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New Series of Birds
   Church & Dwight (Arm & Hammer) - 1908

Notes:  Reference number J4.  Cards were distributed with baking soda 

No.   Title                  Classification

  1   Robin Snipe            Tringa canutus
  2   Blue Grouse            Dendragapus obscurus
  3   Blue Winged Teal       Anas discors
  4   Black Canada Grouse    Dendragapus canadensis
  5 * Blue Jay               Cyanocitta cristata
  5 * Bald Eagle [rare]
  6   Magpie                 Pica pica hudsonica
  7   Hawk                   Accipiter cooperi
  8   Blue Bill Duck         Aythyra marila nearctica
  9   Pheasant               Phasianus colchicus
 10   Spoon Bill             Ajaja ajaja
 11   Black Cock             T. Tetrix
 12   Osprey                 Pandion halaetus carolinensis
 13   Kingfisher             Ceryle alcyon
 14   Loon                   Urinator imber
 15   Great Blue Heron       Ardea Herodias
 16   California Mt. Quail   Callipepla californica
 17   Flamingo               Phoenicopterus ruber
 18   Virginia Rail          Rallus virginianus
 19   Gull                   Larus argentatus smithsonianus
 20   Swan                   Olor columbianus
 21   Snow Goose             Chen hyperborea nivalis
 22   Ptarmigan              Lagopus repestris
 23   Horned Owl             Bubo virginianus
 24   Purple Gallinule       Ionornis martinica
 25   Curlew                 Numenius longirestris
 26   Capercalzee            Tetrao urogallus
 27   Passenger Pigeon       Ectopistes migratorius
 28   White Owl              Nycrea nycrea
 29   Old Squaw              Clangula hyemalia
 30   Pelican                Pelecanus erythrorhynchus

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