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The Osbournes
   Inkworks - 2002

Notes:  Thanks much to Steve Lillard for info on the Jack auto varieties!
Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.91 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title

   1    Crazy

Family Gallery

   2    Kelly's Birthday
   3    Surprise for Ozzy
   4    Ozzy's Birthday
   5    Thanksgiving Day
   6    The Gravy Chef
   7    Christmas Dinner
   8    The Meaning of Christmas
   9    Merry Christmas from The Osbournes

Father Knows Best

  10    The Dad
  11    Family First
  12    Play By The Rules
  13    Be Unique
  14    Take Time For Yourself
  15    No Smoking
  16    Listen and Learn
  17    Care For Your Pets
  18    Fences Make Good Neighbors


  19    The Mom
  20    Inspirations
  21    Shopaholic
  22    No Martha Stewart
  23    Laugh Track
  24    Manager
  25    When Pigs Fly
  26    Sex, drugs...
  27    Toilet Water

Pretty in Pink

  28    The Daughter
  29    Heart Forever
  30    Daddy's Girl
  31    Lost and Found
  32    Curfews
  33    Different
  34    Fake ID
  35    That's the Ticket
  36    Rising Star

Music Man

  37    The Son
  38    Fun & Games
  39    Hair Today
  40    Nanny Woes
  41    No Mall Rat
  42    Good Hair Day
  43    Empire Building
  44    Parents Say the Darndest Things
  45    Off To Camp

in the Doghouse

  46    Lola
  47    Minnie
  48    Crazy Baby
  49    Maggie
  50    Puss
  51    Lulu
  52    Martini
  53    Pipi
  54    Gus

Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

  55    Maid of the Mansion
  56    Star Treatment
  57    Room Service
  58    High Society
  59    Fine Dining
  60    Bearing Crosses
  61    Dirty Business
  62    On The Road Again
  63    Public Relations

The Wonderful World of Ozzy

  64    Tiny Bubbles
  65    The Remote
  66    Dog Toy
  67    Making a Living
  68    Non-Stop Rock 'n Roll
  69    Old Stand By
  70    The Smell of Victory
  71    Falling for Ozzy

  72    Checklist


Family Portrait Foil Puzzle (1:11 packs)

 FP1    Sharon: It will probably end up really ugly, g
 FP2    Jack: I will get that for you as soon as I'm f
 FP3    Kelly: Let go. Jack: Oh, bitch. That's on came
 FP4    Ozzy: In my old days, I used to live next door
 FP5    "I drool in my sleep." Jack: So do I. I pee in
 FP6    "Is that a swimming pool or a pond?" Sharon: I
 FP7    Ozzy: It's like f**king Dr. Doolittle's f**kin
 FP8    Ozzy: Where do you want me to put my gun, Shar
 FP9    Sharon: Jack and Kelly are still fighting. My

Head Bangers Cards (1:17 Packs)

  H1    Ozzy
  H2    Sharon
  H3    Kelly
  H4    Jack
  H5    Lola

Pieceworks Cards (1:36 Packs)

 PW1    Ozzy's T-Shirt
 PW2    Sharon's Sweatshirt [by redemption]
 PW3    Kelly's Jeans
 PW4    Jack's T-Shirt
PR-1    (Redemption Card for Sharon's sweatshirt)

Autographed Cards (by redemption)

  A1    Ozzy Osbourne - The Dad
  A2    Sharon Osbourne - The Mom
  A3    Kelly Osbourne - The Daughter
  A4    Jack Osbourne - The Son
          There are at least 5 signature variations:
              "J. Osbourne"
              "Jack" (card also signed by Rob and Andy D)
              "Jack" (with hair, star tattoo on neck, & eyebrows drawn on photo)
              "Little Angel J. Osbourne" (with halo & wings drawn on photo)
AR-1    (Redemption Card, 1:137 packs)

Box Loader Cards

BL-1    Ozzy
BL-2    Sharon
BL-3    Kelly
BL-4    Jack

Case Loader Card

 CL     Lola / Ozzy: "And mind you, I'm not picking up

Uncut Sheet (Numbered to 199)

  --    (9-card Family Portrait Puzzle)

Card Album

  --    The Osbournes (Binder)


P0      The Osbournes (San Diego Comic Con)
P1      (General distribution)
P-UK    (UK Distribution)
Pi      (
--      Coming October 2002! (Dealer sell sheet)

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