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Pro Cheerleaders Trading Cards
Lime Rock - 1991

Notes: This 44-card set was originally intended to be a preview for a larger
set that would have been produced in 1992. Cards were distributed in foil packs
containing 12 cards each. The Minnesota checklist is observed either with or
without the copyright marking. Thanks much to Frank Forrester for the main
checklist, and to Stephen Kmetz and Yosemite Ken for updates!

No.   Cheerleader

Washington Bullettes

  1   Courtney Corry
  2   Lynne-Marie Griffin
  3   Shelley Cumberland
  4   Jodi Stark
  5   Stephani Christy
  6   Lisa Michelle Randolph
  7   Leslie D. Murphy
  8   Linda Wells
  9   Cewyon Chandler
 10   Vihky Smith
 11   Kimberly David
 12   Monica Gilliam
 13   Lisa Marie Byram
 14   Marjorie "Twiggy" Black
 15   Carrie Smith
 16   Felicia "Crickett" Harris
 17   Terri Derryberry
 18   Donna Clark

Sixers Dream Team

 19   Sheryl M. Washington
 20   Jennifer Thomas
 21   Robin Amundsen
 22   Mary Ann Wenger
 23   DianeMarie Fabiano
 24   Michele Ray
 25   Darlene Quinn
 26   Julie Carmichael
 27   Sharon Boschi
 28   Kiva D.
 29   Jyl Kristi Baker
 30   Colleen Mccullough
 31   Sharon Saputelli
 32   Michelle R. Daniels
 33   Susan Thompson

Reebok Performance Team (Minnesota)

 34   Stephanie
 35   Tesha
 36   Cari
 37   Christine
 38   Julie
 39   Amy
 40   Yvette
 41   Janice


 --   Bullettes
 --   Sixers Dream Team
 --   Minnesota

SPECIAL CARDS (Randomly inserted in packs)

 --   Instant Winner: Autographed Team Ball
 --   Instant Winner: Uncut Sheet
 --   Autographed Cards (various)
 --   SCAI St. Louis 1991 Show (promo)
 --   Larry Bird hologram ("prototype")


 13   Lisa Marie Byram (with SCA logo)
 17   Terri Derryberry (with SCA logo)
 19   Cheryl M. Washington (with SCA logo)
 26   Julie Carmichael (with SCA logo)
 --   (2 others with SCA logo)

 13   Lisa Marie Byram (without SCA logo)
 17   Terri Derryberry (without SCA logo)
 19   Cheryl M. Washington (without SCA logo)
 22   Maryann Wenger (without SCA logo)
 26   Julie Carmichael (without SCA logo)
 --   (1 other without SCA logo)

 13   Terri Derryberry (error name, without SCA logo)

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