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Olivia '98
   Comic Images - 1998

Note:  Thanks much to Will Allred for the original list and to Steve Yoder for updates!

Box: 30 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.89 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Model: Text

Olivia on Technique

     1   Shauna:  "I remember when I first started my caree
     2   Jia Ling:  "You have to experiment and work though
     3   Kathleen Conway:  "It is hard to write down instin
     4   Sandra:  "On her earlier acrylic paintings, Olivia
     5   "I'm trying to escape over-using the air brush, wh
     6   Bella:  "I try to combine a predominance of brush
     7   Julie:  "On recent acrylic paintings, Olivia says,
     8   Rhonda Ridley:  "On the type of board Olivia paint
     9   Rhonda Ridley:  "I outline the image and start to
    10   Julie:  "I obsessively keep bringing in the image
    11   Rhonda Ridley:  "Glazing is used to bring the dead
    12   Julie:  "I work on a drawing until I'm satisfied.
    13   Sandra:  "I paint in a light outline, with Winsor-
    14   Julie:  "I use a sable brush, and in my left hand
    15   Kathleen Conway:  "If you are patient, you will se
    16   Shauna:  "I like to use my air brush as a polishin
    17   Julie:  "My black backgrounds are painted with a v
    18   Blayne:  "On looser painting combining water color
    19   Rhonda Ridley:  "On looser paintings, Olivia state
    20   Shauna O'Brien:  "On certain gouache paintings, "S

Joel Says

    21   Rhonda:  "Joel Beren is not only Olivia's husband
    22   Julie:  "Joel claims he was born a collector:  bot
    23   Julie:  "In New York, Joel, before he met Olivia,
    24   Rhonda Ridley:  "Frankly, I wasn't very interested
    25   Rhonda:  "One day a friend showed me a portfolio o
    26   Rhonda:  "This friend knew that I collected erotic
    27   Rhonda:  "Suddenly I had a reason, a purpose and g
    28   Rhonda:  "I became Olivia's promoter, publisher, m
    29   Rhonda:  "We have a uniquely satisfying relationsh
    30   Rhonda:  "I was reluctant initially to involve mys
    31   Rhonda:  "For the first time in my life, I had a p
    32   Rhonda: Ridley  "Frankly, I was making more money,
    33   Julie:  "I saw Olivia's talents, in their early st
    34   Rhonda Ridley:  "It quickly became clear to me, th
    35   Julie:  "By creating a small publishing business,
    36   Julie:  "Her inquisitive nature, which remains und
    37   Bella:  "Olivia is, by nature, never satisfied wit
    38   Rhonda Ridley:  "She tends often to dislike her ow
    39   Julie:  "I love all of her work, admittedly in var
    40   Rhonda Ridley:  "It is an endless source of pleasu
    41   Sandra:  "I love being a part of creating somethin
    42   Julie & Shauna:  "There certainly is enough ugline


    43   Sandra:  "Olivia's first book, "Let Them Eat Chees
    44   "Olivia's second book, "Second Slice," brings chee

Olivia's Models

    45   Erika:  "On Erika Andersch - "You may know her fro
    46   Erika:  "On Erika Andersch - "She has great streng
    47   Cindy:  "On Cindy Daguerre - "Cindy is a descendan
    48   Bella:  "On Bella Schol - "I'll always love to pai
    49   Bella:  "On Bella Schol - "I've been painting her
    50   Bella:  "On Bella Schol - "Bella now resides perma
    51   Pamela:  "On Pamela Anderson - "One thing that all
    52   "On great sex idols - "They know what is inherentl
    53   "On great sex idols - "I always thought Marilyn Mo
    54   "On sex queens - "Most people don't get the joke w
    55   Pamela:  "On Pamela Anderson - "Pamela has now bec
    56   Cindy:  "On Cindy Daguerre - "Cindy's face has a v
    57   Cindy:  "On Cindy Daguerre - "It's this anger in h
    58   Julie:  "On Julie Strain - "I had been doing a lot
    59   Julie:  "On Julie Strain - "Julie Strain is right
    60   Julie:  "On Julie Strain - "I've only been paintin
    61   Julie:  "On Julie Strain - "She has a large, aggre
    62   Florice:  "On Florice Houde - "Florice is a unique
    63   Florice:  "On Florice Houde - "She has a strong se
    64   Sandra:  "On Sandra Taylor - "Sandra is great fun
    65   Sandra:  "On Sandra Taylor - "Sandra is one of my
    66   Sandra:  "On Sandra Taylor - "She has this natural
    67   Sandra:  "On Sandra Taylor - "When I paint Sandra,

Ramblings from Olivia

    68   Julie:  "I used to mesmerized by the old movie que
    69   Bella:  " I know we have many roles, but seductres
    70   Julie:  "There is a fine line between vulgarity an
    71   Julie:  "When men paint women, they are painting w
    72   Checklist


Digital Oil on Canvas Cards (1:15 packs)


Autographed Cards (500 signed)
   Fakes have been reported. Description applies to authentic cards.

   --    Olivia [signed in silver ink]

Case-Topper Card

   --    (6-up uncut sheet)

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    (binder)


Card 1   Olivia - The world's greatest living pin-up artist
Card 2   Olivia - The world's greatest living pin-up artist

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