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Art of Dave Nestler
StudioE Cards - 2008

Notes:  Base cards and the four insert sets have individual artwork on card fronts 
and a nine-card puzzle of larger artwork on card backs. The art can include mild 
adult themes. Further information and scans are posted at the StudioE website.

Box: 12 packs of 8 cards. 12 boxes/case, 200 cases total.
Common sets (45): approx. 1.87 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Subset            Puzzle Location

 1    Angel Eyes        (top right)
 2    Angel Eyes        (top middle)
 3    Angel Eyes        (top left)
 4    Angel Eyes        (center right)
 5    Angel Eyes        (center)
 6    Angel Eyes        (center left)
 7    Angel Eyes        (bottom right)
 8    Angel Eyes        (bottom middle)
 9    Angel Eyes        (bottom left)
10    All American      (top right)
11    All American      (top middle)
12    All American      (top left)
13    All American      (center right)
14    All American      (center)
15    All American      (center left)
16    All American      (bottom right)
17    All American      (bottom middle)
18    All American      (bottom left)
19    Girl On Girl      (top right)
20    Girl On Girl      (top middle)
21    Girl On Girl      (top left)
22    Girl On Girl      (center right)
23    Girl On Girl      (center)
24    Girl On Girl      (center left)
25    Girl On Girl      (bottom right)
26    Girl On Girl      (bottom middle)
27    Girl On Girl      (bottom left)
28    Sweet Tooth       (top right)
29    Sweet Tooth       (top middle)
30    Sweet Tooth       (top left)
31    Sweet Tooth       (center right)
32    Sweet Tooth       (center)
33    Sweet Tooth       (center left)
34    Sweet Tooth       (bottom right)
35    Sweet Tooth       (bottom right)
36    Sweet Tooth       (bottom left)
37    Miki Rocks        (top right)
38    Miki Rocks        (top middle)
39    Miki Rocks        (top left)
40    Miki Rocks        (center right)
41    Miki Rocks        (center)
42    Miki Rocks        (center left)
43    Miki Rocks        (bottom right)
44    Miki Rocks        (bottom middle)
45    Miki Rocks        (bottom left)


Delicious (1:4 packs)

 1    Delicious         (top right)
 2    Delicious         (top middle)
 3    Delicious         (top left)
 4    Delicious         (center right)
 5    Delicious         (center)
 6    Delicious         (center left)
 7    Delicious         (bottom right)
 8    Delicious         (bottom right)
 9    Delicious         (bottom left)

Attractive (1:6 packs)

 1    Attractive        (top right)
 2    Attractive        (top middle)
 3    Attractive        (top left)
 4    Attractive        (center right)
 5    Attractive        (center)
 6    Attractive        (center right)
 7    Attractive        (bottom right)
 8    Attractive        (bottom middle)
 9    Attractive        (bottom left)

Vixens (1:6 packs)

 1    Vixens            (top right)
 2    Vixens            (top middle)
 3    Vixens            (top left)
 4    Vixens            (center right)
 5    Vixens            (center)
 6    Vixens            (center left)
 7    Vixens            (bottom right)
 8    Vixens            (bottom middle)
 9    Vixens            (bottom left)

Erotica (1:6 packs)

 1    Erotica           (top right)
 2    Erotica           (top middle)
 3    Erotica           (top left)
 4    Erotica           (center right)
 5    Erotica           (center)
 6    Erotica           (center left)
 7    Erotica           (bottom right)
 8    Erotica           (bottom middle)
 9    Erotica           (bottom left)

Sexy (1:12 packs)

 1    Sexy - 1
 2    Sexy - 2
 3    Sexy - 3
 4    Sexy - 4
 5    Sexy - 5

Autograph Cards (1:6 packs)

DN1   Dave Nestler
DN2   Dave Nestler [with 1 gal and easel; landscape]
--    Dave Nestler [with 1 gal in gallery]
--    Dave Nestler [with 2 gals; landscape]
--    Asha [black/white striped legwarmers]
--    Asha [squares bikini]
--    Asha [zebra bikini; landscape]
--    Asha [zebra bikini; portrait]
--    Candace Kita [lavender bikini]
--    Candace Kita [pink gown]
--    Candace Kita [white bikini]
--    Cathy St. George [black gown]
--    Cathy St. George [leopard one-piece on stairs]
--    Cathy St. George [white bikini and chair]
--    Chanel Ryan [rainbow bikini]
--    Chanel Ryan [right profile, topless]
--    Chanel Ryan [spotted string bikini]
--    Dazza Del Rio [pale green bikini]
--    Dazza Del Rio [purple/black bikini in surf]
--    Holly Weber [red bikini]
--    Holly Weber [silver bikini, top off]
--    Holly Weber [transparent bikini in surf]
--    Meriah Nelson [light pink bikini]
--    Meriah Nelson [purple string bikini]
--    Meriah Nelson [red teddy]
--    Michele Morgan [black bikini left profile]
--    Michele Morgan [black bikini right profile]
--    Michele Morgan [patterned bikini in surf]
--    Miki Black [black top and jeans]
--    Miki Black [hot pink top with black lace]
--    Miki Black [Trashy Lingerie]
--    Nicole McClain [black top and jeans]
--    Nicole McClain [black/white patterned cover]
--    Nicole McClain [schoolgirl with glasses]
--    Sazzy Lee Varga [black string bikini, top off]
--    Sazzy Lee Varga [khaki]
--    (2 others)

Sketch Cards (1:144 packs)

--    Dave Nestler

Original Art Sketch Cards (8" x 10"; 5 made; by redemption)

--    Dave Nestler
--    (redemption card; 1:500 boxes)

Case-Topper Card

--    Art of Dave Nestler[unraveling]


DN1   (image from card #1)
DN2   (image from card #30)
DN3   (image from card #39)
DN4   (image from card #25)
--    (dealer sell sheet)

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©2008 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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