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Olivia's Lucky Ladies Playing Cards
  -- featuring Bettie Page
BMP Productions - 2002 (?)

Note: The card set has been re-released, with at least two different box designs but with 
the same card images.

Card    Image


 A S    (black straps)
 2 S    (black lingerie on bed)
 3 S    (left profile)
 4 S    (mirror and comb)
 5 S    (pointing to cheek)
 6 S    (running in heels)
 7 S    Fantastique
 8 S    (raising hair, from front)
 9 S    (white shawl, leaning back)
10 S    (blue bullet bra)
 J S    (French maid)
 Q S    (white stiletto chair)
 K S    (Nurse Bettie)


 A H    (pink Marilyn)
 2 H    (black handspring)
 3 H    (black right profile)
 4 H    (red heart)
 5 H    (black, white drawers)
 6 H    (sepia right profile)
 7 H    (headlock)
 8 H    (sunburst hair)
 9 H    (black back tattoo)
10 H    (red/brown high collar)
 J H    (heart cushion)
 Q H    (red devil)
 K H    (red Santa)


 A D    (riding cowgirl)
 2 D    (in black hugging sofa)
 3 D    (sepia stripes)
 4 D    (upright in silver)
 5 D    (hair up, sepia bra)
 6 D    (sitting cowgirl)
 7 D    (whip on rug)
 8 D    (black stiletto chair)
 9 D    (black and red cat)
10 D    (red hair bullet bra)
 J D    (all red)
 Q D    (chewing whip)
 K D    (red, black heels)


 A C    (arms crossed with whip)
 2 C    (black kneeling, landscape)
 3 C    (black opaque)
 4 C    (leopard hug)
 5 C    (tan/pink harem pants)
 6 C    (right knee black)
 7 C    (standing black with whip)
 8 C    (black mermaid)
 9 C    (camo shirt)
10 C    (head shot in orange)
 J C    (holding shoe)
 Q C    (tiger wallpaper)
 K C    (teacher)

Joker   (black)
Joker   (red)

  --    (catalog order card)
  --    (box)

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