      George Deep
      Humberto Fuentes
      Israel Arteaga
      J Fer Galicia
      Jenni Gregory
      Joe Pekar
      Jose Carlos Sanchez
      Juan Fontanez Tonio
      Kate Carleton
      Kimberly Dunaway
      Kristin Allen
      Kylie Johnston
      Louis Small Jr
      Lynne Anderson
      Markos Kstro
      Michael "Axebone" Potter
      Michael "Locoduck" Duron
      Michelle Lewis
      Nathan Szerdy
      Nayelie Martinez
      Nicole "Spooni" Jones
      Rhiannon Owens
      Rich Molinelli
      Roy Cover
      Rusty Gilligan
      Sal Galindo
      Scott Blair
      Scott Rorie
      Solly Mohammed
      Steve Lydic
      Steve Musgrave
      Taylor Nicole Sauer
      Tony Keaton
      Vanessa "Banky" Farano
      Walter D. Rice

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