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Nightmare Trading Cards
   Kilian Enterprises - 1991

Notes: This set features the films and commentary from late-night screenings 
of horror films on KSAS Fox-24 in Wichita, Kansas, starring The Host and 
Rodney. Card fronts are black-and-white screen shots. Backs for cards 1-9 
form a 3x3 puzzle; other card backs relate notable moments from the shows. 
Usually issued as a complete polybagged set.

No.   Title

 --   Nightmare Trading Cards [Title Card]

  1   Cadaverous Crustacean
  2   Hautgeur of Horrorrorr
  3   Gregarious Gryphon
  4   Soporific Soliloquy
  5   Supercilious Satyr
  6   Grandiloqueous Gremlin
  7   A Rugose Rodent
  8   Morose Mongoose
  9   Puzzled Polliwog
 10   The Boy Sprouts
 11   Trinkets and Treasures
 12   Twas Knife Afore Crispneff
 13   Sillybobbles
 14   The Varmint Vanishes
 15   The Prodigal Polliwog
 16   The Transformation
 17   Burgeoning Surgeons
 18   Bobbin Leeches
 19   The Nailman
 20   the Infernal Residue Man
 21   A Bacchanalia Is Afoot!
 22   Malefic Molar
 23   Omnivorous Ogre
 24   Roisterous Reveler
 25   Ghoulish Gargoyle

 --   Special Card Offer!


Autograph Cards (mail-in offer)

 #1   The Host
 #2   Rodney

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