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Optispex 3-D Acrylic Cards
   Breygent Marketing - 2013-2015

Notes: Cards are thick lucite-style slabs with painted artwork on one side, 
made in two sizes (trading card and comic). They were introduced at the 2013 
San Diego Comic-Con. Thanks to Michael Beam and John Biagioni for updates!

       Description                    Card Set

Regular Size (# to 100)

       (peeking out)                  American Horror Story
       (acrobatic)                    American Horror Story
       (habit in woods)               American Horror Story Asylum
       (suit on stairs)               American Horror Story Asylum
       (Norma outside motel)          Bates Motel [2014]
       (posing silver outfit; brown)  Dawn
       (head and shoulders; red)      Dawn
       (at window, couple outside)    Dexter  [2014]
       (sipping coffee)               Dexter 5&6
       (arms outstretched)            Dexter 5&6
       (Dexter, Debra, Dexter)        Dexter 5&6  [2015]
       (big ears)                     Grimm
       (small ears)                   Grimm
       (split face)                   Grimm Season Two  [2014]
       (two in woods)                 Grimm Season Two  [2014]
       (human form and werewolf)      Grimm Season Two  [2015]
       (rearing horse)                Red Sonja   [Dynamite #2]
       (white cape)                   Red Sonja   [Dynamite #3]
       (bats)                         Vampirella  [Dynamite #6]
       (red outfit)                   Vampirella  [Dynamite #7]
       (half-shell Venus; red)        Witchblade
       (splatter halo; yellow)        Witchblade

Oversized (7" x 10;# to 100)

       (silhouette climbing stairs)   American Horror Story Asylum  [2014]
       (Norman and Norma, kitchen)    Bates Motel [2014]
       (Norman and Norma outside)     Bates Motel [2014]
       (face shielf)                  Dexter
       (sleeping in woods)            Grimm Season Two  [2014]
       (sword over shoulder)          Red Sonja
       (blue throne)                  Witchblade

Supersized (12" x 18;# to 10)

       (sleeping in woods)            Grimm Season Two  [2014]

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©2013, 2014, 2016 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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