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Nutty Awards
Topps - 1964

Notes:  Cards are approximately 5-1/4" x 3-1/8", and feature "award 
certificates" on one side and postcard format on the other.

No.   Title

  1   Idiot Award
  2   Most Unlikely To Succeed Award
  3   Right to be Nasty Award
  4   Permit to Use the Phone
  5   Juvenile Delinquency Award
  6   Coward's License
  7   Cheater's License
  8   Permit to Be a Pig
  9   Most Unpoular Student Award
 10   Back Seat Driver's License
 11   License to Take Over TV Set
 12   Dishonorable Discharge
 13   Dog License
 14   Rat Fink Award
 15   Cheapskate License
 16   Squealer's License
 17   Conceit Award
 18   Loony Driver Permit
 19   Liars License
 20   Lateness Award
 21   Disgusting Eater License
 22   Teacher's Pet Award
 23   Slob Award
 24   Permit to Stay Up Late
 25   Know-it-All License
 26   Permit Not to Do Homework
 27   Great Lover License
 28   Free Testing License
 29   Truancy License
 30   Stupid Student Award
 31   Pain in the Neck License
 32   Bull Thrower's Award

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