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Greetings from The Onion: 100 Collectible Postcards
   Chronicle Books - 2010

Notes: Cards are 5-5/8" x 3-7/8", and were originally sold as a boxed factory set. Card 
fronts show headlines and images. Further information and scans are posted at the 
Chronicle website.

    Headline                                                           Variety


    How Are We Breaking The Ice?                                       Statshot
    What's Bringing Shape To Our Hometowns?                            Statshot
    What Do Friends Say Behind Our Backs?                              Statshot
    Children's Hospital Charity Dependent On Teri Hatcher's Knowledge
    Dad's Number-One Fan Also Nunber-One Tax Break
    Area Man Good For The Economy
    Showoff Pallbearer Carries Casket By Himself
    $500 Stereo Installed in $400 Car
    Teens: Are They Laughing At You?
    Skywriter Leaves Suicide Note
    Dog Befriends Roomba
    Is Your Babysitter On Your Drugs?                                  Weekender
    Why Should This Man Shower Now When He's Just Going to Get All     Magazine
        Sweaty Again?
    America's Worthless Old Sheds                                      Magazine
    Best Friends Each Secretly Think Of The Other As Sidekick
    Hundreds Line Up Overnight For Opening Of New Homeless Shelter
    U.S. Postal Service Destroyed By Four Reckless Teens In Car
    Pudding-Factory Disaster Brings Slow, Creamy Death To Town Below
    Fifth-Grade Science Paper Doesn't Stand Up To Peer Review
    Woman Always Really Excited To Be In Whatever Relationship
        Status She's Currently In


    Why Are We Leaving The Party?                                      Statshot
    What Are We Encouraging In Our Children?                           Statshot
    Most Popular Suspicious Behaviors                                  Statshot
    44 Suspicious Packages Detonated Under White House Christmas Tree
    Nation's Grandmothers Swept Up In Textile-Messaging Craze
    Bluetooth Headset Worn Throughout Date
    Supreme Court Told To Take Down Tip Jar
    Our Nation's Heroes - Are Any Of Them Single?                      Weekender
    The 100 Worst Senators                                             Weekender
    Foreigners - Do They Love Their Countries More Than Ours?          Magazine
    Sides - Are You On The Right One?                                  Magazine
    20 Terrorists Under 20                                             Weekender
    Gay Pride Parade Sets Mainstream Acceptance Of Gays Back 50 Years
    New Puppy Teaches Congress Important Lesson About Responsibility
    Oprah Viewers Patiently Awaiting Instructions
    Head Lice Going Around Senate
    Pope Makes First Papal Visit To Six Flags
    Life Jackets Issued To All Americans For Some Reason
    Nation Sickened By Sight Of Happy Young Couple
    American Robot's Job Outsources To Overseas Robot


    Office Manager Forced To Resort To Unfriendly Reminders
    Inspirational Poster Kitten Falls To Death After 17 Years
    Yeti Releases Abdominable Crunch Workout Video
    How Are We Paying Off Our Subprine Mortgages?                      Statshot
    Top Chinese Manufacturing Recalls                                  Statshot
    What Caused Our Burnout?                                           Statshot
    Turning Your Spare Time Into Work Time                             Weekender
    Unsuccessful 20-Year-Olds                                          Weekender
    Wild, Unattached Twenties Spent At Work
    New Hefty Ad Campaign Targets Body-Disposing Demographic
    Johnson & Johnson Introduced 'Nothing But Tears' Shampoo To
        Toughen Up Newborns
    Nation Instinctively Forms Breadline
    More Companies Phasing Out Retirement Option
    Boss' Going-Away Party A Little Too Jubilant
    Heartbreaking Country Ballad Paralyzes Trucking Industry
    Local Company Moves Production Underseas
    Project Manager Leaves Suicide PowerPoint Presentation
    60 Percent Of Local man's Workday Spent On Sports Fandom
    New Mobile-Device Purchase Makes Asshole More Versatile
    $700 Billion Bailout Celebrated With Lavish $800 Billion
        Executive Party

Science & Technology

    Top Fears, By Age                                                  Statshot
    How Are We Self-Medicating?                                        Statshot
    What's plugged into the power strip?                               Statshot
    PETA Complains As Revised SAT Tested On Chimpanzees
    Chicago's Shedd Aquarium Admits Panda Exhibit A Ghastly Mistake
    Scientific American Somehow Makes Woman Feel Bad About Her Body
    Our Astronauts - Should We Bring Them Back From Space?             Magazine
    Our Special All-Paper Salute To The Environment                    Magazine
    "They Tried To Teach My Baby Science"                              Weekender
    Pseudoscience - Is It Catching Up To Real Science?                 Magazine
    Are America's Zoos Coddling Animals?                               Magazine
    NASA Chief Under Fire For Personal Shuttle Use
    Dog Breeders Issue Massive Recall Of '07 Pugs
    New Pain-Inducing Advil Created For People Who Just Want
        To Feel Something, Anything
    Unemployed Scientists Prove Dog Likes Beer
    Mischievous Raccoon Wreaks Havoc On International Space Station
    Dolphins Evolve Opposable Thumbs
    Stephen Hawking Builds Robotic Exoskeleton
    Study: Many Americans Too Fat To Commit Suicide
    Hubble Kaleidoscope Finds Evidence Of Space Looking All Crazy


    Rookie Tragically Misterprets Suicide-Squeeze Sign
    Special Olympics Investigated For Use Of Performance-Enhancing Hugs
    Christ Returns to NBA
    Kent State Basketball Team Massacred By Ohio National Guard
        In Repeat Of Classic 1970 Matchup
    ESPN Courts Female Viewers With World's Emotionally Strongest
        Man Competition
    Overenthusiastic Referee On Game-Winning Field Goal: "It's Great!"
    NFL Discontinues 'Take Your Daughter To Work Day'


    Wheelchair-Basketball Players Stunned By Thunderous Slam Dunk
    "I Could Rip This Shirt Off, Crumple It Up, And Toss It            Weekender
        In The Corner"
    The Cast Of VH1's "I Love The '80s"                                Weekender
    A List Of Celebrities Written Down & Numbered                      Weekender
    Meet the Polish Selena                                             Weekender
    Top Luxury Magazines:                                              Statshot
    Top-Selling Nintendo Wii Titles                                    Statshot
    Least Popular Honky-Tonk Songs                                     Statshot
    900-Pound Giant Squid Joins Cast Of The View
    Make-A-Wish Recipient Now Wishes Macho Man Randy Savage
        Would Go Away
    Supremes Court Upholds Stopping In The Name Of Love In 2-1 Decision
    Bob Marley Rises From Grave To Free Frat Boys From Bonds
        Of Oppression
    Metal Council Convenes To Discuss 'Metal Hand Sign' Abuse

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