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Olivia 3: Ladies, Leather & Lace
Comic Images - 1994

Notes:  Thanks much to LMA, Jan Burns Cederquist, and Susan O'Fearna 
for updates!  Wayne Paton reports (thanks!) that this set (like many others 
produced by Comic Images) may have variation cards; in particular, he finds 
card #34 with very different background coloring (deep purpls versus light 

Box: 48 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.29 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.   Text                                      Subset

    1   Olivia has painted the female form ever   Blond Bombshells #3 of 6
    2   In the early stages of her career, Oliv
    3   Olivia works slowly and meticulously. S
    4   While Olivia's preference of completely
    5   Olivia's husband, Joel, executes all of   Oh, You Animal! #2 of 6
    6   Olivia's reference photos are processed
    7   For Olivia, the drawing stage of a pain
    8   Olivia's process of redrawing the initi   Headwear #3 of 6
    9   Olivia has no real favorites among her    Tall & Tender #5 of 6
   10   Olivia attended parochial schools when
   11   Soon after dropping out of art school,
   12   Although Olivia doubted her own illustr
   13   In 1977, After several years of selling   Headwear #5 of 6
   14   O Cards currently markets more than 150
   15   Olivia's most recent success is the pub
   16   Olivia lived with a minimalist artist f   Tall & Tender #4 of 6
   17   It was only after Olivia began receivin
   18   Olivia's first experiences with the air
   19   Before using live models, Olivia would
   20   Olivia has painted a cache of tattooed    Oh, You Animal! #1 of 6
   21   Olivia's fascination with tattoos began
   22   Olivia works in a variety of media, but
   23   A recent show of Olivia's art at the Ta   Tall & Tender #3 of 6
   24   Olivia's work habits belie her unfocuse
   25   Olivia and her husband, Joel, live in a
   26   Olivia's art has moved away from pure e
   27   Olivia enjoys working where she lives a
   28   Olivia often gets swept away in her art
   29   Olivia confirms that she often cannot c
   30   Olivia defines herself--and her niche i
   31   Although Olivia's current work rarely i
   32   Olivia's artistic influences include Va   Blond Bombshells #4 of 6
   33   Olivia received a personal note of cong   Oh, You Animal! #4 of 6
   34   Olivia confirms that she often restrain
   35   Olivia hoards no private works; she say
   36   Even though she's surrounded by the sen
   37   Olivia and Joel met several of their fr
   38   Olivia was introduced to one of her all   Tall & Tender #6 of 6
   39   Olivia regrets leaving art school befor
   40   Some of Olivia's favorite paintings fea
   41   When Olivia first began illustrating wo
   42   Olivia and Joel collect antique French    Headwear #6 of 6
   43   Olivia has experienced different period   Blond Bombshells #6 of 6
   44   One of Olivia's most favorite and famou
   45   Olivia has done some movie poster work,   Headwear #1 of 6
   46   Olivia occasionally uses photographs fr
   47   Olivia's art has been featured on one a
   48   Olivia resisted ttling her work for som   Tall & Tender #1 of 6
   49   Most Olivia pieces featuring Rhonda Rid   Oh, You Animal! #3 of 6
   50   Olivia threw the camera--and the respon
   51   Olivia admits the proliferation of comp
   52   Olivia considers everything that has vi
   53   Olivia deems the faces in her paintings
   54   Olivia recalls her fascination with wom
   55   Olivia was first officially recognized
   56   Olivia concedes to attempting to re-cre
   57   Olivia remembers her father bringing st   Blond Bombshells #2 of 6
   58   Olivia describes her childhood life as
   59   Being an only child contributed to Oliv
   60   Despite her vivid, aggressive painting
   61   "I think all of my models are beautiful
   62   Olivia's first portfolio was done in bl   Oh, You Animal! #6 of 6
   63   Olivia met her husband, Joel, in New Yo
   64   When he met Olivia, Joel hoped to help
   65   In the Foreword to Let Them Eat Cheesec
   66   Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner confides th
   67   Olivia concedes that every beginning ar   Headwear #4 of 6
   68   Olivia comes from a long line of artist
   69   "The process of creating a painting tha
   70   Some of Olivia's most striking art feat   Blond Bombshells #5 of 6
   71   Although Olivia works mostly with color   Headwear #2 of 6
   72   Olivia has done work for several mainst
   73   Olivia and her husband, Joel, estimate
   74   Olivia is pleased with the diversity of
   75   "Being beautiful, young and thin is not   Tall & Tender #2 of 6
   76   Olivia classifies her paintings broadly
   77   Olivia puts a great emphasis on the nee
   78   Olivia's media of choice are: Winsor &
   79   Olivia, on her paint preferences: "Oils
   80   "I feel extremely lucky to be able to s
   81   "I see the subjects in my paintings as
   82   Olivia says that, when she met her husb
   83   One of Olivia's most popular pieces is
   84   Olivia did a follow-up to her hit 1980
   85   Olivia on one of her favorite stars, Jo
   86   "There is something about peeping throu
   87   Olivia was intensely moved by a show at   Oh, You Animal! #5 of 6
   88   Olivia's two Siamese cats, Buffalo and    Blond Bombshells #1 of 6
   89   Olivia's artistic gift is apparently no
   90   "Male artists tend to do the predictabl


HoloChrome Cards (1:16 packs)


Bella Studies Subset (1:48 packs)

1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3

Uncut 6-up Panels (Case Bonus)

  ---   Headwear
  ---   Blonde Bombshells
  ---   Oh, You Animal!
  ---   Tall & Tender

Autographed Card (500 issued)

Medallion Card (2 per case)


  ---   (image from card 19; unnumbered; general distribution and as insert in
           Melting Pot boxes, outside box but inside shrink-wrap)
  ---   (Color promo poster, box-topper in Melting Pot)

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