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Neighbours 2nd Series
Topps (Grundy Television) - 1988

Note:  Usually distributed as two sealed boxes, one containing cards 1-33 and the other
containing cards 34-66.

    No.    Card Text

 1 of 66   Jane Harris, the shy grandaughter of Mrs Mangel, b
 2 of 66   Craig McLachlan, who portrays Henry Ramsay in Neig
 3 of 66   Jim (Alan Dale), Beverly (Lisa Armytage) and Scott
 4 of 66   As the youngest member of the Robinson family, Luc
 5 of 66   Harold (Ian Smith) and Madge (Anne Charleston) dis
 6 of 66   Saying it with flowers? A misunderstandingt betwee
 7 of 66   harold Bishop is probably the most staid and conse
 8 of 66   Eileen Clarke (Myra de Groot) was elegantly dresse
 9 of 66   Jim Robinson, portrayed by Alan Dale, is the vital
10 of 66   No, Henry (Craig McLachlan) is not telling a fishi
11 of 66   "You really ought to listen to me, Desmond. I know
12 of 66   The blushing bride and her bridesmaid - Madge (Ann
13 of 66   Henry Ramsay is portrayed by good-looking, 23 year
14 of 66   Daphne Clarke (Elaine Smith) warns Sue Parker (Kat
15 of 66   Bedside drama as Des Clarke (Paul Keane) lovingly
16 of 66   Elaine Smith - Daphne Clarke in Neighbours - was b
17 of 66   Gail (Fiona Corke) and Madge (Anne Charleston) kee
18 of 66   Beverly (Lisa Armytage) poses in her elegant weddi
19 of 66   Daphne (Elaine Smith) comforts her husband. Des (P
20 of 66   Guy Pearce is an Englishman - born in Ely, Cambrid
21 of 66   All smiles as Henry Ramsay (Craig McLachlan) helps
22 of 66   A Ramsay Street jam session. These musically minde
23 of 66   Widow Helen Daniels is the lady who keeps hearth a
24 of 66   The 1950s rave-up was one of the best parties ever
25 of 66   The Ramsay's of Ramsay Street: Madge (played by An
26 of 66   Mike Young had a troubled childhood background, do
27 of 66   Dr. Beverly marshall (Lisa Armytage) tends to the
28 of 66   Eileen Clarke (Myra de Groot) has been interfering
29 of 66   Gail Robinson - portrayed by Fiona Corke - is a de
30 of 66   One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock rock ... H
31 of 66   Des Clarke (Paul Keane) with the two most importan
32 of 66   After the nuptials ... Harold and Madge (Ian Smith
33 of 66   Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) and Lucy's pet terr
34 of 66   A strong minded, self-willed young lady, ex-stripp
35 of 66   Ramsay Street, home of the Neighbours and the most
36 of 66   Jason Donovan is the son of well-known Aussie acto
37 of 66   Poor Eileen Clarke (Myra de Groot) turns to tranqu
38 of 66   Neighbours' Madge Ramsay is portrayed by Anne Char
39 of 66   When Jim (Alan Dale) returns to Erinsborough from
40 of 66   Neil Mangel, the biggest busybody in Ramsay Street
41 of 66   A quite night at home in the Ramsay household. Cha
42 of 66   Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) arrives at the Inst
43 of 66   Glamorous Annie Jones was born in Adelaide, the da
44 of 66   "Goodbye, my love". In one of the saddest scenes i
45 of 66   Jim Robinson (Alan Dale) and his mother-in-law Hel
46 of 66   Henry Ramsay (Craig McLachlan) is such a good lad,
47 of 66   Fiona Corke - who portrays Gail Robinson in Neighb
48 of 66   After the humiliation of being jilted at the altar
49 of 66   Mrs Clarke (Myra de Groot) and Mrs Mangel (Vivean
50 of 66   The ultra-fussy Harold Bishop is portrayed by Ian
51 of 66   Fire breaks out in the Coffee Shop, caused by a ci
52 of 66   New Zealand-born Alan Dale has long been a leading
53 of 66   Superspy Henry Ramsay (Craig McLachlan) attempts t
54 of 66   Ever since their childhood, spent growing up in Er
55 of 66   Jane (Annie Jones) comforts Mike (Guy Pearce) afte
56 of 66   Anne Haddy, who portrays Helen Daniels in Neighbou
57 of 66   Guess what? Mrs Mangel is to blame afor this! She
58 of 66   Scott (Jason Donovan) argues with Beverly (Lisa Ar
59 of 66   Jim Robinson (Alan Dale) and son Scott (Jason Dono
60 of 66   Eileen Clarke is a good soul at heart. She always
61 of 66   Harold to the rescue! Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) fi
62 of 66   Scott Robinson - Jim's youngest son - is an uncomp
63 of 66   Henry Ramsay, the Clown Prince of Ramsay Street, i
64 of 66   Good mates - on screen and off. Craig McLachlan (H
65 of 66   Myra de Groot was born in London. Her show-biz car
66 of 66   Lisa Armytage, Dr Beverly Marshall in Neighbours,

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