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The Art of David Nestler
Wicked City Studies - 1996

Notes:  Distributed as a boxed factory set, with "randomly inserted autographed
cards."  I think there was one autographed card per set, but I am not sure if
different cards were signed -- my box had the autograph on card #1, as did the
only two other examples I saw.  The unnumbered card is sometimes distributed
as a promo.

No.   Text

  1   The flagship painting for the "Blonde & Gagged" series.
  2   Model Lori Werder was the obvious choice for the "Blond
  3   Being tied up in black plastic and lashed to a big chro
  4   The portrait series began as a study in detail and mate
  5   When model Sandy Christy posed for this painting, she h
  6   Detail & realism were the key factors in choosing the r
  7   Art imitates art when David Nestler paints this stunnin
  8   Illustrator/Painter David Nestler's inspiration was tak
  9   For this painting, longtime friend/dancer and actress,

 --   For more than a decade, David Nestler has enjoyed a suc

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