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Nevermore Alice: Drink Me Eat Me
   Marty & Boo's Cards - 2013

Notes: Each pack held one "Big" and one "Small" sketch card, usually with the
"Big" card sketched by Boo. But George Webber, and perhaps others, sketched 
a limited number of Big cards. Card backs for the two varieties have different 
designs. This series was modified from the original plan for a "Nevermore Alice 
Series 2." More information and scans are posted at the Marty & Boo blog.

Total distribution: 100 packs of 2 sketch cards..

Sketch Artists (Card Back Design A)

  Alice dressed in blue; "Card Set by Boo, Dave Reynolds"

    Boos Mum
    Chris Meeks
    Dan Gorman
    David G. Hardy
    Dreek Owen
    Elfie Lebouleux
    Francois Chartier
    Frank Kader
    George Webber
    J Fernando "Fer" Galicia
    Jennifer Mercer
    Kat Laurange
    Luke Smarto
    Marmalade Duke
    Mike Vasquez
    Pablo Diaz
    Rich Molinelli
    Tim Proctor
    Walter Dennis Rice
    William Kunkle

Sketch Artists (Card Back Design B)

  Alice on green; "Card Art by Chris Meeks"


PROMO CARDS(for "Nevermore Alice 2"; preliminary title)

    (Boo, Dave Reynolds; Chicago Non-Sports Card Show)
    (Boo and Dave Reynolds; Philly Non-Sports Card Show [unmarked])

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