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Olivia: Studies in Sensuality
Comic Images - 1995

Note:  Also distributed was a 90-card parallel Holochrome set.  Thanks much to
Will and Stacy Allred for the original list!

  No.    Title

   01    Model: Bella (Watercolor on board)
   02    Model: Josephine Baker (Pastel on velour paper)
   03    Model: Blayne (Watercolor on board)
   04    Blayne (demonstrates her fabulous flexibility)
   05    Model: Blayne (Watercolor, 20" x 15")
   06    Study for "Puck"
   07    Olivia explores costume ideas for "Puck"
   08    First study for "Puck"
   09    Model: Blayne (Watercolor on board)
   10    Model: Pamela (For a catalog of Olivia products ...)
   11    Model: Erika Andersch (Watercolor, 15" x 20")
   12    Model: Rhonda Rydell (Rhonda will soon appear in "Playboy""
   13    Model: Rhonda Rydell (Watercolor on board)
   14    Rhonda Rydell also can be seen in Olivia's '96 calendar
   15    Title: Rhonda (Watercolor and gouache)
   16    Model is Rhonda Rydell '96 Olivia calendar cover girl
   17    Model: Rhonda Rydell (Size: 15" x 20")
   18    Pamela Anderson posed for this 15" x 30" study
   19    Model: Rhonda Rydell (Watercolor on board)
   20    Created in 1983, Olivia reprises her "Piano Lady"
   21    Model/actess Pam Anderson will soon appear in the title role ...
   22    Model: Cindy Daguerre (Gouache on board)
   23    Model: Jia Ling (Water on board)
   24    Model: Bella (Pastel on velour paper)
   25    Model: Bella (Bella spent her childhood in Holland)
   26    Model: Florice a.k.a. Varla Vortex
   27    Model: Darla Crane (Watercolor 15" x 20")
   28    Model: Monique Gabrielle (famed Scream Queen)
   29    Erika appeared in "American Gladiators" as "Diamond"
   30    Model:  Erika Andersch (Gouache and watercolor on board)
   31    Erika demonstrates her amazing muscularity and flexibility
   32    Erika can be seen in the art photo book of top female bodybuilde
   33    Title: Erika (Watercolor and gouache)
   34    Model: Erika (Watercolor on Strathmore board)
   35    On this, and many other studies, Olivia uses an outlining ...
   36    Model: Pamela Anderson (six time "Playboy" cover girl)
   37    Model:  Jia Ling (Olivia's first model of Chinese ancestry)
   38    Model: Jia Ling (Gouache and watercolor)
   39    Title: Jia Ling (Watercolor and gouache on board)
   40    Study for "Jia Ling"
   41    Model: Monique (Watercolor on board)
   42    Pamela Anderson appears weekly on the worldwide smash TV show "B
   43    Pamela starred in the psychological thriller "Snapdragon"
   44    Model: Rhonda Ridley (Watercolor on board)
   45    Model: Charlotte Lewis (who appeared with Eddie Murphy in "The
   46    First study of "Zebra Lady III"
   47    Model: Rhonda Rydell (Second study for "Zebra Lady III")
   48    Model: Monique Gabrielle (Watercolor on arches paper)
   49    Model: Rhonda Ridley (First study for "Fallen Angel")
   50    Second study for "Fallen Angel" (Acrylic on board)
   51    Model: Florice (Gouache, 30" x 16")
   52    Model: Florice (Gouache, 30" x 16")
   53    Bella in preliminary for "The Haunting"
   54    Julie Strain in a concept study for the dragon bone tattoos used
   55    Metal Mammoth has just published a 96-page book about Julie ...
   56    Third study for "Fallen Angel," 30" x 15")
   57    Model Florice's husband is tattoo artist Bob Vessells of Funny F
   58    Olivia explores costume concepts in this study
   59    Study for "Portrait of a Fiend," the model Florice
   60    Model: Florice (Florice designs and manufactures latex and leat
   61    Model: Florice (Gouache on frosted acetate)
   62    Model: Florice (Water and pastel)
   63    Model: Florice (Gouache on acetate)
   64    Model: Darla (Watercolor on board)
   65    Model: Rhonda Ridley (Rhonda is originally from Vancouver, Cana
   66    Model: Pamela Anderson (Pamela appeared as the "Tool Time girl"
   67    Behind the mask, it's Darla Crane
   68    Model: Florice (Gouache, 10" x 15")
   69    Model: Florice (Gouache on board)
   70    Model: Rhonda Rydell (From a photo shoot from above on a landin
   71    Model: Rhonda Rydell (Kid finish Strathmore board)
   72    Model: Monique Gabrielle (Monique has a cult following from her
   73    Monique's fans can contact her fan club by sending a S.A.S.E. to
   74    Monique poses with the fans of famous fan dancer, Sally Rand
   75    Model: Erika Andersch (Gouache on board)
   76    Model: Cindy Daguerre (Watercolor on board)
   77    Model: Monique Gabrielle (Watercolor on board)
   78    Model: Cindy Daguerre (Cindy poses with a boudoir doll)
   79    Model: Rhonda Ridley (Watercolor and gouache, 16" x 30")
   80    Created in 1982 before Olivia used models
   81    An early study on arches paper, 1984
   82    Title: Ain't Misbehavin' (Gouache on board, 1985)
   83    A design exercise from 1988
   84    Model: Cindy Daguerre (Pastel on paper)
   85    Title: Mood Indigo (Gouache, gold leaf on board)
   86    For Julie Strain's fan club, send a S.A.S.E. to:  Purrfect Produ
   87    Title: Smokin' (Olivia created this Julie Strain painting for a
   88    Model: Julie Strain (Watercolor on board)
   89    Model: Cindy Daguerre (Watercolor and pastel on board)
   90    Model: Vanity (Gouache on board)


Magnachrome Cards (1:15 packs)

   M1    Model: Monique Gabrielle
   M2    Early study eventually evolved into "Zebra Lady III."
   M3    Model: Rhonda Rydell
   M4    Model: Rhonda Ridley
   M5    Model: Florice
   M6    Model: Monique Gabrielle

Florice Subset Cards (1:36 packs)

1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3

Autographed Card (500 signed)

   --    Olivia

Medallion Cards (1:108 packs)

   --    (Numbered)
   --    (Unumbered)

Case Insert

   --    (6-card panel)

Card Album

   --    (Binder)
   --    (6-card panel; different from case insert)

Uncut Sheet

   --    (100-card panel)


   --    (Puck; Unnumbered, dealer promo)

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