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One Direction Trading Cards
   Panini - 2013

Notes: Presale information described a different set composition than the one ultimately 
chosen. "I Heart" in the lists is shown with the heart symbol on the cards.

Box: 24 packs of 9 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets (200): approx. 1.08 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 1.60 per box.
Retail packs: 3 cards.

No.   Card Text / Title                                     Performer

  1   Did someone say pizza party? It must have been Har    Harry
  2   Zayn went to the Twitter world when he needed some    Zayn
  3   Liam began showing signs of his tremendous talent     Liam
  4   Fans all over the world have fallen in love with L    Louis
  5   Niall, who is the only member of One Direction who    Niall
  6   Unlike in the United States, people in the United     Harry
  7   By looking at Zayn's right forearm you can easily     Zayn
  8   One Direction took its act to Toronto and the 16,0    Liam
  9   Having survived his first audition on The X Factor    Louis
 10   Niall flashed some new dance moves while entertain    Niall
 11   Wanna catch a glimpse of Harry's irresistable smil    Harry
 12   There was Zayn, standing before the judges at The     Zayn
 13   As One Direction's popularity soars around the glo    Liam
 14   Advice for the ladies: If you have the pleasure of    Louis
 15   When Niall is not spending time onstage, he's prob    Niall
 16   Harry had a blast while performing with the gang a    Harry
 17   Even before the official release of their album in    Zayn
 18   Liam's first attempt on The X Factor in 2008 didn'    Liam
 19   Whether spending quality time with family or just     Louis
 20   Even when Niall doesn't finish his breakfast, it b    Niall
 21   It's rare when you don't see Harry smiling. The cu    Harry
 22   Zayn's lovely mum, Tricia Malik, was honored at th    Zayn
 23   Liam was no stranger to The X Factor when he made     Liam
 24   With cameras clicking nonstop, the guys have to be    Louis
 25   Niall attended a soccer match between Peterborough    Niall
 26   The youngest member of the band, Harry first appea    Harry
 27   Zayn had to wear a leather jacket to stay warm whe    Zayn
 28   Liam along with band mate Niall unexpectedly perfo    Liam
 29   Louis knows the importance of giving back, and he     Louis
 30   The pressure mounted for Niall and every singer wh    Niall
 31   Heat magazine ranked the hottest men on the planet    Harry
 32   Zayn will never forget the Jan. 11, 2012 show at t    Zayn
 33   Dressed all in black, Liam dazzled a crowd that br    Liam
 34   Most musicians look up to Michael Jackson for many    Louis
 35   They were the band that almost never was. One Dire    Niall
 36   Harry has accepted that his life will never be the    Harry
 37   No one ever forgets their first kiss, even if you     Zayn
 38   some say that having a nightmare can determine wha    Liam
 39   Louis really appreciates his fans. His work is fue    Louis
 40   When Niall decided to compete on The X Factor, he     Niall
 41   Everyone know this British chap has the dreamy cur    Harry
 42   Zayn did what he does best to the delight of thous    Zayn
 43   Because of his childhood, Liam doesn't take life f    Liam
 44   Being on a beach with the fine sand at your feet a    Louis
 45   If Niall could have it his way, he would prefer to    Niall
 46   One Direction was the surprise winner at the BRITS    Harry
 47   Whenever you se photos of Zayn, there is usually a    Zayn
 48   Liam works very hard to stay in tip-top shape. Tho    Liam
 49   While wearing his trademark suspenders, Louis and     Louis
 50   From a very young age, Niall was always fond of th    Niall
 51   Young Mr. Styles, they liked your style. Two of th    Harry
 52   Before joining up with the boys to form One Direct    Zayn
 53   Wolverhampton, located in the borough of West Midl    Liam
 54   Louis logs on to Twitter on a daily basis to commu    Louis
 55   With aload of interests and hobbies, Niall finds v    Niall
 56   Harry gave his thumbs up to the X2 ride at Six Fla    Harry
 57   The shoe was on the other foot in November 2012 wh    Zayn
 58   Though he was only 2 years old when the animated m    Liam
 59   Louis has so much to proud of in his life. Many fa    Louis
 60   So what's on Niall's iPod? You may be surprised by    Niall
 61   Having toured on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean,    Harry
 62   Not only did Zayn have to be a great singer to sur    Zayn
 63   Turning 18 in England usually means hitting the pu    Liam
 64   With travel playing a big role in their lives, the    Louis
 65   So how popular has One Direction gotten over the p    Niall
 66   Like many performers' first few gigs on stage, Har    Harry
 67   Being part of the hottest band on the planet has i    Zayn
 68   From the time he was 6 years old, Liam sang for hi    Liam
 69   Louis knows all too well that to keep getting bett    Louis
 70   The fellas appeared on the Late Show with David Le    Niall
 71   Harry squared off with NFL quarterback Drew Brees     Harry
 72   Everyone knows your outfit isn't complete with the    Zayn
 73   Liam's personal taste of music varies from hip-hop    Liam
 74   Before becoming a key cog of One Direction, Louis     Louis
 75   Niall is a huge sports fan. Despite having a very     Niall
 76   Louis became good pals with British diver Tom Dale    Louis

   One Direction

 77   Despite Starting out as five separate solo acts, t
 78   The popular boy band added to its constantly expan
 79   If there was any doubt about the pupularity of the
 80   Giving back is a major priority for the guys, so t
 81   The English-Irish sensations promoted their megahi
 82   The British-Irish boy band joined an exclusive lis
 83   Who better than documentary specialist Morgan Spur
 84   Directioners were thrilled when the popular boy ba
 85   The quintet teamed with NFL star Drew Brees for a
 86   You thought you had a great 2012? Try topping the
 87   With each member very active on the social-media s
 88   When talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres released the n
 89   Comparisons to The Beatles are unavoidable, but th
 90   while many see obvious similarities to The Beatles
 91   There's no limits to the band's popularity. 1D mad
 92   In conjunction with Red Nose Day, a biennial telet
 93   After selling out not one, not two, but three show
 94   The accolades came pouring in for the boys in 2012
 95   The guys were suffering from a case of double visi
 96   Directioners will feel closer to the boys than eve
 97   One Direction has always said its fans were the be
 98   Just when you thought the guys couldn't get any bi
 99   Fans received a glimpse into the band's all-time f
100   There are many iconic awards in the music industry


Spellbound Cards

  1   H
  2   A
  3   R
  4   R
  5   Y
  6   Z
  7   A
  8   Y
  9   N
 10   L
 11   I
 12   A
 13   M
 14   L
 15   O
 16   U
 17   I
 18   S
 19   N
 20   I
 21   A
 22   L
 23   L
 24   O
 25   N
 26   E
 27   D
 28   I
 29   R
 30   E
 31   C
 32   T
 33   I
 34   O
 35   N

Hearthrob Cards

  1   I Heart Zayn  [gray shirt]
  2   I Heart Harry [white shirt]
  3   I Heart Liam  [gray vest]
  4   I Heart Louis [gold sweater]
  5   I Heart Niall [knit sweater]
  6   I Heart Zayn  [brown shirt]
  7   I Heart Narry [gray blazer]
  8   I Heart Liam  [white shirt]
  9   I Heart Louis [gray shirt]
 10   I Heart Niall [white shirt]
 11   I Heart Zayn  [peach shirt]
 12   I Heart Harry [plaid shirt]
 13   I Heart Liam  [beige sweater]
 14   I Heart Louis [brown shirt]
 15   I Heart Niall [white hoodie]
 16   I Heart Zayn  [blue shirt]
 17   I Heart Harry [red shirt]
 18   I Heart Liam  [green hoodie]
 19   I Heart Louis [striped sweater]
 20   I Heart Niall [blue hoodie]

Take Me Home Cards

  1   'Live While We're Young'
  2   'Kiss You'
  3   'Little Things'
  4   'C'mon, C'mon'
  5   'Last First Kiss'
  6   'Heart Attack'
  7   'Rock Me'
  8   'Change My Mind'
  9   'I Would'
 10   'Over Again'
 11   'Back For You'
 12   'They Don't Know About Us'
 13   'Summer Love'

On the Road Cards

  1   One Direction cleaned house at the Radio 1 Teen Aw
  2   Making fans happy is what One Direction is all abo
  3   If you are in attendance when the quintet takes th
  4   Performing alongside some of the biggest musical d
  5   Glowing with a tint of red in their attire at the
  6   The magic of 1D mesperized fans at Nickelodeon's 2
  7   On their trip Down Under, the lads didn't hod anyt
  8   It's rare that someone in the crowd has more secur
  9   Performing on a truly global stage at the closing
 10   Feeling lost? Follow One Direction, that's all you
 11   The British-Irish heartthrobs performed two songs
 12   Filled to the brim with enthusiastic Directioners,
 13   Performing on the 2013 Red Nose Day show for Comic
 14   While the boys may hail from the U.K. and Ireland,
 15   The Directioners were just as prominent as the Bel
 16   The boys returned to where it all began when they
 17   After performing at the U.K.'s X Factor weeks earl

Up All Night Cards

  1   Three "yes" votes came Louis' way when he audition
  2   Dressed for every occasion, whether it's on stage
  3   You never know what Liam is listening to when he's
  4   If anyoneever looked at Harry and thought "he remi
  5   "I want to be like the big names in the world, lik
  6   When Louis is not working on stage or handing out
  7   With more and more tour stops in cities in the Uni
  8   If the music career didn't work out for Liam, you
  9   Harry already had plenty of experience in vocals b
 10   Niall has never been shy when asked to name his id
 11   Louis must have been dejected, having been booted
 12   The X Factor judges deserve as big a cheer as One
 13   This couldn't end with heartbreak again, could it?
 14   When the cameras first started rolling on The X Fa
 15   Growing up in the small town of Mullingar, Ireland

Stickers (1:pack)

  1   Harry [peach shirt]
  2   Liam  [gray shirt]
  3   Zayn  [plaid shirt]
  4   Niall [brown hoodie]
  5   Louis [striped shirt]
  6   What Makes You Beautiful
  7   (band)
  8   I Heart Harry
  9   I Heart Liam
 10   I Heart Zayn
 11   I Heart Niall
 12   I Heart Louis
 13   1D
 14   Live While We're Young
 15   Directioners

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©2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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