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The Nightmare Before Christmas
SkyBox - 1993

Note:  Thanks much to Michael Kartchner for the checklist!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.18 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title/Caption

Story Cards

  1   A tale of well-meaning skeleton's dream
  2   To Halloweentown we go!
  3   "This is Halloween!"
  4   A celebration
  5   Everyone sings
  6   "Great Halloween, everybody."
  7   Alone against a tombstone
  8   Jack and his faithful ghost dog, Zero
  9   The master of surprise
 10   Afraid to be seen
 11   Tired of screams
 12   Emptiness in his bones
 13   Jack's tears
 14   "I know how you feel."
 15   "you've come back."
 16   There's no answer
 17   Jack is nowhere to be found
 18   "Someplace new."
 19   "What is this?"
 20   Jack opens the door
 21   "What's this?"
 22   Could this be a dream
 23   Jack stumbles into Christmastown
 24   Songs, laughter and happiness
 25   Everyone's alive!
 26   So much fun!
 27   Excitedly exploring
 28   Jack's ecstatic
 29   No ghouls or witches
 30   "Sounds the alarms."
 31   Deadly Night Shade
 32   Suspicious soup
 33   "What's that weird machine?"
 34   "Call a town meeting!"
 35   A buzz is in the air
 36   "Listen everyone."
 37   Sandy Claws
 38   "There's got to be a way."
 39   Jack and his experiments
 40   Sally's potion
 41   Christmas formulas
 42   Sally's vision
 43   "This year Christmas will be ours!"
 44   "Kidnap the Sandy Claws."
 45   A private armory
 46   A box with a note attached
 47   A deadly surprise
 48   On their way
 49   A warning
 50   "We caught him!"
 51   Making Christmas
 52   Naughty and nice
 53   "Trick or treat!"
 54   "But you're the Pumpkin King."
 55   "This time we bagged him!"
 56   Sally's plan
 57   Zero with his nose so bright
 58   Jack begins his descent
 59   Crash landing
 60   Blissfully unaware
 61   The terror continues
 62   People are frantic
 63   Jack is in trouble
 64   To Oogie Boogie's dungeon
 65   The meanest gut in Halloweentown
 66   No prayer
 67   No Match
 68   Jack races to set things right
 69   Toward the cemetery
 70   Newfound love

Character Cards

 71   Jack Skellington
 72   Sally
 73   Zero
 74   Oogie Boogie
 75   The Mayor
 76   Dr. Finklestein, the evil scientist
 77   Lock
 78   Shock
 79   Barrel

Behind The Scenes

 80   "Singed and shredded."
 81   Gambling Man
 82   A Fabricator Applies Finishing Touches
 83   A Fascinating Three-Dimensional World
 84   Jack's Emotions
 85   Oogie Boogie
 86   The Intricate Process of Stop-Motion Animation
 87   Creating Structure
 88   The Illusion of Flight

 89   Checklist A
 90   Checklist B


Spectra Cards (1:18 packs)

SP1   Songs, laughter and happiness
SP2   Sandy Claws
SP3   Newfound love
SP4   No prayer


 S1   Skybox International is proud ...

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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