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Upper Deck - 2004

Note:   The low-number lenticular cards are more scarce than the higher numbered
cards, and will limit the ability to complete a full set. Further information is posted 
at the Upper Deck website.

Box: 24 packs of 4 cards (31-130) + 1 lenticular card (1-30) + 1 information card.
Sets with lenticulars (130): approximately 0.80 per box.
Sets without lenticulars (100): 0.96 per box.

  No.    Title / Text / Description

Fairly OddParents Cards (Lenticular: 1 per pack)

NT-01    (body building)
NT-02    (orating)
NT-03    (scolding)
NT-04    (dogs transforming)
NT-05    (papa pillow)
NT-06    (worm surround)
NT-07    (hovercrafts)
NT-08    (classroom)
NT-09    (dog hatcher)
NT-10    (pencil and eraser)
NT-11    (note pad)
NT-12    (whirlpool fish)
NT-13    (fishbowl)
NT-14    (octopus wheel)
NT-15    (jumping rope)
NT-16    (fancy legwork)
NT-17    (snapped by sea beast)
NT-18    (puddle tripping)
NT-19    (class to lunch)
NT-20    (email)
NT-21    (motor scooter)
NT-22    (brighter wand)
NT-23    Love! Concern!
NT-24    (planted unicorns)
NT-25    (young love)
NT-26    (fainting spell)
NT-27    (facing Hercules)
NT-28    (to goldfish)
NT-29    (duck driving)
NT-30    (magic tricks)

Character Cards

   The Fairly OddParents!

NT-31    A.J.
NT-32    Bucky McBadbat
NT-33    Charles Hampton Indigo
NT-34    Chester
NT-35    Cosmo
NT-36    Dad
NT-37    Doidle
NT-38    Dr. Bender
NT-39    Francis
NT-40    Jorgen Von Strangle
NT-41    Juandissimo
NT-42    Mark Chang
NT-43    Mom
NT-44    Mr. Crocker
NT-45    Principal Waxelplax
NT-46    The Crimson Chin
NT-47    Timmy
NT-48    Tootie
NT-49    Trixie Tang
NT-50    Vicky
NT-51    Wanda

   SpongeBob Squarepants

NT-52    Barnacleboy
NT-53    Bubble Bass
NT-54    Flats
NT-55    Gary
NT-56    Jellyfish
NT-57    Larry Lobster
NT-58    Mermaidman
NT-59    Mr. Krabs
NT-60    Mrs. Puff
NT-61    Patrick
NT-62    Pearl
NT-63    Plankton
NT-64    Sandy
NT-65    SpongeBob
NT-66    SpongeBob's Grandma
NT-67    Squidward
NT-68    The Flying Dutchman

   The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

NT-69    Carl Wheezer
NT-70    Cindy Vortex
NT-71    Goddard
NT-72    Jet Fusion
NT-73    Jimmy Neutron
NT-74    Professor Calamitous
NT-75    Sheen
NT-76    Libby
NT-77    Nick Dean

   Rocket Power

NT-78    Otto Rocket
NT-79    Ray Rocket
NT-80    Reggie Rocket
NT-81    Sam Dullard
NT-82    Tito Makani
NT-83    Twister Rodriguez
NT-84    Lars
NT-85    Eddie, Prince of the Netherworld


NT-86    2-Headed Juju
NT-87    Flora
NT-88    Jibolba
NT-89    Tak
NT-90    Tlaloc

Adventures Gone Wrong

NT-91    When Mr. Krabs buys air time to advertise the
NT-92    Squidward gets SpongeBob's competitive juices
NT-93    With a treasure map in hand and a pirate ship
NT-94    After a day of Jellyfishing, SpongeBob shares
NT-95    SpongeBob has almost rid Bikini Bottom of jell
NT-96    SpongeBob and Sandy have a friendly karate mat
NT-97    One day while jellyfishing, SpongeBob wishes t
NT-98    Timmy must travel to Yugopotaimia to rescue hi
NT-99    As Timmy's parents prepare to ditch town for a
NT-100   Cosmo and Wanda give Timmy a shrinking suit to
NT-101   After their big fight, Cosmo leaves Wanda with
NT-102   As Timmy's parents prepare for their anniversa
NT-103   Timmy is sick of being a kid; Cosmo and Wanda
NT-104   An email telling Timmy's feelings about Trixie
NT-105   Timmy has a history report to do, and looks to
NT-106   Timmy's not happy with school. He's got a big
NT-107   Jimmy Neutron wins a coveted place on public a
NT-108   Jimmy invents a smart chip to make his pants s
NT-109   The Rocket Power gang have traveled all the wa
NT-110   Josh has moved to Ocean Shores and is looking

SpongeBob Sports Cards

NT-111   Whenever Sandy feels like a karate sparring ma
NT-112   Since most of SpongeBob's efforts to fly with
NT-113   Thrill seeker that he is, SpongeBob can't resi
NT-114   SpongeBob is, without doubt, the goofiest of a
NT-115   SpongeBob is fondly known to all as "The Brill
NT-116   Patrick Star prefers the warm waters of his Bi
NT-117   Of all the sports played in Bikini Bottom, bas
NT-118   Sandy is an avid surfer, and loves to join Spo
NT-119   Sandy is doubly dangerous: not only is she fro
NT-120   Souldward doesn't really have the killer insti

Guess Who?

NT-121   What characters are friendly, faithful, and ut
NT-122   What older kid makes life miserable for Timmy?
NT-123   Who is SpongeBob's best friend? Jimmy Neutron'
NT-124   Name the girl who defines "grrrl power" in Bik
NT-125   Whether it be dealing with the mishaps of a fr
NT-126   One's an extreme athlete who's totally Zen at
NT-127   These business owners sling the hash that keep
NT-128   One's a mother, one's a fairy Godmother. One f
NT-129   One wears protective head gear when he goalies
NT-130   This fairy godfather usually messes up more th

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   --    NickToons Trading Cards (dealer sell sheet)

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