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Olivia in Omnichrome
   Comic Images - 1996

Note:  Thanks much to Anthony Cote for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.16 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text

  1   watercolor study of Pamela Anderson Lee
  2   Sandra Taylor fondling a cigar
  3   professional body builder Erika Andersch
  4   Erika in style popularized by George Petty
  5   Pastel of Josephine Baker
  6   The bumble bee is model April Fisher
  7   Sandy has been a cover girl
  8   Study of Cindy Daguerre on acetate
  9   Erika appears on "American Gladiators"
 10   Cindy and Jia Ling posed together
 11   Sandy was shot in "Under Siege II"
 12   preliminary of painting "Stiletto"
 13   Recent study featuring Sandra Taylor
 14   Taken from a French postcard of the 1920's
 15   Darla Crane watercolor
 16   Watercolor study from photo of Cindy
 17   typical of sketches before professional
 18   Reindeer Lady created as Christmas card
 19   Darla Crane prepares to crack the whip
 20   Cindy Daguerre is a talented photographer
 21   Bella modeled for "Firecrackers"
 22   Pamela is a frequent subject
 23   Study for "Stardust" features Blayne
 24   Cindy demonstrates aggressive sexuality
 25   Pamela and Tommy Lee had first child
 26   Julie Strain, scream queen extraordinaire
 27   Sandy is modeling a vintage pinup tie
 28   Scream Queen Linnea Quigley
 29   Linnea in "Things That Go Bump In The Night"
 30   Another side of Sandra Taylor
 31   Rhonda Shear is hostess for "Up All Night"
 32   Rhonda seen performing stand-up comedy
 33   Julie Strain re-animating a feather boa
 34   frequent cover girl Pamela Anderson Lee
 35   Bella in "The Haunting"
 36   Olivia loves to explore artistically
 37   Model Jia Ling posed for this watercolor
 38   Charlotte Lewis played in "The Golden Child"
 39   Pencil study for "Jezebella"
 40   creature on Bella's shoulders
 41   Mischief catches Julie Strain
 42   Pamela Lee study for "Lavender and Lace"
 43   Top hats, boudoir dolls, garter belts
 44   Rhonda Shear study for "Pomeranians"
 45   Julie sprouts wings and a tail
 46   Linnea is dedicated member of PETA
 47   Susie Owens with her pet wolves
 48   Erika Andersch morphing into a ram
 49   A watercolor of Sandy from a photo
 50   Fetish fashion circa 1984
 51   mermaid studies featuring Sandra Taylor
 52   Ballet poses come naturally to Blayne
 53   Pamela demo at Airstorm '93
 54   Erika poses with cigar, top hat, and cane
 55   Rhonda Shear from "Abducted By Aliens"
 56   Preliminary for Sandy Taylor in card #57
 57   Sandra Taylor for "Satin Under Siege"
 58   Erika Andersch and her leopard skin
 59   Sandy Taylor is guest on Howard Stern Show
 60   Linnea has starred in more than 30
 61   Visit Olivia on the internet
 62   Julie Strain has appeared in over 70 films
 63   Rhonda Shear grew up in New Orleans
 64   Sandy was once linked to Donald Trump
 65   Julie Strain grew up in Concord, CA
 66   Bella now earns living doing tattoos
 67   Demon Julie in study for card #41
 68   Rhonda Ridley is "Fallen Angel"
 69   Rhonda Shear on the internet
 70   Rhonda Shear represented Louisiana
 71   Jia Ling grew up in Southern California
 72   Florice Houde designs fetish gear
 73   Ambush painting of Sandra Taylor
 74   Cindy and Jia Ling hold a "smoking" doll
 75   Sandra seen in "Exit to Eden"
 76   Julie loves horseback riding
 77   Sandy as a fluffy mermaid
 78   Julie featured in photo book
 79   Sleigh Ride X-mas card
 80   distressed splatter effect of Blayne
 81   Cindy shows off her corset
 82   Julie on cover of '97 calendar
 83   Other versions on card 51 and 77
 84   Another playful Sandy Taylor watercolor
 85   Julie's film credits
 86   Julie shows off her acting skills
 87   Preliminary for "Graffiti"
 88   Jia Ling acrylic and gouache "Graffiti"
 89   Sandy puffs a cigar
 90   Study featuring Julie Strain


ClearChrome Cards (1:12 packs)

Chase 1
Chase 2
Chase 3
Chase 4
Chase 5
Chase 6

Sandra Taylor Subset (1:36 packs)

 #1   Sandra Taylor is a frequent gues on "The Howard Stern Show."
 #2   This study is part of a series featuring model Sandra Taylor
 #3   Sandra Taylor appeared in the film "Under Siege"; the bad gu

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)

Autograph Card (500 signed)

 --   Olivia

Box Bonus Card

 --   Sandra Taylor

Autographed Uncut Sheet (38-1/2" x 26")

 --   (90-card panel)


---  (Unnumbered, holochrome; dealer promo)

©1999-2002, 2003, 2012 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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