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The Outer Limits - Premiere Edition
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2002

Notes:  Cards show the copyright date for the series or the episode, and not the
year of issue for the card set. Thanks much to Mike Fitzpatrick for the original
text blurbs and for filling in my gaps!  Thanks much to Isidre Prior and Peter 
Gribling for updates! Additional information is posted at the Rittenhouse website.  

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.67 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title / Card Text                                  Episode: Sequence

  1   "The most brilliant planet in our solar system     Cold Hands, Warm Heart: Opening Narration
  2   Astronaut Jefferson Barton had been obsessed wi       Plot Synopsis, Part 1
  3   Back on Earth after his history-making flight t       Plot Synopsis, Part 2
  4   There was little Ann Barton could do as her hus       Plot Synopsis, Part 3
  5   Jeff Barton's flashback to his Venus landing fe       Plot Synopsis, Part 4
  6   Jeff Barton was determined to conceal his ongoi       Plot Synopsis, Part 5
  7   Once it became clear that Jeff Barton was in se       Plot Synopsis, Part 6
  8   The eternal never-ceasing search for knowledge        Closing Narration
  9   Broadcast: Sept. 26, 1964 - Written by: Milton        Fact and Figures
 10   "In the vast immensities of cosmic space, bold     The Invisible Enemy: Opening Narration
 11   The four-man M-2 probe landed on Mars on a miss       Plot Synopsis, Part 1
 12   According to monitor tapes, an unknown assailan       Plot Synopsis, Part 2
 13   After the loss of Captain Lazzari, the Earthbou       Plot Synopsis, Part 3
 14   Despite the deaths of two fellow crewmen, Capta       Plot Synopsis, Part 4
 15   While attempting to rescue Buckley, Merritt bec       Plot Synopsis, Part 5
 16   As Merritt reached safe ground, Buckley readied       Plot Synopsis, Part 6
 17   "Battle joined. Casualties? Yes. Resolution: Vi       Closing Narration
 18   Broadcast: Oct. 31, 1964 - Written by: Jerry So       Fact and Figures
 19   "There is nothing wrong with your television se    The Galaxy Being: Opening Narration
 20   Cottage-industry inventor Allan Maxwell built a       Plot Synopsis, Part 1
 21   The being from the Andromeda galaxy first appea       Plot Synopsis, Part 2
 22   A snafu at the radio station during Allen's abs       Plot Synopsis, Part 3
 23   Allan's wife Carol, feared his research, and he       Plot Synopsis, Part 4
 24   As Carol neared death, the Being found an oppor       Plot Synopsis, Part 5
 25   The Being revealed to Allan that it could not r       Plot Synopsis, Part 6
 26   "The planet Earth is a speck of dust, remote an       Closing Narration
 27   Original title: Please Stand By (pilot episode)       Fact and Figures
 28   "Where are we going? Life, the timeless, myster    The Sixth Finger: Opening Narration
 29   Professor Mathers was distraught over his parti       Plot Synopsis, Part 1
 30   Gwyllm Griffiths was brash and unwashed. He had       Plot Synopsis, Part 2
 31   Following the conclusion of Professor Mathers'        Plot Synopsis, Part 3
 32   Professor Mathers examined Gwyllm and discovere       Plot Synopsis, Part 4
 33   Gwyllm returned to his apartment, where his lan       Plot Synopsis, Part 5
 34   A pair of deputies was sent to intercept Gwyllm       Plot Synopsis, Part 6
 35   "An experiment too soon, too swift, and yet may       Closing Narration
 36   Broadcast: Oct. 14, 1963 - Written by: Ellis St       Fact and Figures
 37   "His name is Walter Edgar Morley. For the past     It Crawled Out of the Woodwork: Opening Narration
 38   NORCO was a top-security energy research facili       Plot Synopsis, Part 1
 39   Accompanied by his younger brother, Jory, Stuar       Plot Synopsis, Part 2
 40   Dr. Block was using the energy cloud for his ow       Plot Synopsis, Part 3
 41   Detective Sergeant Thomas Siroleo was a tough,        Plot Synopsis, Part 4
 42   Detective Siroleo was on the case, but he was t       Plot Synopsis, Part 5
 43   The only use to which the sinister Block was ab       Plot Synopsis, Part 6
 44   "The Conservation of Energy Law - a principle w       Closing Narration
 45   Broadcast: Dec. 9, 1963 - Written by: Joseph St       Fact and Figures
 46   "Through all the legends of ancient peoples - A    Demon with a Glass Hand: Opening Narration
 47   The year was 2964. Seventy billion people lived       Plot Synopsis, Part 1
 48   Trent, the agent of mankind's salvation, was a        Plot Synopsis, Part 2
 49   Trent possessed a prosthetic computer hand that       Plot Synopsis, Part 3
 50   Trent's computer hand advised him that his best       Plot Synopsis, Part 4
 51   The glass hand was an awesome device to Consuel       Plot Synopsis, Part 5
 52   Trent's glass hand explained that the 70 billio       Plot Synopsis, Part 6
 53   "Like the Eternal Man of Babylon legend, like G       Closing Narration
 54   Broadcast: Oct. 17, 1964 - Written by: Harlan E       Fact and Figures
 55   "The mind of man has always longed to know what    The Borderland: Opening Narration
 56   Dwight Hartley, an industrialist, was desperate       Plot Synopsis, Part 1
 57   Hartley looked at Ian Frazer's two right hands        Plot Synopsis, Part 2
 58   The time for experimenting with mice was finish       Plot Synopsis, Part 3
 59   Price's destructive handiwork caused the breake       Plot Synopsis, Part 4
 60   Lost in the borderland, Ian Frazer was unable t       Plot Synopsis, Part 5
 61   When Eve saw Ian's hand appear through the obsc       Plot Synopsis, Part 6
 62   "There are worlds beyond the worlds within whic       Closing Narration
 63   Broadcast: Dec. 16, 1963 - Written and directed       Fact and Figures
 64   "God looked upon his world and called it good,     I, Robot: Opening Narration
 65   Judson Ellis was a newspaperman from the big ci       Plot Synopsis, Part 1
 66   Adam Link, the robot, was jailed as the prime s       Plot Synopsis, Part 2
 67   Adam the robot couldn't help being odd in the e       Plot Synopsis, Part 3
 68   Adam Link's defense was quick to point out that       Plot Synopsis, Part 4
 69   Adam was, in fact, innocent of the charge of wi       Plot Synopsis, Part 5
 70   After he was found guilty in its murder trial,        Plot Synopsis, Part 6
 71   "Out of every disaster, a little progress is ma       Closing Narration
 72   Broadcast: Nov. 14, 1964 - Written by: Robert C.      Fact and Figures


Checklist Card (1:80?? packs)

 C1   Checklist / Bonus Cards

Stars of the Outer Limits Cards (1:4 packs)

 S1   William Shatner                                    Cold Hands, Warm Heart
 S2   Leonard Nimoy                                      I, Robot
 S3   Michael Constantine                                Counterweight
 S4   David McCallum                                     The Sixth Finger
 S5   Robert Culp                                        Demon with a Glass Hand
 S6   Edward Mulhare                                     The Sixth Finger
 S7   Peter Mark Richman                                 The Borderland
 S8   Cliff Robertson                                    The Galaxy Being
 S9   Adam West                                          The Invisible Enemy

Strange But True Cards (1:8 packs)

 T1   Gwyllm Griffiths                                   The Sixth Finger
 T2   Martian Dragon                                     The Invisible Enemy
 T3   The Andromedan                                     The Galaxy Being
 T4   Antheon Plant Creature                             Counterweight
 T5   The Glass Hand                                     Demon with a Glass Hand
 T6   Adam Link                                          I, Robot
 T7   Venusian Creature                                  Cold Hands, Warm Heart
 T8   The Megasoid                                       The Duplicate Man
 T9   The Thetan                                         The Architects of Fear

Beyond the Outer Limits Cards (1:20 packs)

 B1                                                      The Chameleon
 B2                                                      The Mice
 B3                                                      The Children of Spider County
 B4                                                      Tourist Attraction
 B5                                                      The Invisibles
 B6                                                      The Sixth Finger
 B7                                                      The Forms of Things Unknown
 B8                                                      The Zanti Misfits
 B9                                                      Wolf 359

Autograph Cards (1:14 packs, at least 500 of each)

[A1]  Adam West as Commander Merritt                     The Invisible Enemy    [rare, unnumbered]
 A2   Robert Culp as Mr. Trent                           Demon with a Glass Hand
 A3   Leonard Nimoy as Judson Ellis                      I, Robot               [rare]
 A4   William Shatner as Brig. General Jefferson Barton  Cold Hands, Warm Heart [rare]
 A5   James B. Sikking as The Botanist                   Cold Hands, Warm Heart
      [blue ink; green ink, two varieties: thin or thick lines]
 A6   Lawrence Montaigne as The Engineer                 Cold Hands, Warm Heart
 A7   Michael Constantine as Joe Dix                     Counterweight
 A8   Ed Asner as Detective Sgt. Thomas Siroleo          It Crawled Out of the Woodwork
 A9   Michael Forest as Professor Stuart Peters          It Crawled Out of the Woodwork
A10   Don Gordon as Captain Dave Crowell                 Second Chance
A11   Cliff Robertson as Allan Maxwell                   The Galaxy Being
A12   Jacqueline Scott as Carol Maxwell                  The Galaxy Being
A13   Philip Pine as Theodore Pearson                    The Hundred Days of the Dragon
A14   David McCallum as Gwyllm Griffiths                 The Sixth Finger
A15   Jill Haworth as Cathy Evans                        The Sixth Finger
A16   Peter Mark Richman as Ian Frazier                  The Borderland
A17   Joseph Stefano, Series Producer
A18   Harlan Ellison, Writer
A19   (Case Topper exclusive, listed below)
A20   (Binder exclusive, listed below)

Case Topper

A19   BarBara Luna as Gaby Christian (Exclusive Auto)    It Crawled Out of the Woodwork

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (Binder)
 N1   Opening and Closing Narrations (Binder Card)
A20   Arlene Martel as Consuela Biros (Exclusive Auto)   Demon with a Glass Hand
BP1   (William Shatner; Binder Exclusive Promo Card)
 --   (12 9-pocket pages)


 --   Premiere Edition (Adam West, unnumbered)
 --   Holiday 2001 Premiere Edition (Dealer Sell Sheet)

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©2002, 2009, 2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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