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Nice or Nasty Valentines
   Topps - 1971

Notes:  These cards include sticker cutouts with words that can be pasted  into 
boxes on the card front to assemble a message that can be mailed as a postcard. 
The "blanks" are shown below as "--".

No.   Caption

  1   Dear -- When I dream of you, I wake up --  because
  2   Dear --, Sorry that you are --, I hope you -- soon
  3   Dear Valentine, your face is a -- and your figure
  4   Dear Valentine, I would like to give you a -- for
  5   Dear --, you remind me of an exotic --. I would li
  6   Dear --, I saw you last night when you -- out of y
  7   Dear Valentine, I missed -- when you -- by my hous
  8   Dear Valentine, everyone knows you have -- but I k
  9   Dear --, I'd like to take you to a -- tonight. Whe
 10   Dear Valentine, altho it's winter, when I see you
 11   Dear Valentine, you have such big red -- that I lo
 12   Dear Valentine, I always want to -- you the way yo
 13   Dear -- If you blow -- I will -- you on the lips a
 14   Dear Valentine, you have such a -- face and it goe
 15   Dear --, you are a -- human -- I would like to --
 16   Dear --, I can't -- when you're near me. You have
 17   Dear Valentine, I saw a -- that reminded me of you
 18   Dear --, you make me -- when I see you. The air sm
 19   Dear --, please be my --. If I had a -- like you,
 20   Dear Valentine, you are a -- to me. I love the big
 21   Dear --, please be my --. I love to -- your face b
 22   Dear -- Your physique makes me -- and your mind is
 23   Dear --, you ought to be in -- where everyone can
 24   Dear --, I'm so lucky to have a -- like you. When
 25   Dear Valentine, you can take your -- because you are --.
 26   Dear --, you are the -- person I ever -- I wish yo
 27   Dear Valentine, I admire your huge -- and I would
 28   Dear --, you must have been a beautiful -- because
 29   Dear Valentine, you remind me of --. Your face is
 30   Dear --, I'd like to take you a -- and -- you on t
 31   Dear --, I think your face is -- and your figure i
 32   Dear --, when I look in your eyes I see --. When y
 33   Dear --, if I had one wish, I'd wish you'd --. I w

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