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Olivia Obsessions in Omnichrome
Comic Images - 1997

Notes:  Thanks much to Will Allred for the checklist and to Anthony Cote for
the updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets (72): approx. 3.96 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text

  1   Model Rhonda Ridley was used for this study in watercolor technique, in wh
  2   This tiny painting, approximately 8" x 8", was done on a hand made  paper 
  3   This mermaid fantasy stars model Florice Houde.
  4   Olivia chose this shot to paint because it is reminiscent of 1950's classi
  5   Watercolor and gouache on a handmade paper, with only the lightest touches
  6   Background was created using drybrushed deep yellow gouache over Cerulean 
  7   "Stardust" was painted in acrylic on Tycor board, using a spatter techniqu
  8   New model Lyniese, is painted in watercolor, using a spray bottle to creat
  9   Model Blayne's classical dance training inspires Olivia to evoke an impres
 10   "Carnivore I" was a struggle for Olivia to determine how much human to lea
 11   "Carnivore II" was completed in 1996, after being put aside, then picked u
 12   New model, Shauna O'Brien, holding a Chinese doll.
 13   Shauna wears her Mad Hatter's hat and holds a 1920s boudoir doll.
 14   A study of model Lyniese with gold leaf detail.
 15   Olivia was thinking of Gaugin's Tahitian women when she painted this portr
 16   This watercolor portrait depicts model Cindy Daguerre.
 17   The background of this painting was done with gouache, and the heavier pig
 18   An experiment using Cerulean blue and bright red with raw sienna in the sk
 19   See Olivia's newest publishing venture, postcards.  Available now from O C
 20   Sultry Sandra Taylor posing in a fluffy gown.
 21   Sandy, during the photo shoot, looks to see if our Pug, Sweetpea, is sneak
 22   Sandra Taylor can be seen in the new summer '97 Batman movie.
 23   Olivia is preparing a new cheesecake artbook for release in autumn '97.
 24   A hostile horned Jule tells us where to get off.
 25   Olivia tries out African oryx horns and stripes on Julie.
 26   Julie charms us again with her seductive pose and expressive...hands.
 27   One from Olivia's chiffon mermaid series starring Sandy Taylor.
 28   Sandy's necktie is a satin ribbon used to bundle cigars.
 29   Bella wearing a black beaded choker.  Bella is heavily tattooed, but Olivi
 30   Beautiful Lyniese wearing a multicolored feather boa.
 31   Jia Ling's eyes say it all.
 32   Olivia loves to paint Julie because she evokes such a vast range of moods.
 33   Buck Roger's bodyguard, perhaps?
 34   Julie relaxes with a little target practice.
 35   Ladies night at the Korova Milk Bar.
 36   When we last heard from our wandering friend, Bella was exploring the endl
 37   Olivia's models generally pose for her wearing little more than high heels
 38   Model Erika Andersch smokes a type of stogie called a "Torpedo."
 39   Jia Ling wrapped in hand made Chantilly lace from France.
 40   Rhonda Shear can often be seen doing her fabulous stand-up comedy in Las V
 41   Model/actress/comedienne Rhonda Shear can be seen weekly on USA's "Up All 
 42   One of a series of studies that eventually led to the painting "Banshee."
 43   Julie's animated character will star in Heavy Metal's film entitled F.A.K.
 44   A new book titled "6'1", and Worth the Climb," featuring photos and art of
 45   Dramatic lighting with tungsten spots created the shadows that accent this
 46   Olivia emulates the monotone palate of a sepia photograph in this watercol
 47   Watch for model Rhonda Rydell in an upcoming Playboy pictorial.
 48   This pose was accomplished by shooting a prone Lyniese from above.
 49   For a large selection of Olivia's art as signed and numbered limited editi
 50   Olivia explores various watercolor techniques leading occasionally to "hap
 51   For the first time, for '98, Olivia has teamed with Heavy Metal Magazine t
 52   This painting was created in 1978 to be a greeting card for the newly form
 53   Olivia enjoys exploring the use of loose and accidental watercolor effects
 54   Created in 1988; the model is Jill Jordan, who is a terrific exotic artist
 55   Some of Julie Strain's many screen credits include Van Damme's "Double Imp
 56   Seen in this painting with a flying monster, Julie played a monster in the
 57   Julie can be seen in cameo roles in "The Doors," "Bugsy," and "Thelma and 
 58   Julie shows off her shiny new boots.
 59   A study for "Mischief" captures Julie's diabolical smile; the horns grew i
 60   Olivia recently attended model Shauna O'Briens's wedding at the Tropicana 
 61   Olivia borrows this pose from the photo of Bella that was used in the pain
 62   This is one of a series of studies that culminated in the painting "Jezebe
 63   Actress Tracy Tweed modeled for the series of paintings called "Carnivore.
 64   For the last few years, Olivia has been posing her models with a cigar.  T
 65   Sandy's playful side is evident in this pose, replete with feathered headg
 66   See Olivia's original artwork at the Tamara Bane Gallery, located at 460 N
 67   Lyniese poses with a pair of feather fans, which originally belonged to ec
 68   "Zanzibar" is watercolor stippled with water and applied yellow gold leaf.
 69   A precursor to Zanzibar with callow lilies.
 70   "Doll Wars" stars Julie Strain as a mistress of dangerous playthings.
 71   Olivia loves to pain the contrasting extremes of silk stockings and leathe
 72   Julie is married to the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ke


Chromium Cards (1:12 packs)

 C1   Julie will be starring in a feature animation film for Heavy Metal Magazin
 C2   Boudoir dolls were popular in the 1920s and intended as playthings for adu
 C3   Sandy strips off a tuxedo shirt.
 C4   This pose struck a note with Olivia, who says it reminds her of a classic
 C5   Model Bella in a watercolor inspired by Viennese artist Gustav Klimt
 C6   A study for the "Carnivore" series, which Olivia struggled with for 4 year

Autographed Card (1 per case, 500 total)

 --   Olivia

Card Album

 --   (Binder)


 --   (Unnumbered; holochrome)

©2001, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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