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The Nightmare of Warfare
   W. S. Corp - 1938

Notes: Title punctuation is synchronized to card fronts, which feature artwork in 
primary colors; card backs have descriptive text. Many believe that this series, 
usually distributed in vending machines, was conceived to build on the success of 
the Horrors of War series. American Card Catalog reference is R99. Scans are posted 
at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

901   Scene of first fighting in present China-Jap war. Marco Polo Bridge.
902   Jap forces resisted by Chinese "Big Sword" Corps.
903   U. S. Marine Hit by "Wild Shot"
904   Tientsin Bombed by Japanese
905   Jap plans shot down by Chinese pursuers.
906   Woosung Japanese Suicide Squad
907   Ancient walls of Paoshan being blown down.
908   British Troops and refugees fired on by Tokio Tank.
909   "Famous Panay Incident"
910   20 Patriotic Nudists
911   Japanse flagship attacked in Whangpoo
912   Chinese City Bombed by Chinese
913   Japanese trapped at Nankow Pass
914   Passengers on Shanghai Trolley killed by bombs.
915   Shell Burst on Anchored U. S. S. Augusta
916   Passenger Train Attacked by Japanese Airmen
917   Chinese Girl Scout "Does Her Good Deed"
918   Chinese Orphanage Bombed by Japanese
919   Spanish Reds Shoot Fascist Mourners
920   Government territory bombed by Spanish Insurgents
921   Alcazar at Toledo Beseiged by Loyalists.
922   Madrid children at play killed by big shells.
923   Ethiopians Terrified by Italian Bombs
924   Ethiopians Annihilated by Air Attack
925   Rebel battleship "Espana" sunk off Sanlander by planes.
926   Japanese advance at Shanghai, U.S. Zone bombed.
927   "Pirate" sub attacks British destroyer
928   Loyalist planes raid Palma and Majorca.
929   Insurgent planes bomb Guadalajara in attempt to sever railroad.
930   Spanish Insurgents cannonade Madrid.
931   Bombs slaughter Spanish civilians.
932   Japs trap battalion of Chinese.
933   Blockade of China Coast.
934   Japs bomb British Statesmen in automobiles.
935   Japs take Nunkow post.
936   Truckful of Chinese soldiers murdered by Jap machine gun fire.
937   Death over Barcelona.
938   Women rout red army during seige of Alcazar.
939   Japanese capture Tsingtoo.
940   Hidden mines explode killing Jap soldiers at Whangpoo.
941   Brritish boats hit by Japanese bombers.
942   90 Japanese planes make air raid on Nanking.
943   U. S. Marines Halt Japanese in defense of American Zone.
944   Spanish Rebels bomb Teruel front.
945   German Army invades Austria.
946   Germany Takes Possession of Austria.
947   Chinese recapture Yulinstsun and Mayi from Japs.
948   The fall of Gijon to Spanish Rebels.

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