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New Kids on the Block (2nd Series)
Topps/Big Step - 1990

Note:  This one seemed to be a little bit easier than the first series, because there
are only two variations in background/border for the cards and stickers.  But it
is getting complicated again because we can't find a second version for about a
dozen of the cards, and maybe only one version exists. That would be a change
from the "philosophy" they used in the first set. Card and sticker backs are
identical within the front variation sets.  Thus, a complete variation set may
contain up to 156 cards plus 22 stickers.  I hope the descriptions of the variations
are usable without having all of the other variations handy. I have a complete
regular set, but I'm missing some of the variations, so help in describing them
would be appreciated. Does anybody out there care, except me and Ray?

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 3.27 per box if collation were perfect.
Variation sets: approx. 1.63 per box, but don't expect one.

No.   Title                       Variation 1             Variation 2

 89   The Long Road               ripples right           star lower right
 90   Fun Bunch                   spikes right            ?
 91   Smart Danny                 star bottom left        light top
 92   Chopper Hoppers             half star mid top       ?
 93   Danny Wood                  half star mid left      ?
 94   Thanks Mom!                 small color upper L,R   white mountains bottom
 95   Young Joe                   star upper left         ?
 96   Just Say No                 half star, mntns right  ?
 97   Jordan Knight               half star top           single spike upper R
 98   Picture Perfect             fuzzy half star left    ?
 99   Bros                        half star bottom right  single spike upper L
100   Joe Pro                     fuzzy blob left         ?
101   Jordan Knight               clear left              half star lower L
102   No Joke                     single spike lower R    star center left
103   Pinball Wizard              smooth dark lower R     ?
104   Down with Racism!           star upper right        ?
105   Keep Your Head              single spike center R   spikes upper left
106   Love Those Fans             half star top center    half star top right
107   Street Wise                 half star top left      ?
108   Where'd You Get That Style  clear bottom            ?
109   Hard Workers                hazy right middle       half star right middle
110   Homesick                    hazy left               ?
111   Model Son                   hazy top                ?
112   Showtime!                   4 spikes left           ?
113   Be Donnie's Friend          star left lower         star left upper
114   Danny Wood                  star left upper         half star top center
115   Jonathan Knight             clear bottom            ?
116   Carried Away                half star top middle    ?
117   Character Building          hazy top                half star top center
118   Hope for the Future         hazy half star top ctr  ?
119   Jordan's Dream              half star right top     vertical spikes top
120   NKOTB Quiz #21              2 stars top             ?
121   NKOTB Quiz #22              star bottom left        star left near bottom
122   NKOTB Quiz #23              spikes left top         ?
123   NKOTB Quiz #24              single spike right      star left top
124   NKOTB Quiz #25              half star top center    2 spikes left
125   NKOTB Quiz #26              half star top at left   ?
126   NKOTB Quiz #27              half star top center    mountains right top
127   NKOTB Quiz #28              star bottom center      ?
128   NKOTB Quiz #29              single spike right      star left top
129   NKOTB Quiz #30              clear left              star bottom left
130   New Album                   dark left               ?
131   Body Building               mountains left          hazy right
132   Don't Hurt Him              star top center-R       ?
133   Mean Streets                star right middle       spike top right
134   Jonathan Knight             star bottom center      clear bottom
135   Job Well Done               small spikes right      star right middle
136   Heard Saying...             2 stars right           ?
137   C'mon Down!                 mountains bottom R      hazy bottom
138   Male Mail                   hazy star top center    ?
139   Come Together               clear top               ?
140   Fame Game                   half star top center    2 stars upper left
141   Lonely Guys                 star bottom right       spikes right
142   Peacemaker                  hazy top                ?
143   So Little Time              half star top right     ?
144   Heard Saying...             dark bottom             ?
145   Spicy Smiles                star top near right     single spike left
146   Jonathan Knight             star bottom left        half star right middle
147   Peace Lover                 dark left               ?
148   New Album                   4 spikes left           ?
149   Maurice Starr               star top left           smooth right
150   Danny Wood                  star top left           smooth right
151   Joe's Family                smooth bottom           mountains top left
152   Message to Fans             dark bottom             ?
153   Cookie Lover                2 spikes left lower     star top near right
154   Aware and Concerned         hazy bottom             mountains top left
155   Not Perfect                 star top middle         2 spikes left
156   Sacrifice                   hazy bottom             star bottom near R
157   Winners!                    hazy right              ?
158   Respect                     hazy bottom             ?
159   He Tries!                   clear bottom            hazy top
160   NKOTB Quiz #31              star right near top     star bottom left
161   NKOTB Quiz #32              2 spikes left near top  star bottom center
162   NKOTB Quiz #33              spike top at right      star right center
163   NKOTB Quiz #34              dark bottom             ?
164   NKOTB Quiz #35              half star right center  ?
165   NKOTB Quiz #36              hazy bottom             ?
166   NKOTB Quiz #37              star top center-right   ?
167   NKOTB Quiz #38              hazy left               ?
168   NKOTB Quiz #39              star right center       hazy right
169   NKOTB Quiz #40              dark left               ?
170   Donnie's Wish               hazy top                star top center
171   Giving Guys                 clear hazy left         clear hazy top
172   Phone Calls                 clear hazy bottom       ?
173   Together                    blurry bottom           ?
174   Turning Point               dark bottom             ?
175   Old Times                   spike bottom near R     mountains bottom
176   Do Good                     mountains top at L      star left center


12    Danny                       right red/yellow        right yellow
13    Donnie                      left yellow/purple      left red/yellow
14    Jonathan                    left yellow/red         left yellow/purple
15    Jordan                      left yellow             left purple/yellow
16    Joe                         left yellow/red         left yellow/purple
17    Jordan                      left red/yellow         left yellow/purple
18    New Kids on the Block       left purple/yellow      left red/purple
19    Danny                       top purple/red          top red
20    New Kids on the Block       right yellow            right red/yellow
21    Donnie                      top purple              top red/purple
22    New Kids on the Block       top purple/yellow       top red

©2000, 2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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