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Navy - Series of 24
   Anonymous - 1930s

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-1/4" x 2-3/4" and were issued in strips, as 
"one of a series of 24 cards". American Card Catalog reference is R127. Scans 
are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Front Caption                           Back Title

501   U.S. Navy Dirigible Akron               U. S. Dirigible Akron
502   The Oregon Steaming to Santiago         Battleship Oregon
503   John Paul Jones Captures The Serapis
504   John Paul Jones                         John Paul Jones
505   U.S. Navy Airplane Carrier Saratoga
506   Admiral George Dewey                    Admiral Geo. Dewey
507   The Kearsarge Sinking the Alabama       Battle Between Kearsarge and Alabama
508   Rear Admiral William R. Moffett         Admiral Moffett
509   Commander Herbert V. Wiley
510   John Ericsson                           John Ericsson
511   Dewey's Flagship "Olympia" at Manila    Olympia
512   Perry at Battle of Lake Erie            Battle of Lake Erie
513   Oliver Hazard Perry                     Oliver H. Perry
514   Commander Richard E. Byrd               Richard E. Byrd
515   Old Ironsides
516   Byrd at the North Pole
517   Lindy Crossing the Atlantic             Lindy Crossing the Atlantic
518   Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh
519   New Persuit Planes of U.S. Navy         Navy Pursuit Planes
520   Admiral David G. Farragut               David G. Farragut
521   A Modern American Battleship            Modern Battleships
522   Farragut at Battle of Mobile Bay        Battle of Mobile Bay
523   Stephen Decatur                         Stephen Decatur
524   Battle Between Monitor and Merrimac     Battle Between Monitor and Merrimac

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