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(History's) Greatest Olympians
   Finder Image, Inc. - 1983

Note:  Well, mostly "greatest American olympians" because 95 of the 99 athletes represented 
the U.S.  To be fair, the set was issued to promote the 1984 LosAngeles Games, and it's 
difficult getting permission to use photos if you go totally international.  This may be the 
reason that the Jean-Claude Killy card was removed from later printings.  "Regular" rack-
packs were marked "History's Greatest Olympians Trading Cards - Collector's Edition" 
with a yellow header card; cards show the "Stars in Motion" logo on fronts and the card-
back copyright line of "© 1983 FII mfg under license of L.A.O.O.C.," and were most 
commonly distributed in 1984. A 99-card boxed set was also released.

A 7-Eleven rack-pack of 36 cards, entitled "Trading Cards of History's Greatest Olympians" 
with a red header card is more scarce; cards have the Olympic "5-Rings" logo instead of 
"Stars in Motion." The cards from this printing are often called the "Black Ring" variant, 
and card backs have the notice "© 1983 Finder Image Int'l." Thanks to Erick Kruse 
for assistance!

No.   Olympian           Headline

  1   Al Oerter          Oerter Wins Fourth Consecutive Discus Gold
  2   Harriet Bland      Bland Leads Off U.S. Women to Upset Relay Win
  3   Brian Goodell      Goodell Breaks World Record in 1500 Freestyle
  4   Edward Crook       Crook Defeats Pole for Boxing Gold Medal
  5   Dan Gable          Dan Gable - World's Greatest Wrestler
  6   Dorothy Hamill     Hamill Wins Figure Skating Gold Medal Easily
  7   Arnie Robinson     Robinson Adds Long Jump Gold to 72 Silver
  8   Barbara Cochran    Cochran Ekes Out Slalom Victory
  9   Bill Bradley       Bradley Leads U.S. Hoopsters to Basketball Gold
 10   Mike Burton        Burton Defends 1500 Freestyle - First Ever!
 11   Pete George        Pete George Wins Weightlifting Gold Medal
 12   Jill Sterkel       Sterkel Helps U.S. Upset East Germany in Relay
 13   Charles Dumas      Dumas Pressed But Wins High Jump Gold Medal
 14   Karl Warner        Warner Helps U.S. to Relay Win and World Record
 15   Shane Gould        Gould Glitters as She Wins Third Gold Medal
 16   Jennifer Chandler  Chandler Takes Springboard Gold Easily
 17   Don Bragg          Favored Bragg Comes Through in Pole Vault
 18   Sonja Henie        Henie Wins Third Figure Skating Gold Medal
 19   George Foreman     Foreman Wins - Waves U.S. Flag in Exultation
 20   Duke Kahanamoku    Duke Wins Re-Swim of 100 Meter Final
 21   Bill Toomey        Toomey Wins Decathlon Gold Medal
 22   Ray Ewry           Ewry Wins Tenth Gold Medal!!
 23   John Naber         Naber's World Record Wins Fourth Gold Medal
 24   Sammy Lee          Sammy Lee Defends Olympic Platform Title
 25   Doreen Wilber      Wilber Wins First Olympic Archery Title for Women
 26   Milt Campbell      Milt Campbell Wins Decathlon with Ease
 27   Ard Schenk         Schenk Wins Third Speed Skating Gold Medal
 28   Jim Montgomery     Montgomery Cracks 50 Second Barrier - Wins Gold
 29   Rod Milburn        Milburn's World Record Gains Olympic Gold
 30   Hal Connolly       Connolly Matches Fiancee Wins Hammer Gold
 31   Charles Hickcox    Hickcox Wins Third Gold Medal in Medley Relay
 32   Parry O'Brien      O'Brien Defends Olympic Shot Put Title
 33   Jim Craig          U.S. Defeats Finland - Craig Sparkles in Goal!
 34   Kathy Ellis        Ellis Anchors U.S. to Medley Relay Victory
 35   Bob Seagren        Seagren Wins Marathon Pole Vault Duel
 36   Mike Eruzione      U.S. 4 - USSR 3! - Eruzione Scores Winning Goal!
 37   Jim Thorpe         Thorpe Proclaimed World's Greatest Athlete
 38   Micki King         Micki King Takes Springboard Gold
 39   Babe Didrikson     "The Babe" Wins Another!
 40   Lee Evans          Evans Shatters 400 Meter World Record!
 41   Eddit Tolan        Tolan Completes Sprint Double - Wins 200
 42   Mike Bruner        Mike Bruner Wins Second Olympic Gold Medal
 43   Pete Rademacher    Rademacher Takes Heavyweight Boxing Gold
 44   Dave Wottle        Wottle's Mad Dash Takes Olympic 800
 45   Mike Larrabee      Larrabee Wins Second Gold Medal in 1600 Relay
 46   Peter Mueller      Mueller Takes Gold in 1000 Meter Speed Skating
 47   Chris von Saltza   Von Saltza Relay Anchor Gives Her Third Gold Medal
 48   Lanny Bassham      Bassham Wins Rifle Gold - Shares Victory Stand
 49   Jesse Owens        Owens Wins Fourth Gold on Relay Team
 50   Bruce Jenner       Jenner Becomes World's Greatest Athlete
 51   Steve Riddick      Riddick Anchors U.S. to 400 Meter Relay Victory
 52   Matt Vogel         Matt Vogel Wins Second Olympic Gold Medal
 53   Cy Young           Young Wins First Olympic Javelin Title for U.S.
 54   Madeline Manning   Manning Wins 800 - Upsets East Europeans
 55   Dick Button        Dick Button Wins Again - What Else Is New?
 56   Wayne Wells        Wells Wins Welterweight Wrestling Gold
 57   Eddie Eagan        Eagan Completes Winter/Summer Double
 58   Rod Strachan       Strachan's World Record Brings Him Swim Gold
 59   Bob Mathias        Mathias First To Defend Olympic Decathlon
 60   Wyomia Tyus        Tyus First Ever To Defend 100 Meter Sprint
 61   Bobby Morrow       Morrow Anchors Relay Win - Gains 3rd Gold
 62   Bill Steinkraus    Steinkraus Wins Equestrian Jumping Gold
 63   Oscar Robertson    Robertson Leads U.S. to Basketball Gold
 64   Sheila Young       Young Strikes Gold in Olympic Speed Skating
 65   Mel Pender         Pender Wins gold Medal in 400 Meter Relay
 66   Ron Freeman        Freeman Astounds in 1600 Meter Relay Win
 67   Dawn Fraser        Fraser Wins Third Straight 100 Freestyle
 68   Melissa Belote     Belote Wins Third Swimming Gold Medal
 69*  Jean-Claude Killy  Killy Wins Disputed Slalom Race for Third Gold
 69*  Checklist
 70   Jim Hines          Hines Wins 100 Gold - Breaks World Record
 71   Donna DeVarona     DeVarona Wins Individual Medley Gold Medal
 72   Anne Henning       Henning Wins 500 Meter Gold Twice!
 73   Martin Sheridan    Sheridan - Nine Olympic Medals - Five Gold!
 74   John Williams      Williams First Olympic Archery Champion in 52 Years
 75   Cathy Ferguson     Ferguson Wins Second Gold in Medley Relay
 76   Pat McCormick      McCormick Completes Double-Double
 77   Floyd Patterson    Patterson Wins Olympic Middleweight Boxing
 78   Ben Peterson       Ben Peterson Defeats Soviet to Win Wrestling Gold
 79   Vicky Draves       Draves Wins Platform Diving - Completes Double
 80   Klaus DiBiasi      DiBiasi Wins Third Platform Diving Gold
 81   Gretchen Fraser    Fraser Wins Slalom Gold for Second Olympic Medal
 82   Debbie Meyer       Meyer Wins 800 - Completes Triple
 83   Ralph Boston       Boston Wins Long Jump - Breaks Owens' Record
 84   Sim Iness          Iness Brings Olympic Discus Crown Back to U.S.
 85   Phil Boggs         Boggs a Runaway Victor in Springboard Diving
 86   Lance Larson       Larson Robbed of Swim Gold Medal
 87   Shirley Babashoff  Babashoff Anchors U.S. Women to First Swim Gold
 88   Harrison Dillard   Dillard Nips David To Win Fourth Gold
 89   Bruce Furniss      Furniss Beats Naber - Leads U.S. Sweep
 90   Dianne Holum       Holum Wins 4th Olympic Speed Skating Medal
 91   Jerry West         West Stars as U.S. Hoopsters Wins Gold
 92   Cassius Clay       Clay Wins Olympic Light-Heavyweight Gold Medal
 93   John Hencken       Hencken Wins Third Gold, Fifth Medal
 94   Wilma Rudolph      Wilma Rudolph Anchors Relay - Wins Third Gold Medal
 95   Mal Whitfield      Whitfield Wins 3rd Gold - Defends 800 Title
 96   Don Schollander    Schollander Wins 4th Swim Gold - Most Ever
 97   Glenn Davis        400 Hurdles Gold? Glenn Davis, of Course
 98   Joe Frazier        Frazier Overcomes Broken Thumb To Win Gold
 99   Buster Crabbe      Crabbe Edges Out Frenchman in 400 Freestyle

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