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Olivia: Metamorphosis
Comic Images - 2002

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards on 24-point stock.
Common sets: approx. 3.46 per box if collation were perfect.

     No.    Card Text

       1    Olivia's first book, "Let Them Eat Cheesecake
       2    Olvia's middle name is Amanda.
       3    A catalogue raisonné, the history of all publi
       4    "Olivia's Cheesecake Chronicles #1", her third
       5    Olivia's work hangs in the Great Hall of the P
       6    Olivia began supplying illustrations for Playb
       7    Hugh Hefner is quoed as saying that Olivia is
       8    When Olivia first started painting, she liked
       9    Olivia met her model, Bella, when Bella was pa
      10    Olivia first painted Bettie Page in 1977.
      11    Olivia was much affected by the works of Vienn
      12    During the first 10 years of her career, Olivi
      13    Olivia's husband, Joel Beren, photographs her
      14    A good photo shoot can often yield dozens of u
      15    Olivia has redrawn a sketch as often as 30 tim
      16    Olivia primarily uses Windsor & Newton brand o
      17    Olivia was taught to use oil paints when she w
      18    Olivia has drawings she made at age 4 of stick
      19    Olivia's first model was her mother, Connie, w
      20    Olivia and husband, Joel Beren, reside in Mali
      21    Olivia's favorite pin-up artist is the late Gi
      22    In 1967, Olivia attended the famed New York Sc
      23    Bane Galleries in Los Angeles has been selling
      24    O Cards is a company created by Olivia and her
      25    Olivia once flunked art in grade school... for
      26    Olivia's illustrations have appeared on the pa
      27    Olivia's father was an aeronautical engineer.
      28    At age 17, Olivia moved to Manhattan to attend
      29    Olivia was born in 1948 in Long Beach, CA.
      30    For a time, Olivia worked in the field of fash
      31    While a novice professional artist, Olivia wor
      32    Olivia's first professional job was doing page
      33    To Olivia, the face, not the body, is the most
      34    Olivia's creative process usually begins with
      35    Usually, Olivia paints in watercolors.
      36    Olivia's life-size paintings are usually done
      37    If one asks Olivia what features are the most
      38    Most Olivia cheesecake paintings take between
      39    Olivia has often needed more than two months t
      40    Olivia and Joel have an original drawing of th
      41    Animal lovers Olivia and Joel share their home
      42    When Olivia first produced a line of greeting
      43    Olivia's second book, "Second Slice - The Art
      44    Olivia first started using an airbrush in 1979
      45    As a young girl, Olivia built a large-bosomed
      46    Much of Olivia's inspiration comes from husban
      47    Generally, Olivia paints seven days a week.
      48    Olivia likes to call her work "sexual portrait
      49    When growing up, Olivia was captivated by the
      50    Despite world acclaim, Olivia is rarely satisf
      51    Olivia has created well over 1,000 works of ar
      52    Favorite model, Rhonda Ridley, was first intro
      53    Olivia uses the Paasche AB airbrush, which she
      54    Olivia begins with a pencil sketch, which she
      55    Olivia concedes that it is very difficult for
      56    Olivia is a partner in Ozone Productions, Ltd.
      57    In 1987, the Tamara Bane Gallery opened its do
      58    For a time, Olivia dabbled in the "minimalism"
      59    The "Queen of the B Movies", Julie Strain is o
      60    Olivia's next trading card series will be enti
      61    Olivia used to clip out body parts from differ
      62    Olivia uses Turners gouache, because she feels
      63    Pamela Anderson, of Baywatch fame, is one of O
      64    Olivia, through her company Ozone Productions,
      65    Olivia confesses that she would starve if she
      66    O Cards, Olivia's greeting card company, has p
      67    In 1981, Olivia created a piece of art for the
      68    To this day, Olivia plays a mean piano.
      69    Olivia once created a piece of art for High So
      70    Olivia has had great artistic successes in Jap
      71    Olivia created the covewr for Hustler Magazine
      72    Titles to past Olivia collector card sets: Oli


Holofoil Cards (1:12 packs)

C1 of six
C2 of six
C3 of six
C4 of six
C5 of six
C6 of six

Autograph Cards (1:150 packs)

      A1    Olivia Metamorphosis [yellow hairbow]
      A2    Olivia Metamorphosis [stars]

Box-Topper Canvas Card

      --    Olivia Metamorphosis [yellow background]

Card Album (sold separately)

      --    Olivia Metamorphosis (Binder)
      --    (9-pocket pages)
      --    (6-card uncut sheet)


      P1    Olivia Metamorphosis [yellow hairbow]
      P2    Olivia Metamorphosis [stars]
      P3    Olivia Metamorphosis [stripes]
      --    See for yourself ... (dealer sell sheet)

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