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Not a Lie from My Mouth
Kitchen Sink Press - 1993

Notes: Distributed as a boxed factory set; cards measure 3-3/4" x 2-3/4". "Not a
Lie from my Mouth is an expedition to the Duplex Planet in 36 duotone cards
featuring questions posed by David Greenberger to nursing home residents which
reveal their innate wit, charm and armchair philosophies."

No.   Question                                                                 Responder                   Artist

 1    Do you sing in the shower?                                               John Cipriano               Dan Clowes
 2    Which are smarter, cats or dogs?                                         Jack Mudurian               Doug Allen
 3    What do you think about the new artificial heart?                        Gil Greene                  Gary Lieb
 4    What do you do to relax when you're tense or upset?                      Henry Turner                Dan Clowes
 5    If a large status were made of you, where would you want it displayed?   Earl Davis                  Wayno
 6    How you doin'?                                                           Arthur Wallace              Mark Martin
 7    What do you know about the Death of a salesman?                          Ernest Noyes Brookings      Jim Woodring
 8    Do you like Picasso?                                                     Bill Niemi                  Drew Friedman
 9    Did the future turn out the way you thought it would?                    Viljo Lehto                 Jaime Hernandez
10    What would you do if you were President?                                 Abe Surgecoff               Dan Clowes
11    What's a dude?                                                           Bill Hughes                 Doug Allen
12    What's Pizzazz?                                                          Bill Niemi                  J.D. King
13    Why do people kiss?                                                      Bob Shirey                  Jaime Hernandez
14    Do you have good luck?                                                   Leo Germino                 Jim Woodring
15    Which do you prefer, coffee or meat?                                     William "Fergie" Ferguson   Dean Rohrer
16    What's your earliest memory?                                             Dora Gurkewitz              Jim Woodring
17    What's the wildest party you were ever at?                               Ann Rapp                    Gary Lieb
18    Who is your favorite saxophone player?                                   Arthur Labrack              Drew Friedman
19    What do you like to do in the summer?                                    Walter McGeorge             Jim Woodring
20    What's the worst job you ever had?                                       Arthur Labrack              Dean Rohrer
21    What's wrong with artists?                                               Jack Mudurian               Gary Lieb
22    Did you ever have a broken heart?                                        Herbie Caldwell             J.D. King
23    What can robots do?                                                      Larry Green                 Drew Friedman
24    What's a fuzztone?                                                       Ken Eglin                   Doug Allen
25    Does everything belong to someone?                                       William "Fergie" Ferguson   J.D. King
26    What's the difference between prison and jail?                           Francis McElroy             Dan Clowes
27    Why is Jerry Lewis so popular in France?                                 Jack Mudurian               Dean Rohrer
28    How did Bingo get its name?                                              Ernest Noyes Brookings      Wayno
29    When will Hell freeze over?                                              Abe Surgecoff               Gary Lieb
30    What kind of food would you want named after you?                        Jack Mudurian               Doug Allen
31    What's your favorite comic?                                              Neil Henderson              Mark Martin
32    What's the most difficult thing you ever made?                           Mildred Makofsky            Dan Clowes
33    Why did dinosaurs become extinct?                                        Bill Niemi                  Dean Rohrer
34    Why do people yell?                                                      Frank Kanslasky             Wayno
35    Do you get embarrassed?                                                  John Lowthers               Mark Martin
36    What do you know about cavemen?                                          Frank Hooker                Jaime Hernandez

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (36-card panel)

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